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Alarm codes.

Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to manage them?

Commonly, businesses (big and small) provide each staff member with a unique code that they use to arm/disarm their alarm system.

Despite the commonality of this approach, it leaves stores and businesses susceptible to a number of security breaches.

Imagine this… you’ve provided a staff member with a code at the start of their employment. They leave under disgruntled circumstances and you can’t remember or didn’t record what code they used to arm/disarm your alarm system. This leaves your business vulnerable to the unlikely but very real possibility of unauthorised access.

Not ideal…

Another approach businesses take is by providing everyone with the same code.

It’s not hard to understand why this can be an issue. Not knowing who is arming or disarming your system at different hours throughout the day can lead to difficult conversations and possible mistrust within your organisation in the case of any intrusion.

The code might even be irresponsibly shared to associates which could result in further security breaches.

Either of these methods sound familiar?

The Solution.

Each method has its own pros and cons, but what if there was a unique solution that remedies the issues above?

We’ve got the answer for you.

It’s called Pocketsecure.

Pocketsecure is a phone app (available on both iOS and Android) that pairs with our back to base monitoring service, allowing users to arm and disarm their businesses through their mobile phones.

Given that it’s 2021 and almost everyone has a mobile phone, it’s a clear solution.

But how is it better than ‘old-school’ methods?

Remote Arming
Well for starters, it enables you to remotely arm and disarm your alarm system through your mobile phone from wherever you are (as long as you have internet connection on your phone of course!).

Can’t remember if you armed the store after leaving for the night? Check your phone.

If it’s not, simply arm your business from the train, bus, the couch or wherever else you are during your busy schedule.

Easier Staff Management
As mentioned earlier, traditional methods of managing alarm systems and their individual codes can cause a number of problems and introduce a number of vulnerabilities to a business.

Keeping track of staff member user codes is often an arduous and manual task that is very prone to human error and mismanagement.

The introduction of Pocketsecure allows you to view users who have access to the system and when they are arming/disarming the system.

This makes it easy to manage staff in high-turnover retail environments where access needs to be given or revoked at the click of a finger – provides managers with a clear list of who has access and who doesn’t.

Multi-Site Capabilities
Have multiple business sites? Multiple stores? Perhaps multiple warehouses?

All with their individual alarm systems?

Well from the one app, and the one account, you’ll be able to easily manage all your sites efficiently and effectively.

Our team will be able to help integrate all your systems to avoid confusion when it comes to arming and disarming multiple sites with different systems. This saves you from having to remember a number of different codes or arming methods.

More Secure
The ultimate goal of a security system is to keep yourself, your employees and your business safe and secure.

With an integrated arming app such as Pocketsecure, you will only be making your system more secure.


Referring back to our initial point, codes can often get mismanaged or irresponsibly shared, resulting in system and business vulnerabilities.

By allocating each person an account, you’ll have complete visibility over your whole business, who uses the alarm, and/or when.

Have a disgruntled ex-employee? Simply delete their Pocketsecure access without having to worry about what codes they might have access to or may perhaps know.


Security shouldn’t be at the forefront of your mind, nor should it be a hassle.

As a business owner or manager, there’s no doubt that you have more important things to attend to.

In today’s age, alarm codes can almost be considered outdated because of the vulnerabilities they can introduce into a business environment.

That’s why as a security company, our goal has been to make things as easy as possible for you.

Pocketsecure is one of the features that we provide with all our back to base monitoring plans, and is beneficial for not only operational but security reasons too.

If you’d like to learn more about this, visit here OR give our monitoring specialists a call on 1300 73 83 93

Asset depreciation can be a complicated area to grasp. But for small businesses—it’s essential.
cafe business owner

First, let’s look at why on-premise security is important.

With Melbourne back in full swing, small businesses — including retailers, pharmacies, restaurants, bars and cafes — are seeing an increasing number of customers returning to their physical location and a rise in pathway foot traffic in and outside of trading hours. Especially for those located on a retail strip and in the CBD.

While many things have changed since COVID-19, what hasn’t changed is how a business is susceptible to break-ins, theft and vandalism.

For business owners who had previously considered investing or upgrading their CCTV and security solution, now’s the best time to do so; approaching the end of the financial year (EOFY) and with the Government Instant Asset Write-off

Writing-off CCTV, Alarm Monitoring & Other On-premise Security Solutions

One important part to understand about CCTV and on-premise security equipment depreciation is that it can lead to tax deductions. Any business owner who uses on-premise security as part of their commercial operation is entitled to claim back the cost as a deduction at tax time. This is a critical tenet if managing cash flow is a priority for your business.

