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Start the new year off right…

Start exercising.

Get back into routine.

Eat healthy.

But most importantly… keep your home, family, and/or business safe, sound and secure!

We may not be the experts in providing a 2021 fitness program, but what we can provide are specialist tips on keeping the things important to you safe!

You may have an alarm system, camera system or maybe even both which is fantastic (if you have neither, give us a call on 1300 73 83 93 to get personalised advice!). And while they should be something you set and forget, there are some simple things you should do to ensure you’re getting the most out of your system each year.


1. Update your code

This is a simple one, and one that you can do all by yourself. Regardless of whether you’ve had tradesmen working on your property, or shared it with a friend or ex-employee, changing your alarm system code regularly is heavily advised.

(Similar to occasionally updating your email password)

By doing this, you’re ensuring that your system is less susceptible to being broken into or falsely activated/deactivated.

See our new resources page to find your user manual.


2. Check to see whether your CCTV system is still recording and saving footage

Picture this…

Your property has been broken into. The alarm has gone off. The intruder has been scared off. They haven’t managed to take anything of real value because of your preventative alarm measures, but you want to try and identify who broke in.

So you access your camera system, but can’t seem to retrieve any footage! Looks like your camera system hasn’t been recording for a while, and you can’t find any footage of the intruder.

Believe it or not, this can happen, and there have been numerous occasions where homeowners and businesses have called us asking for help. While this mostly occurs with cheaper DIY camera systems, we recommend checking even the best CCTV security systems to see if they are recording as they should be, ensuring that they are going to be working in times of need.


3. Get your alarm system professionally maintained (we have some monitoring plans that provide FREE annual maintenance checks)

Similar to a car, an alarm system is only in its best condition if it is regularly serviced. We advise having a professional service (or what we like to call a maintenance check) once per year to ensure that your alarm system will work in times of need.

An annual maintenance check will usually involve a range of different procedures and include tasks such as checking your system’s battery health and ensuring detectors are working to their full ability.

Call our friendly Customer Experience team on 1300 73 83 93 to organise your annual maintenance check today!


4. Change the batteries in your sensors

Homes and businesses with wireless alarm systems will have wireless sensors and devices. This means that these devices are battery powered, and despite the extended life that these tend to have, it is always important to get the batteries replaced every few years – similar to a smoke alarm.

This can be done yourself or included in your annual maintenance check.

Why do you need to change them?

Like with an annual system service, it makes sure that your system and its components are all going to be operational in times of need. Making sure that your system is going to give you every chance to deter theft and harm is essential.

We like to think that your security should be something you can set and forget, however there is always going to be the element of maintenance.

Simple yet effective, our professional advice and tips are here for you to be able to get the most out of your system.

If you have any questions, feel free to visit our new resources page or call our Technical team on 1300 73 83 93.

This isn’t something I’d necessarily call a luxury, but rather a necessity. Let me explain why.

Gone are the days of the “safe neighbourhood” and unfortunately, in this day and age, crime rates are on the rise. As of the latest report from Victoria Police, crime rates since 2010 have risen an incredible 14.9% across total offences. This includes such crimes as theft, burglary, arson and damage of property. The most interesting of all is the theft of motor vehicles from homes, which is up by a massive 12% as opposed to the year before.

These days in order to prosecute, the identification of a person and proof of wrong doing is pivotal. Unlike America, in Australia we have the current legal system of “innocent till proven guilty” and what better way to prove a particular burglar stole or damaged your car/home/property than by capturing their image on a high definition digital CCTV system. But this isn’t the only function of a CCTV system, to tell you more, we have compiled a list of 5 reasons we believe CCTV may benefit you.
1. Who’s that ringing the doorbell now!?

Ever had those times where you’ve just settled in from a long day at work, you’ve made a piping hot cup of coffee and just kicked your feet up and suddenly, the doorbell rings… you’ve got to be kidding! Is it even worth you getting up? – Problem solved. Open up your smart phone and click on the remote viewing app to see whose car is in the driveway or who is at your front door. I personally do this all the time and save face when trying to avoiding those door to door salesmen.
2. Are the kids home from school yet?

