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There are approximately 3000 security alarm and fire installation businesses across Australia. Almost half of these have only one employee; 97% have less than twenty employees.

Choosing the right security installer to service your premise isn’t an easy task, so these hints should hopefully assist in narrowing down the field.

1. Licensing And Accreditation

Ensure you engage with a security company that is licensed by your state’s police authority and is an active member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL).

The Victoria Police and ASIAL provide protection for consumers by ensuring that security installers and specialists who are licensed by their respective organisations meet stringent police checks and technical competencies. Some states, e.g. Victoria, have a public register where you are able to search for the name of the security installer or specialist that you speaking with to verify their licence. Always ask to see the consultant/installer’s security licence before letting them into your premise. Note: An electrician is not a security technician, so be careful of those who claim to be able to assist you.

2. Consumer Protection

Be wary of companies that cannot provide a written quotation and are reluctant to provide equipment brand names and model numbers.

Transparency is the key to ensuring that you know that you’re receiving what you’re expecting. If things go wrong, you need to be assured that you are able to obtain documentation to prove specifically what has been agreed upon. It’s very easy for companies to put in ‘ifs’, ‘maybes’, or extra ‘conditions’ after you’ve agreed to go ahead.

Ensure you use quality brands that are well supported in Australia. And try to avoid no-name brands with lack long term warranties and quality assurance.

3. Technician Quality

Look to use a company that has a higher skilled network of technicians, rather than those that use subcontractors who are chosen only on their price and availability.

When making a significant investment, you should be looking at a company which is able to provide you with a high quality of installation. A company that uses a strong network of technicians is better able to maintain the quality of the installation process, guarantee competence in whatever brand is being installed, creating system documentation, and providing training on how to use the system, as well as the small but important things such as cleanliness and friendliness.

Poor quality contractors being paid per installation tend to try and get the job done as quickly as possible using minimal, lower quality sundries (e.g. cabling, brackets, etc.), cutting corners and compromising the overall quality of installation. Where there is no strong relationship, contractors being paid for longer installations by the hour will unnecessarily extend the length of time required. This wastes not only your valuable time, but money as well, as the risks of the job running overtime are factored in and passed on in your original quote.

4. Reputation And Reliability

Warranties are only as good as the company offering them.

Spend time to research any company you invite into your premise. Check the address of the company/business that you’re researching. Is it an office or is it someone’s home?

Remember almost 97% of security businesses in Australia employ less than twenty employees; half of these businesses have only one employee. Be cautious of one-man operators that may be here today, gone tomorrow. A company that is established and managing ongoing business relationships with large companies is a very good indicator of being able to support you for the lifetime of your investment.

These days, it’s relatively easy for very small businesses to set up a pretty website or post fake reviews to make themselves look larger than they actually are, so be cautious. If you can’t find websites, phone listings, independent reviews, or case studies you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.
Conclusion: Picking the Right Security Installer

Always make sure you’re using a well established company when approaching the installation of security equipment to your premise. Don’t be afraid to ask the installers that you contact, if there’s anything that you’re unclear about in regard to their accreditation, product models, technicians, and how established their business is.

It may seem like a little extra work, but a bit more research at the start can save you a lot of hassle down the track.

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