You can potentially take advantage of the Instant Asset Write-off to upgrade your business’ security by immediately writing off depreciable assets that cost less than $150,000. Depreciable assets include security hardware and equipment as well as security installations for camera systems, alarm systems, and electronic access control systems.

If you are a small business, you will need to apply the simplified depreciation rules in order to claim the instant asset write-off (please refer to the following ATO (Australian Taxation Office) page for more details)

When do I need to make my purchase?

To write off the asset within this financial year, the security IT hardware and installation needs to occur before 30 June 2021.

Woman holding briefcase during end of financial year

How can Signal Security assist your business?

Signal Security is Melbourne’s leading provider of high-quality, on-premise security for businesses. With Signal Security on your side, you can have a highly effective and affordable tool against break-ins, theft and vandalism.

No matter how big or small, our commercial security advisers will listen to your requirements then custom-build a solution to meet your security needs. We can recommend the most cost-effective ways to upgrade any existing security equipment you may have whilst utilising as much of your existing infrastructure as possible, in turn, allowing you to receive the absolute best return from your investment.

Between April and June 2021, we’re offering free comprehensive evaluations. Click the button below to request a callback.

While lots of things have changed in the past 14 months — with Covid-19, tragic bushfires, Gamestop stocks, job redundancies, job employment declines — there’s one thing that definitely hasn’t.

Everyone’s basic needs.

Physiological needs such as water, food, warmth, rest.

And of course…

The need to be safe and secure.
Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs
Source: Simple Psychology
Working within the security industry and in particular, one of Australia’s highest-rated security providers, we’ve been keeping a keen eye on security trends and new solutions that can help Australian homeowners, business owners and residents.

There’s a new standard of traditional security

Alarm systems that can be armed and disarmed from a mobile phone.

Security integrations that can allow companies to manage all their sites from a single computer.

Consumer cameras that allow you to zoom in and capture very specific details such as number plates and facial details.

Being able to view and save the footage to our phones.

It’s incredible!

And these advances have been necessary over the years to help avoid incidents or even help to gather evidence to put these cases to a resolution.

We’re all living in a time where companies are providing the tools so that we can meet our safety needs in life. Although the need for security and safety is shared, how people achieve this can be subjective. Some people feel great with electronic security in place. Some without.

But what’s important is that these tools are here, effective, and ready for us all to use when we need them most. It’s these things that help us to shift our attention on what we deem most important in life – whether it’s your family, your job, or that round-Australia trip you’ve always wanted to pencil into your diary.

While the above is all good and great, it is almost common-knowledge that they aim to protect you, your family, your business, or your home WHILE you’re at home.

The question is… what’s keeping you at peace outside of your home?

As a society, we are becoming more and more transient, spending less time at any one location including our homes and more time out and about – Working, exercising, catching up with friends… Living!

When we turn to the statistics, we realise that we’ve made big strides in protecting homes, businesses and assets… but what we’re failing to protect, our most precious possession, is… OURSELVES!

A recent survey conducted by women’s safety tech company, Safely, reveals the shocking reality that 2 in 3 women feel unsafe outside of their homes and 2 in 3 are victims of bullying or sexual harassment.

Safely Infographic
Source: Safely.io
Crazy right?

Looking at these stats, the chances of your mother, sister, wife, or friend, fitting into one of these categories is unfortunately quite high.

Perhaps you’ve even felt this way?

We’re big believers in providing peace of mind and are proud to see others in Australia developing solutions to help keep more people safe — both inside and outside of homes.

Safely is one of these companies that we recommend to check out.
Safely Screenshot
Without going into too much detail, they have developed a personal safety app for women within our communities to help them ‘feel safe and live without fear’.
Aiming to go live in March 2021, we would highly suggest you to check out Safely’s website to learn more and be the first to know when they go live.


Our priorities have probably changed.

What we want to do probably has.

Where we can go DEFINITELY has.

But what hasn’t changed are our core needs – security in particular.

The year ahead will present challenges to you, your family, the state, and the country, but one thing we can’t stress enough is to ensure that you’re keeping an eye on loved ones and making sure that they’re feeling safe in whatever they set out to do.