In our day and age, keeping an eye on the kids is important but persists to be an ever present issue as parents work long hours whilst kids are getting home from school shortly after the clock strikes 3.. Or did they stroll out of school at 1 to take an early journey home? Without a teacher complaint, we don’t really know. This can be having a detrimental affect on things such as their academics and more importantly their safety. If no one knows they’ve left and where they’ve gone, who is really looking out for their safety?

With remote viewing, their movements of coming home will be detected and recorded. If you’re like me and generally in the office till ungodly hours, you’ll want to be keeping an eye on when and where your children are – and now you can. Just open up your smart phone in front of you and you now have your own personal and very portable, CCTV security system.
3. I wonder how the dog’s doing, it’s 40 degree’s today!

Most of us have pets, and like most of us with our pets comes a certain level of care that people without pets just won’t understand. We bring them into our families, bring them in out of the rain if the weather is bad, make sure their water bowls are filled and they’re out of the sun on hot days and they are fed on time. But unfortunately, not everyone can be relied upon – but luckily for you, a cctv system can. From the comfort of your artificially lit office, you’ll now be able to track the progress of your pets and what they’re getting up to.
4. Wonder if my order has arrived yet

If you’re like me and you like to order online, you either have your parcels delivered to the office or to your front door step. Now granted, we don’t always have the luxury of being able to stay at home to receive our deliveries precisely when they arrive, but at least we’ll be able to keep an eye on them until we’re able to get home or a family member arrives home to bring it in for us! Specifically when you’ve just ordered those pair of shoes you’ve waited weeks for.
5. Geez it’d be nice to know what’s going on around the home while we’re away

Don’t worry, I get it, you need a break from your day to day routine. We all do. It’s what makes us human, after all. More often than not, to escape the mundane and monotonous rut we so often find ourselves in; we escape the cold and make a break for the warmer climates of the tropic regions. But when we do, we leave behind our most important assets to us; our homes. Granted, it provides us with a little reassurance when we tell our neighbours to watch over our homes (i.e. bring in our mail, bring in the bins etc) but how do we truly know what’s going on?
Well, while you find yourself sitting in the hotel lobby 1000’s of km away, just open up your smart phone and boot the application up. Have your bins been taken in? Now you know. Are there any packages at your front door that need to be taken inside? Just send your neighbour a message.
Still Not Convinced?

So there you have it – 5 reasons why CCTV is essential. CCTV isn’t just for the sole purpose of recording wrong doing within the borders of your home, but for much more. And as always, for everything CCTV and anything else security, you know who to turn to.

If you’d like some additional info or would like to speak to someone, simply fill out the info below and we will be in touch with you as soon as we can.

– Brenton

“How much should I pay for a security system?”
Let’s start with a simpler question.
Why are you getting a security system?

More than likely it’s to do with the protection of your family members and your home. This comes down to the foundation of security and the reasoning behind each type of system – see our Hierarchy of Security to learn more.

To beg the question, why would you only look at the price tag when there are so many other factors to consider when choosing a device that could potentially save your loved ones or your hard-earned belongings?

We understand that price comes into consideration, however we’ve compiled a list of an additional 3 factors to consider when it comes to choosing a security provider. See below:


At the risk of sounding egotistical, the reputation of a company is one of the most valuable factors to consider when looking at different security providers.

In an industry where saving lives is a consideration, it is important to know that the company you choose is trustworthy and can also deliver on your expectations.

Hearing from friends or family from whom you trust is a primary source of information and one that you should definitely acknowledge. Another way, which is the most popular and trusted ways to hear the stories of other people’s dealings with the company, is through online reviews – in particular Google Reviews. These are real ratings and real comments from real people (for the most part). There are also other websites such as Word of Mouth or Three Best Rated that can provide insights into past experiences with the company.

