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At Signal Security, we understand that children are a parent’s life and joy and as a result, take their safety and security very seriously. With parents increasingly working longer hours and after-school care and baby sitters not always available, intercom and home surveillance systems are becoming popular as a great means of ensuring safety for your children when adult supervision isn’t available.
To assist with keeping your children safe, we’ve put together our top tips on how to best prepare your kids when adult supervision isn’t available.
1. Neighbourhood Watch
When your children reach a certain age, staying home alone without parent supervision becomes an option but be sure to let your neighbours know during these times to keep an extra eye out on any unusual activity.
2. Key Phone Numbers
Create and keep a list of important contacts (including emergency numbers) on the fridge, dining room table, bedroom, or on speed dial. This means your children can have easy access to contact the right people when home without supervision.
3. Stranger Danger
Teach your children how to exercise caution when the doorbell rings. Video intercom systems allow those inside the home to view who’s at the door before letting them in, perfect in conjunction with one of the first lessons kids are taught on stranger danger.
4. Home Surveillance (CCTV)
Keep an all-seeing eye on your home and loved ones with CCTV. What this type of system allows is the ability to securely view your cameras from any smartphone, tablet or computer with Internet access in an easy-to-use operation – perfect for those times when you get stuck at work.
5. Practice a ‘test run’
Even if you’re confident about your child’s maturity, it’s wise to practice some trial runs and discuss the options your kids have when home alone – what should one do if a smoke alarm goes off, or a small fire starts? What to say to strangers at the door? Running through a few different scenarios will make both yourself and your children feel more at ease.
If you would like to discuss how Signal Security can better protect your loved ones, give our team of experts a call today on 1300 73 83 93 to arrange a customised solution from our extensive range of home security products.

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