Technology is evolving and with new apps like Safely, the year of 2021 is looking better for the safety and security of both individuals and families.

Stay healthy. Stay safe.

If you want assistance or need to speak to someone about your security needs, feel free to reach out to our friendly Customer Experience Team on 1300 73 83 93 and we’ll be happy to help!

Security alarm systems have been the most effective way of protecting homes against
intruders by way of a deterrent.

However… criminals today have become much more cunning and sophisticated leaving both occupants and their valuables at serious risk.

So simply triggering a siren onsite is no longer a satisfactory solution.

This is where alarm monitoring comes into effect.

Now the question is… should you choose a self-monitoring option or a professional monitoring service?


Professional back-to-base monitoring

The connection of a security alarm system to a professional monitoring service can transform any alarm from a noise maker into a potential life saver.

How you ask?

By giving the system the ability to instantly communicate with an emergency response team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Emergency responses

Immediate responses can include dispatching the Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade and/or local security guards to ensure homeowners get help when they need it most.
Similar to a home insurance policy, the benefits of the service often aren’t seen until they’re required… but when they are, a monitoring service is most definitely worth the investment.
Remote arming

With a professional monitoring service, you get access to a phone application which provides you with a number of different perks:

  • Remote arming from wherever you are (you can check to see if your system is armed even if you’re on holiday interstate!)
  • Get alerts straight to your smartphone
  • View signals that have come through

Insurance discounts

While professional back-to-base monitoring involves a monthly investment, the burden may be a lot less than what you may think!

With most home insurance providers, you will be able to get a discount if you have a professionally monitored alarm system, so you may be paying next to nothing for a more secure home or business!
Identification of system faults or difficulties

Keeping your alarm free of faults is much easier when you have someone else looking at your system 24/7. With a monitoring service, a security provider will be able to identify any abnormalities whenever they arise and will be able to contact you to discuss what the next steps are.

There’s nothing worse than your system faulting at the time you need it most!



Another alternative is to monitor your alarm system using a self-monitoring service. Often requiring an additional part for the system to function, it allows you to view alarm signals from your phone. Rather than leaving it to a security company to manage your system for you, it relies on you to take immediate action as there are no emergency support actions that can be acted upon.
Phone application

Like a back-to-base monitoring service, self-monitoring is solely dependent on the phone app, and unlike the former, relies on a constant internet connection.

Because of this, it is unfortunately much more susceptible to down time and security breaches due to events such as power outages.

The most common functions amongst most systems include being a remote arming/disarming functionality and being able to receive alarm events as push notifications (similar to a professional monitoring option).



Your safety, your family’s safety, and the protection of your home is nothing to take lightly. It goes without saying that we have a favourite when it comes to achieving the lot.

Professional monitoring is by far the most appropriate solution when it comes to monitoring your alarm system and keeping you safe, sound and secure.

The benefits speak for themselves and self-monitoring doesn’t quite provide the same peace-of-mind that a fully serviced and professionally monitored system can do for you.

If you’re after a simple app that allows you to arm/disarm your system self-monitoring could be the way to go, but if your end goal is to secure your home and the people you most care about, back-to-base has you covered.

Our monitoring plans can be implemented for less than a coffee a day! Speak to our security specialists today on 1300 73 83 93 to get your professional recommendations.

Start the new year off right…

Start exercising.

Get back into routine.

Eat healthy.

But most importantly… keep your home, family, and/or business safe, sound and secure!

We may not be the experts in providing a 2021 fitness program, but what we can provide are specialist tips on keeping the things important to you safe!

You may have an alarm system, camera system or maybe even both which is fantastic (if you have neither, give us a call on 1300 73 83 93 to get personalised advice!). And while they should be something you set and forget, there are some simple things you should do to ensure you’re getting the most out of your system each year.


1. Update your code

This is a simple one, and one that you can do all by yourself. Regardless of whether you’ve had tradesmen working on your property, or shared it with a friend or ex-employee, changing your alarm system code regularly is heavily advised.

(Similar to occasionally updating your email password)

By doing this, you’re ensuring that your system is less susceptible to being broken into or falsely activated/deactivated.

See our new resources page to find your user manual.


2. Check to see whether your CCTV system is still recording and saving footage

Picture this…

Your property has been broken into. The alarm has gone off. The intruder has been scared off. They haven’t managed to take anything of real value because of your preventative alarm measures, but you want to try and identify who broke in.