Licensing & Accreditation

Again, dealing with something as incredibly important as safety and security, you want to make sure that the people you’re entrusting it with are licensed and accredited to do so.

This doesn’t simply mean a business card.

You need to ensure that:

  1. They are an authorised business, have an ABN and are licensed to carry out business within Australia.
  2. They have a security installer license (different from an electrician qualification) and have insurance authorised by the governing body of security in Australia; ASIAL.
  3. If you’re looking at having your alarm system being monitored, their monitoring centre is A1 graded – the highest available in Australia.


In any industry, the amount of time any business has been around can be a telling sign as to how trusted the company is and if they will be able to support your queries down the road. Sole traders are often culprits of leaving you to voicemail and never returning your calls, however larger businesses with more staff usually have a better structure around after-installation support.

Although rare, some businesses slip through the cracks and are able to continue business despite unsatisfactory service, so it is important to consider tenure alongside other contributing factors!

Like mentioned at the beginning, we encourage you to think from the ground up. Why are you getting a security system? Why take a risk which will more than likely backfire?

Take a step of confidence. When researching your next security provider, ensure that you are taking all factors into consideration while decision making, so that you can take the next step towards achieving true peace of mind!

It is already nearing the end of financial year and it is an odd time for all of us given the current global circumstances…

While you are probably busy with business reporting and the headache that COVID-19 is causing, it is also a great time to get your home or business security in order.

Why you ask?

Small businesses here in Australia are entitled to a 100% tax deduction on purchases under $30,000, meaning that you have a great deal of flexibility in investing in new asset purchases, HOWEVER with recent government economy stimulation efforts, the tax deduction can be applied to purchases over $150,000.

The government has also expanded the access to this tax deduction to businesses with an annual turnover of up to $500 million (up from $50 million).
Woman holding briefcase during end of financial year
What can be claimed?

Businesses with an annual turnover of up to $500 million can claim expenses made on any item that assists in running the business. Assets that are classified under this include, but not limited to tools, software, printers, computers, furniture, etc. Best of all, you can have unlimited purchases under this scheme.

With the threshold raised to $150,000, the new depreciation rules open up a wider range of possibilities for asset investments, including high value items such as cars, high value IT hardware, and of course security installations, including security camera systems, alarm systems, and electronic access control systems.

This proposal applies from 12 March 2020 until 30 June 2020, for new or second‑hand assets first used or installed ready for use in this timeframe.
Here’s an example:
People working in a food factory
Business benefits from increased asset threshold:

Owen owns a company, Signal Food Manufacturing Pty Ltd, through which he operates a food production business in the northern suburbs of Victoria. Signal Food Manufacturing Pty Ltd has an aggregated annual turnover of $25 million for the 2019‑20 income year. On 1 May 2020, Owen purchases a new security system including CCTV, an Alarm System and Access Control for $140,000, exclusive of GST, for protection of his business.

Under existing tax arrangements, Signal Food Manufacturing Pty Ltd is not able to immediately deduct assets costing more than $30,000 and instead would depreciate the security system using an effective life of 12 years. Choosing to use the diminishing value method, Signal Food Manufacturing Pty Ltd would claim a tax deduction of $3,899 for the 2019‑20 income year.

Under the new $150,000 instant asset write‑off, Signal Food Manufacturing Pty Ltd would instead claim an immediate deduction of $140,000 for the purchase of the security system in the 2019‑20 income year, $136,101 more than under existing arrangements. At the company tax rate of 27.5 per cent, Owen will pay $37,427.78 less tax in 2019‑20.

This will improve Signal Food Manufacturing Pty Ltd’s cash flow and help his business withstand and recover from the economic impact of the coronavirus.

