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BlogOctober 30, 2017

Remote Arming From Your Smartphone

Closed over the long weekend and unsure if the alarm has been set? Weary whether the last employee for the day remembered to turn on the store alarm before closing?

Traditionally, the only way to arm or disarm your system was physically from work but Signal Security have introduced a new wireless monitoring service that allows you to arm and disarm your alarm system from anywhere in the world via a smartphone or tablet internet connection.
How does it work?
With the new wireless monitoring service, the team at Signal Security is now able to monitor your retail space via Telstra’s data network instead of using your store’s phone line. By using an empty zone on your system, the service can be set up so that you’re able to view the arming status and control the system remotely from your smartphone.
Benefits of wireless monitoring:

  • Wireless monitoring allows for greater store security, as the communication is no longer at risk of being cut off or disconnected like a landline.
  • The new network connection also means connection testing can be made every 12 hours as opposed to the seven day testing with phone line monitoring.
  • No longer is a landline number required – say goodbye to line rental!
  • All communication costs are included within the monthly monitoring rate.
  • With standard monitoring, phone call charges are incurred every time your daily open and close reports are sent to the monitoring centre, whereas wireless monitoring removes these charges.

Signal Security customers who have upgraded to remote system access have consistently given feedback on feeling more secure, knowing they can remotely control their retail space alarm systems with their phones for quick and secure monitoring.
How can I set this up?
Call team of experts today on 1300 73 83 93 to arrange a customised solution from our extensive range of home security products including the latest in remote access.

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