So you access your camera system, but can’t seem to retrieve any footage! Looks like your camera system hasn’t been recording for a while, and you can’t find any footage of the intruder.

Believe it or not, this can happen, and there have been numerous occasions where homeowners and businesses have called us asking for help. While this mostly occurs with cheaper DIY camera systems, we recommend checking even the best CCTV security systems to see if they are recording as they should be, ensuring that they are going to be working in times of need.


3. Get your alarm system professionally maintained (we have some monitoring plans that provide FREE annual maintenance checks)

Similar to a car, an alarm system is only in its best condition if it is regularly serviced. We advise having a professional service (or what we like to call a maintenance check) once per year to ensure that your alarm system will work in times of need.

An annual maintenance check will usually involve a range of different procedures and include tasks such as checking your system’s battery health and ensuring detectors are working to their full ability.

Call our friendly Customer Experience team on 1300 73 83 93 to organise your annual maintenance check today!


4. Change the batteries in your sensors

Homes and businesses with wireless alarm systems will have wireless sensors and devices. This means that these devices are battery powered, and despite the extended life that these tend to have, it is always important to get the batteries replaced every few years – similar to a smoke alarm.

This can be done yourself or included in your annual maintenance check.

Why do you need to change them?

Like with an annual system service, it makes sure that your system and its components are all going to be operational in times of need. Making sure that your system is going to give you every chance to deter theft and harm is essential.

We like to think that your security should be something you can set and forget, however there is always going to be the element of maintenance.

Simple yet effective, our professional advice and tips are here for you to be able to get the most out of your system.

If you have any questions, feel free to visit our new resources page or call our Technical team on 1300 73 83 93.

After months of mastering Zoom calls, discovering a newfound love for finish-at-home meals, and binging on Netflix series – everything from Tiger King to The Last Dance – Melbournians have finally made it out to the other side.

We’re easing back to what life was like before lockdown, and more of us making the most out of the relaxed restrictions. Seeing friends and family, dining out, travelling out of town and even returning back to the office.

As we start spending more time away from home – whether it’s during the day or weekend away – it’s worth reminding ourselves that our homes will be vacant more often. Meaning more opportunities for break-ins, burglary and property security offences to occur.

Increased crime rates across Victoria in past 12 months and potentially another spike over the Summer period

In September 2020, Crime Statistics Agency released new data reporting Victoria recorded its largest yearly spike in crime, with incidents risen by 5.6 per cent — an increase of 21,805 incidents to 407,768 — in 12 months. Theft and security offences were among the common crime incidents that increased during this time.

Combining this information with historical trends showing increased crime rates during economic downturns and increased burglaries over the summer months, Signal Security advises homeowners to assess their security measures to continue to keep their families and home safe.

Did you know that crime rates increase during economic downturns?

Downturns such as recessions come with a large increase in unemployment rates in youths, which have historically led to increased petty crime and theft.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), unemployment in our country has increased by just over 45% – the large majority being youths and young people. This is not only a huge upset regarding the unemployment rates but also the potential increase of crime within our communities.

Before we delve into the advice, it’s worth understanding the most common reasons burglars target a premise.

In 2015, a study was conducted of police detainees, who were found guilty of committing breaking and entering offences, to gain insight on burglary in Australia. Although years have passed since the study, there are lessons and learnings that are still highly relevant — especially, as we spend more time outside and away from home.

There are two main areas of focus for targeting premises, as reported from the study, a lack of activity around the property and the visibility/attractiveness of the property.

Lack of activity was indicated by:

  • Houses that appeared vacant or unoccupied
  • No vehicles parked in the driveway
  • No lights turned on inside the house in the evening
  • Rubbish bins left outside on the curb
  • An overflowing mailbox

And visibility/attraction came down to:

  • Houses located in an affluent area
  • Houses that had an expensive car in the driveway
  • Any valuable items on display or in view either in the yard on from a door or window

Our advice for keeping your home and family safe.

Improved security and electronic security is reported as one of the most effective ways to deter burglars from attempting to enter a property. And most importantly, an effective way to ensure the safety of you and your family. After all, the most precious possession —that is irreplaceable—is … OURSELVES.

Achieving peace of mind is not simply about installing a CCTV camera outside of your premise. At Signal Security, we take a logical approach to determining which systems and services should be considered to deliver maximum impact and return on investment.