This new policy should be a boon for businesses Australia-wide and will make it easier to invest in assets which make doing business more efficient and safer for all involved. Electronic security of all kinds is a necessity for so many businesses, especially during the tough times the country is experiencing now, and we’re happy that we can offer high-security solutions which now sit under the increased threshold.
Note: Obviously we’re electronic security specialists, not professional tax advisers. Please ensure you seek professional advice to determine whether you are able to claim a deduction for such purchases and more about this policy as it relates to your circumstances. For more information, please see the Australia Taxation Office’s information on the new policy announcement here

The term “peace of mind” is referred to a lot these days especially within the security industry. Time and time again companies promise that their product and/or service will provide it, but very rarely are they able to demonstrate exactly how they will deliver on their promise.
In order to solve this age old challenge, we must first ensure we gain a deeper understanding of what causes ones angst as well as have the tenured experience to know which solution or more often than not, which combination of solutions are required to adequately mitigate the risk.
With 20 years of experience protecting thousands of Australian homes and businesses, Signal Security has been building on its experience and continuously evolving its thinking with the aim of formalising a methodology that all team members can be trained in to help its customers achieve “true” peace of mind.
At the core of this methodology is what Signal Security CEO and Co-founder Justin Nesvanulica refers to as the “Hierarchy of Electronic Security” – the logical order to which systems and services should be considered to deliver maximum impact and return on investment.
Most people are under the impression that the number one priority for the security industry is to prevent loss and/or damage to property. In fact, the industry’s core priority is much more meaningful, it’s to prevent harm to the most valuable asset we will ever possess… OURSELVES!
Therefore it is important to understand that achieving peace of mind is not simply about installing a CCTV camera outside of your premise but about understanding why certain systems are installed, what their core purpose is and how layering numerous systems and services will go a long way to stopping those fleeting thoughts of whether or not your security has been compromised.

Step 1. Prevent Harm and/or Loss

alarm system
With so much on the line, where do we start? There is nothing more effective in preventing harm and loss than a professionally installed intrusion detection system (burglar alarm) with fixed or portable panic buttons. Depending on the size, shape and layout of a property, coupled with its level of risk, an intrusion detection system can come in all shapes and sizes with various types of detection devices i.e. motion detectors, door/window switches and glass breakage detectors.
Nonetheless, the key to preventing harm and loss is trying to detect an unauthorised entry as close to the perimeter as possible and ensuring there are an adequate amount of warning lights and sirens once activated, the attention drawn to the property will make even the most brazen criminals limit their time within the property, therefore minimising the opportunity for loss and in most cases preventing it completely.
Having sirens sound as early as possible becomes even more important if there are people residing in the property at the time of an invasion as it provides valuable seconds for an attempt to retreat to the most secure areas of the property. Fixed or portable panic buttons are an extremely effective way to activate sirens moments before or during an attempted invasion as occupants can trigger sirens as soon as they feel threatened. The piercing sound of internal sirens are designed to cause havoc on the human middle ear which in itself will naturally drive intruders out reducing the likelihood of altercations occurring between them and the occupants inside.
Intrusion detection systems are cost effective, provide exceptional value for money and should be considered first and foremost before all other security products. An intrusion detection system is the only solution that will actually minimise the impact of an unauthorised intrusion and should form the foundation of any comprehensive security solution.

Step 2. Initiate an Emergency Response

emergency duress buttons
In its raw form, an intrusion detection system is a powerful tool that drives intruders away with its loud sirens and flashing lights but relies heavily on neighbours and passers-by to act swiftly in the case of an emergency. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age sounding alarm sirens will more often than not be ignored.
The only way to guarantee a response is to connect your intrusion detection system to a professional security monitoring centre. With highly trained security monitoring professionals available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that every alarm signal received is dealt with in the shortest amount of time possible and that help can be sent in times that you need it most.
Most people are unaware that all mainstream intrusion detection systems are designed to be professionally monitored and have inbuilt features to request help via the monitoring centre, where the services of the Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade can all be summoned at the touch of a button. In addition to being notified in the unfortunate event of a break in, you will also have a quick and convenient way of requesting assistance in the event you are faced with a life-threatening emergency.
Adding a professional monitoring service to your system is an easy way to transform your “noise maker” into a potential life saver and contrary to what you may think a lifesaving service such as this could cost, it’s actually really affordable with your investment being less than half a cup of coffee a day.

