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BlogOctober 30, 2017

Surprising Ways Homes are Using Video Surveillance Technology

In the past, high costs and complex installation processes have stopped CCTV from being within reach of the average Australian family. Recently, improvements in technology and a greater worldwide demand have made a place for video surveillance systems in the domestic market, becoming an affordable and essential means of protection.
Protecting loves ones…
For the first time ever, parents are able to check that their children have arrived home from school safely and are playing sensibly in the backyard, thanks to CCTV video surveillance now available via smart phone and tablet. When kids are left home without adult supervision, rest assured if they hear a strange noise outside they can easily view footage from the TV to see what’s happening around the house without putting themselves in danger.

A safe eye can also be kept on elderly family members you’d like to check-in on, as well as double-checking your beloved pets are staying safe when you’re away… or that your neighbours are feeding them regularly!
Insurance benefits…
An all seeing eye is beneficial in not only keeping a safe watch on loved ones, but CCTV footage can be key evidence in the instance of neighbourly disputes too, and vital in any dispute involving authorities. You never know when an argument could turn nasty, so having cameras present means you won’t be caught out.

Alongside providing support in rogue public liability claims (with the potential to save you huge amounts of money), home insurers are also likely to provide discount when a CCTV system is installed.

If you’d like to discuss how Signal Security’s CCTV systems can better protect your loved ones, call our team of experts today on 1300 73 83 93 to arrange a customised solution from our range of CCTV products.

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