You can download our FREE booklet on How To Achieve True Peace of Mind with Electronic Security Here

In short, there are three key steps in achieving peace of mind and our recommendation in approaching electronic security for your home:

  1. Prevent Loss and/or Harm with Alarm Systems

    There is nothing more effective in preventing harm and loss than a professionally installed intrusion detection system (burglar alarm) with fixed or portable panic buttons. Depending on the size, shape and layout of a property, coupled with its level of risk, an intrusion detection system can come in all shapes and sizes with various types of detection devices i.e. motion detectors, door/window switches and glass breakage detectors.

    More on Alarm Systems here.


  3. Initiate Emergency Response with Alarm Monitoring

    In its raw form, an intrusion detection system is a powerful tool that drives intruders away with its loud sirens and flashing lights but relies heavily on neighbours and passers-by to act swiftly in the case of an emergency. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age sounding alarm sirens will more often than not be ignored.

    The only way to guarantee a response is to connect your intrusion detection system to a professional security monitoring centre. With highly trained security monitoring professionals available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that every alarm signal received is dealt with in the shortest amount of time possible and that help can be sent in times that you need it most.

    More on Alarm Monitoring here.


  5. Verify and Capture Evidence with Camera Systems

    If a professionally installed intrusion detection system will aid in the prevention of harm and loss, and the addition of a professional monitoring service to the system will initiate an emergency response. Then what next? We need to find a way to assist with the real-time verification of events as well as being able to retrospectively go back in time and review any events of interest which leads us to integrate surveillance cameras (CCTV system) into the fold.

    More on Camera Systems or CCTV here.

Leave your quarantine woes behind (and fleeting thoughts of potential break-ins too)

The thought of our homes not being a safe space can be jarring and a break-in is the last thing we want after the year we’ve had.

While we can’t predict when or what’s going to happen, we can put the right measures in place to keep our homes and family safe.

As always, our friendly, knowledgeable team of security specialists can assist you with any questions or security challenges you may be experiencing.

You can organise a free, no-obligation on-site security risk assessment by contact our team on 1300 73 83 93 or sending an enquiry from our contact page.


It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of the year.

So much has happened.

You may have forgotten about the crazy, hazy start to the year with the raging bushfires across Australia.

And as if it wasn’t enough hurt for our country, the next big thing hit.

A global pandemic. International flights cancelled. Borders closed. Home quarantine. The list goes on.

But look where we are now!

We can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel for Australians (particularly all of us in Melbourne), and it is SO important for us all to recognise how far we have all come.

It’s also important to celebrate with a bit of time away from home… and there has been no better time than now to explore what our own backyard has to offer us!

A number of our Signal Security team members have been asked to share their recommendations and suggestions for a getaway this Christmas. Maybe take one of these suggestions and go for it! Or even use them to inspire your next summer holiday.


“For me, exploring our own country is just as exciting as any overseas trip! I don’t think we realise how much our country really has to offer and how truly beautiful it is.

Not a lot of people know about this one, however if you don’t mind a drive like me, I would highly suggest Portland for your Christmas getaway this year. It’s a quiet beachside town about a 5-hour drive from Melbourne and is absolutely beautiful. While you’re there, check out Shelly Beach. One of the best beaches I can say I’ve been to. Just make sure to bring your sunscreen because you won’t want to leave!”

– Tim

Wilsons Promontory

“Ever since I moved here, my favourite getaway has been Wilsons Promontory. It is a bit of a drive, however the rewards are amazing once you get there! I’m a cabin person, however I know you can camp there too if that’s your preference.

The hikes are incredible (something you wouldn’t generally get in St Kilda) and the beaches are second-to-none in my opinion. Squeaky Beach is a popular one and for good reason… The sand is so soft and the water crystal blue. If you’re to go on a little getaway, I’d definitely recommend Wilsons Prom!”

– Laura

Kakadu National Park

“That’s an interesting one… I’ve always wanted to go to the Northern Territory and explore the beautiful Kakadu National Park they have there. It’s been on the bucket list for a long time, and although I haven’t seen it personally, I’ve only seen amazing photos and heard great things about it!”

– Ebony

No matter where you go or whose recommendation you take, get out of town, soak up some sun, and remember to keep safe while doing so!

If you want to secure your home before you head away this holiday season, give our security specialists a call on 1300 73 83 93 for a free quote on a home security system!