Step 3. Verification & Collection of Evidence

remote viewing cctv
If a professionally installed intrusion detection system will aid in the prevention of harm and loss, and the addition of a professional monitoring service to the system will initiate an emergency response. Then what next? We need to find a way to assist with the real time verification of events as well as being able to retrospectively go back in time and review any events of interest which leads us to integrating surveillance cameras (CCTV system) into the fold.
Should an unfortunate event occur at your property the monitoring centre will call you to inform you of the breach. Being informed that a movement detector has been activated is one thing, however being able to cross reference it with live video footage is another. Having the ability to quickly and easily review as much information as possible on your smart device or laptop computer pertaining to the incident is crucial to obtaining the quickest Police response possible. A CCTV system will allow you to see what happened, show you how it happened, provide a full timeline of events from start to finish and give you every opportunity of identifying those responsible. Without this information it will be almost impossible to track down and prosecute the perpetrators and recover any of your losses.
A professionally installed CCTV system is the perfect companion to your intrusion detection system and professional monitoring service and should not be considered before the previous solutions are in place. Without them intruders will have nothing to drive them away from the premise and will allow them an ample amount of time to spend searching your property for items of value. Nothing is more frustrating that being a victim of a burglary only to watch recorded footage of how they did it and got away with it. Worse yet, arriving onsite only to find that your CCTV recorder with all your recorded footage was also taken.
Adding a professionally installed CCTV system is an important addition to overall security and should be treated as such. Being a passive solution, CCTV will never stop or minimise an incident from occurring it will merely show you how it happened.

Remember, peace-of-mind can come from the implementation of a range of security products and services, however, as a security provider with over 20 years’ experience, we believe that the way to achieve true peace of mind is by following the above steps.
If true peace of mind is your goal, there is no better way to go about your electronic security than making sure that you’re minimising loss and harm, initiating an immediate response and finally, verifying incidents and gathering evidence.
Want to achieve “true” peace of mind?
Our friendly, knowledgeable team of security specialists are on hand to assist with any security challenges you may be experiencing. To organise a free, no obligation on site security risk assessment please contact our team on 1300 73 83 93.

Traditionally, security systems have been quite slow at adopting new technology. As you may have noticed, the appearance of alarm systems has stayed almost identical. A white box in your wardrobe, linen cupboard or roof space and a keypad that you use to arm & disarm. Sound familiar?
Similarly, the technical aspects haven’t changed an enormous amount either, with the exception of smartphone integration. Until now…
Heading into the new decade we wanted to be more aligned with the modern technological age that we were in and decided to put some time into exploring a new range of products. After thorough testing and research, we came across Inner Range’s Inception panels and ultimately started rolling them out to businesses and homes across the country. Upon receiving extremely positive feedback from the new installations, Signal has made the decision to start offering it to everyone.
What’s the difference between this and a ‘standard’ alarm system?
Quite a lot actually! Standard alarm systems are considered old-school analogue systems, whereas Inception panels are IP-digital systems. With this upgrade comes a lot of additional benefits such as:

Inner Range Inception Panel


The trend of being able to do everything with the one system still applies in 2020 and being able to add your alarm system into the mix is possible through the Inception system. It has universal inputs & outputs that can be used for monitoring and automated actions such as lighting, air conditioning and many other systems.

Intrusion Protection

Being modular, you can utilise all of your favourite intrusion protection devices such as motion detectors, reed switches and glassbreak detectors. As a digital system, it is lots more intelligent than traditional alarm systems, providing more detailed information and intuitive management of your alarm.

Alarm System Siren

access control swiping card

Access Control

Inception is a powerful access control system capable of providing physical access for up to 128 doors and 256 card readers. The access control system provides logical and clever integration with the security alarm function.
Lose your keys and get a smart card or fob!

Web Management (No software required)

Control and manage your system’s back-end all online via a web app. This provides a quick and hassle-free installation process and outstanding convenience for daily operation and control.

