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BlogMarch 16, 2019

Pets and Security Alarms

Pets and Security Alarms. How Will This Fairy Tale Unfold?

A common query I have often been asked, is whether pet friendly movement sensors actually work. What is it that sparks this debate? When I first began working at Signal Security I had the same problem that most people currently do. That being, leaving my pets outdoors during all weather conditions whilst I was away, so I could activate my alarm system. Upon my learnings I had to share my experience to ensure our four-legged friends get their way. After all, our pets have feelings too, right?

How would you feel being kicked out of your own home when the owner wasn’t there? It’s just a horrible realisation people do so as to not trigger off their alarm system. Well what if I told you we have an easy solution. Don’t let your system get in the way of your pet’s natural lifestyle. Since personally making the change to upgrade my movement sensors to pet friendly ones, my mind is at ease that my pets are safe in the comfort of my home.

I cannot fathom how many times I have helped a client in ensuring they get pet friendly movement detectors with their alarm system. Ultimately, who doesn’t want to have their best friend with them indoors?
I have compiled 4 tips together that you may not know…
1. Protection of home

I have had too many enquiries as to whether pet friendly movement sensors work the same as standard movement detectors. To put this query to bed, due to the increased performance of them, movement sensors have immunity from false alarms. The ability to identify the difference between animal and human is mind-blowing. How? They take into account pets between 10KG – 45KG.

It’s the most accommodating feature to have as part of your home alarm system. The protection of your home will be at its maximum. Why sacrifice the safety and wellbeing of your family or your prized possessions, just because you want to leave your dog inside the house when you leave? Let us take care of that solution as pet friendly movement detectors allow you to knock off two birds with a one stone (so to speak).
2. Insurance

Why risk voiding your insurance by not arming your alarm system? A common response I have come across is: “I can’t activate my alarm system. My dogs stay indoors and trigger false alarms”. I find this to be my calling, whereby I am able to relate to customers, as I was once in the same position.

By not arming your alarm system not only does this compromise your own peace of mind however, it voids your insurance claim. Now that would be the last thing you want to hear if something were to happen. If you want a quick and easy solution, you have it. Pet friendly movement sensors.
3. Reducing pet theft

As painfully unethical pet theft may be, it is happening more than ever in today’s society. Why let your pets fend for themselves whilst the house is unattended? Let them feel the comfort and safety we all feel inside our own home. Allowing your pet indoors whilst away reduces your chances of pet theft and also allows you to possess a clear conscious and enjoy your time away from home.
4. Reducing false alarms

How annoying is it when a spider or insect triggers a false alarm? Feeling helpless or frustrated is the worst feeling. So why not let us ensure that doesn’t happen again? Pet friendly movement detectors are so advanced in their design and function that they scan and cater for insects of all sorts to ensure false alarms aren’t triggered, hence saving you from being in a state of panic. This is the season for creepy crawlers to be out and about and make themselves welcome in your home. Don’t sacrifice your safety by not arming your alarm system when you leave your home. Just request an upgrade – it’s that simple!

I hope the fun facts I have shared from my experiences at Signal Security have also given you a few pointers you may have not known. The benefits of pet friendly movement sensors are astonishing, and to think little information about them is available. Let us take care of ensuring your pets are safe and happy in their home.

Why wouldn’t you want the best solution on the market?

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