  • Change user codes from the comfort of your office desk
  • Reduce costs from having to purchase new software upgrades

    SkyCommand Web Potral

    SkyCommand App

    SkyCommand Phone Applicaiton

    Control and manage your system all from the Skyconnect smartphone app which provides fully interactive control of Inception’s security areas, doors, and outputs. The simple interface is designed to be easy and convenient for users control.

    Have questions?
    Our friendly team of security specialists are on hand to assist with any outstanding queries you might have. To have a chat or organise a free, no obligation on site assessment so we can tailor a security solution specific to your home give us a call on 1300 73 83 93.

    Spring, the time of year where the real-estate market booms. Houses and apartments go under the hammer all over Australia and the demand for purchasing a new abode during this time is crazy.

    Before listing your home you should consider giving it a spritz to ensure you get the most value from your property. Minor (not structural) renovations seems to be the most popular option during this time such as painting, re-tiling, carpeting and polishing floors.

    Realestate.com.au suggest in order to establish a successful sale at auction for your home, the first thing you should do is make a fantastic first impression on any potential buyers. This means going the extra mile on the presentation of your home such as getting rid of that oil stained driveway with a high pressure hose or decluttering the home and making rooms more spacious.

    Realestate.com.au also supports the most popular notion of making repairs to your home as required. This combined with accessorising or ‘property staging’ makes the perceived value of a home really pop and stick out in home buyer minds. Simple things like showing bright new fluffy bathroom towels, artistic pictures and contemporary furniture all play a part in increasing your home’s value.

    The best part is these new trendy accessories you have used to show off your current home is that they can be reused in your new home!

    By not going the extra mile to wow potential buyers you run the risk of becoming just another house in the already very crowded housing market.



    What may come a surprise to you is the increasing demand for professionally installed home security systems when purchasing a home. With an ever increasing crime rate and uncertainty about safety in new neighbourhoods, potential buyers may be hesitant to really bid for your home without adequate systems in place. By having a monitored security system installed or even a high definition CCTV camera system your real estate agent can advertise and sell this as a unique feature of your home.

    Now buyers have no reason to hold back from really bidding hard at auction now that they have peace of mind. This also makes your home a more secure investment to buyers as it will be protected 24/7 meaning this minimises the chance for any property damages which can cause price devaluation.

    If you are thinking about selling and would like to explore either adding some security or repairing existing security systems. Don’t hesitate to give our friendly security specialist team a call on 1300 73 83 93.

    It’s unfortunate that today’s burglars and criminals are becoming smarter when choosing a home to target. They are becoming more attentive to little details that the average home owner often overlook.

    You may not even be aware of what you’re doing that could lead to your home being a potential target for any would be intruders. Fear not though we are about to reveal the top things burglars look for so you can avoid being a target in the mind of a criminal.


    Open windows or unlocked doors

    Unlocked and Open Windows Are Easy Access For Criminals

    It’s as silly as it sounds but as the warmer weather approaches we often leave the home with open windows. Checking all your windows and doors to make sure they’re locked before you leave unfortunately still gets ignored by the majority of home owners. They believe that a 30 minute trip down the street will be fine and that their home is invulnerable during this time. If a criminal sees an open window or tries to open an unlocked door, it’s pretty obvious that they could take a lot of precious irreplaceable mementoes during this time.


    Signs of a vacant home

    Vacant Homes Is The First Things Criminals Look For

    Criminals look for signs that you haven’t been home in a while. This could be rubbish in the front yard, no sign of cars in the driveway, overgrown trees and garden beds or even overflowing mail in your letter box. A big one to remember is not to overflow your bins with any newly purchased state of the art gear such as a home theatre system. Don’t advertise this to the public where all your bins are full of home theatre cardboard boxes. This allows criminals to easily choose your home as a prominent target as they attempt to take this extremely valuable item, especially if you have gone holidaying for a few days whilst leaving the bins out for collection.


    Unilluminated homes

    Signal Security

    The cover of night is an easy reason for criminals to pick a home without any illumination. No one from the street can see who comes and who leaves the home, leaving an easy target choice for those intruders. If your family live in the rear part of the home and don’t have any lights on in the front of the home consider getting garden or sensor lights to not only brighten up your home but to deter intruder by taking away their cover of darkness. We recommend getting timers for lights which illuminate your home at random times to make it harder for criminals to guess when you are home.


    Social Media Habits

    Posting on Social Media Invites Unwanted Criminals and Strangers

    Yes we love to publicise our next holiday as it’s exciting! But what you may not be aware of is who can see your social update. Once a friend likes your post your post gets shown to all of their friends who you may not even know. If you include dates you are away this invites any stranger or previous person who you may have left on unfavourable terms with in the past into your home. If you need to let people know you are away or if you wish to share photos, set up a private message with loved ones.

    These simple tips will provide peace of mind so when you leave your home you know your home is safe and sound. Check your doors and windows and make sure they are locked, keep your home looking vibrant with garden maintenance, brighten up the home at night and most importantly don’t advertise to the world you are heading on holidays with certain dates.

    After all who has time to worry about if their home is at risk? Go live and enjoy your life, stress free by protecting your home, your mementoes, assets and most importantly your loved ones.


    Signal Security

    You may not know it but the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) is very much underway throughout Australia, as more and more metropolitan suburbs transition across to our new digital infrastructure.

    If unprepared your monitored alarm could be compromised, don’t risk the safety of your loved ones and your home, be NBN ready!

    Preparation is essential to being NBN ready; it’s an easy and simple choice to make.

    Wireless monitoring is the simple choice.

    Today with many phone lines being made redundant coupled with the increased use of our mobiles, alarm monitoring technology has also evolved. The Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL), the largest and de facto industry body for the national security industry, has recommended that all customers who are currently on or soon to be upgraded to the NBN service transfer their phone line monitoring to GPRS/wireless monitoring.

    Why should I go with wireless monitoring?

    Wireless monitoring is the new norm in back to base monitoring communicating via the Telstra 3G data network via a small module which is installed into your control panel of your existing alarm. The best part about wireless monitoring is your alarm systems back up battery will power your wireless monitoring service even in the event of a black out, unlike solutions that rely on the NBN (i.e. VOIP or IP).

    Can I keep my phone line connected to my alarm once the NBN has been installed?

    You will experience no monitoring during the upgrade as the NBN Co will disconnect all old (analogue) phone line leaving your alarm disconnected. In some very rare cases we can connect the new landline back to the alarm system but this does have a major drawback.

    If you have a power outage the new NBN landline will lose its power and lose its communication to the monitoring centre. Your home safety system will turn into a noise maker and nothing more.

    Benefits of Wireless Monitoring

    There are a number of additional benefits which come from the shift to the digital wireless monitoring service:

    • Never experience your heart dropping because you don’t remember arming your alarm before you left home for work or even worse a holiday. Remote arming/disarming of your alarm system via your smartphone or tablet through a secure app makes this feeling a thing of the past.
    • No more worrying about when your loved ones get home when you are stuck at work late. You will receive instant text or email alerts when your alarm is disarmed/armed. Great to alert you when the kids arrive home from school.
    • If something goes wrong with your alarm we will be able to tell you sooner with connection testing every 12 hours (or more), as opposed to 7 days on traditional phone line monitoring.
    • If your phone line goes down or gets cut there is no need to worry as wireless monitoring is more resistant to being tampered as it uses the mobile data network.
    • Never experience another nasty landline bill (you can even cancel this saving approx. $50/month) as your alarm communicates between the system and the control room in one fixed rate.

    As you can see, the NBN doesn’t terminate your alarm monitoring service. It provides you with the opportunity to upgrade your service to obtain a variety of benefits which come from a newer monitoring technology.

    Preparation is key, and if you have any more questions in regard to the NBN, feel free to call our friendly security specialist team on 1300 73 83 93.

    signal security

    Before you start thinking about sipping cocktails by a pool in the hot European sun lets first think about why you are leaving Australia in the first place… Because it’s cold, dark, windy, wet and miserable… Right?
    Well these very reasons are exactly the same reasons why we see a huge spike in burglaries and property theft over the winter months. How so? Well it’s quite simple once you think about it.
    A) People are vacating their homes in doves and heading away for overseas vacations for weeks at a time which makes this very attractive for would be intruders.

    B) Its darker for longer therefore the bad guys have an increased window of opportunity where they won’t be seen.

    C) The cracking of thunder, the howling winds and the sound of rain pelting down makes it extremely difficult to hear if a door is kicked in or window is smashed.
    And to make matters worse, unlike the good old days the reliance on neighbours is no longer a viable option. This has resulted in many families adopting the latest in home security technologies to help better protect their homes and loved ones. Let’s face it the last thing you want whilst away is to have those random thoughts about the security of your home back in Australia especially just as your tray of cocktails arrive.


    Get a security alarm system professionally installed.

    Most homes already have one but if yours doesn’t make sure you have a professionally installed security alarm system. Ensure you get a system that has the a night time and day times arming modes and one that has panic buttons to give you access to the Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade. This way you can be protected whilst you head away overseas as well as whilst you are home.


    Have your alarm professionally monitored.

    Signal Security

    Panic buttons are enabled when your alarm professionally monitored.

    Monitoring is compatible with most if not all modern security systems (installed within the last 10 years). Having a professionally monitored alarm means you will always be guaranteed a response from a licensed monitoring professional. Our monitoring team are available to assist 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can provide immediate access to emergency services as well as Australia’s largest network of security guards.


    When choosing alarm security monitoring, go wireless!

    Wireless monitoring provides many benefits than compared to traditional ‘analogue’ phone line monitoring. Below are just a few of those benefits:


    Remote arming and disarming via your smart phone.

    Signal Security

    Our Pocket Secure phone app

    Never experience that sinking feeling again, when you are travelling to the airport and the realisation of not arming your alarm kicks in. Just pull out your smart phone, check the armed status of your alarm and if you did forget simply arm your system with the touch of a button.


    Wireless monitoring checks in with us every 12 hours, so you can enjoy the scenery.

    The monitoring centre will receive test signals from the alarm system twice a day to make sure your alarms wireless monitoring module is operational and communicating as it should. Should something go wrong you or someone on your emergency contact list will be notified as soon as a signal is missed.


    Receive SMS and email alerts when the alarm is armed and disarmed.

    Security Alarm SMS Notifications

    Receive SMS phone alerts in the event of alarm detection

    Should your neighbours need to feed your pet whilst you’re away, you will get an alert each time your alarm is disarmed and armed to confirm and show what time they arrived and left. This function is also great for verifying the time and attendance of tradesman, cleaners, gardeners and contractors whilst away.


    No additional telecommunication costs.

    Unlike traditional phone line monitoring that uses a local call (20c) for every signal sent to the monitoring centre. Wireless monitoring uses the data network that is inclusive of your monthly investment.

    No hidden costs means no nasty surprise bills in the mail from your telco provider. Isn’t it great not having to prepare for the unexpected.

    If you are keeping a phone line purely for the alarm system we have good news. This can now be cancelled to save you even more money (Approx. $50 per month).


    NBN Ready.

    Signal Security

    If the NBN is due to rollout in your local area whilst you are away (or whilst you are back home) the last thing you want is for your alarm to lose connection with the monitoring service. If you are on phone line monitoring consider changing to wireless monitoring so you don’t have to deal with any headaches.

    And if that’s not enough to convince you to jump on the extremely popular wireless monitoring band wagon before you jet away. It’s extremely easy to operate and they say proof is in the pudding. Just set and forget, enjoy your holiday and let us look after your home whilst you enjoy your time away.


    If you would like to speak to a member of our security specialist team to discuss how to better protect your home and family, please call 1300 73 83 93.

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