Congratulations Melbourne.

We’re out of lockdown!

This year has been a rollercoaster to say the least, and while most of us have been able to enjoy the new found freedom that we seem to have, many businesses haven’t fared as well.

It’s been a tough year for nearly all Australian businesses and many have been forced to close for good. It’s a sad reality, however there’s something we can all do to help.

As a security company, we’re doing our best to keep businesses safe, sound and secure, but there’s something we can all do individually to help them.

If you’re like us and love food, you’ve already enjoyed a brunch at your favourite cafe, but there’s so much more to explore! We’ve listed our 4 favourite eateries to support out of lockdown and we highly encourage you to check them out. See below:

1. The George On Collins – Melbourne 3000


Instagram: @thegeorgeoncollins
Website: thegeorgeoncollins.com.au
Our good friends at The George On Collins are a New York style basement bar in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD (right opposite our office!), and offer breakfast all the way to late night dinner and cocktails. Often housing late-night DJs, they are the perfect destination for a Friday night knock-offs.

With their doors open again, we encourage you if you haven’t already to book a table at The George on Collins to experience their incredibly unique bar and restaurant.
You may even catch a glimpse of their chef Khanh Ong who you may have seen on Masterchef a few years ago!

2. The Deck – Brighton 3186

Instagram: @thedeckbrighton
Website: thedeckbrighton.com.au

With summer well and truly on its way, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy the lovely local beaches Melbourne has to offer.

Why not head down to Brighton beach and while you’re there, drop by The Deck Brighton for your morning coffee or a delightful lunch?

These guys have an incredible all-day breakfast menu and an extensive lunch menu that anyone will enjoy, plus if you’re in need of those Christmas party celebrations, they even have private function rooms available.

Their food is not the only thing that’s great… As the name suggests, their outdoor dining deck is just beautiful; allowing you to enjoy your eggs benedict and strong soy latte all while getting a few rays of sunshine.

3. Fancy Hanks – Melbourne 3000

Instagram: @fancyhanksbbq
Website: fancyhanks.com

Imagine this… a well-seasoned, slow-cooked and juicy American BBQ in the heart of Melbourne. Well… you don’t necessarily need to imagine because Fancy Hanks (smack bang in the middle of Bourke Street) has you covered!

Their slow-cooked free-range meats (which they locally source from Gippsland) take you on a journey to the southern states of the USA and are so tender that they almost melt in your mouth! Cooked in their custom smokers for up to 22 hours, they offer an American experience in Australia.

It doesn’t just stop at the food either. Their bar-style restaurant always has a positive atmosphere and often has live music or a DJ playing on their rooftop which is great for after-work drinks or a Saturday night with friends.

4. Middle Town Cafe – Prahran 3181

Instagram: @middletowncafe
Website: middletown.com.au

Last on our list is a boutique cafe located south of the city in the trendy suburb of Prahran.

Specialising in fine food, speciality coffee, and a range of great brunches, Middletown in Prahran is where they claim that their spectacular food and classic flavours meet modern technique.

They pay attention to every detail in their food and beverages (particularly their coffee) and if you don’t believe us, we recommend trying them out yourself (or even just check their Instagram page)!

With an emphasis on fine seasonal produce, Middletown brings you a pleasant dining experience with sophistication.

With so many amazing cafes and restaurants opening their doors back up, it was hard to pick our favourites, however these 4 eateries are amongst the best. Even if it’s not one of our top picks, enjoy the summer, get out of the house and reward yourself for enduring everything 2020 has thrown at us!

This isn’t something I’d necessarily call a luxury, but rather a necessity. Let me explain why.

Gone are the days of the “safe neighbourhood” and unfortunately, in this day and age, crime rates are on the rise. As of the latest report from Victoria Police, crime rates since 2010 have risen an incredible 14.9% across total offences. This includes such crimes as theft, burglary, arson and damage of property. The most interesting of all is the theft of motor vehicles from homes, which is up by a massive 12% as opposed to the year before.

These days in order to prosecute, the identification of a person and proof of wrong doing is pivotal. Unlike America, in Australia we have the current legal system of “innocent till proven guilty” and what better way to prove a particular burglar stole or damaged your car/home/property than by capturing their image on a high definition digital CCTV system. But this isn’t the only function of a CCTV system, to tell you more, we have compiled a list of 5 reasons we believe CCTV may benefit you.
1. Who’s that ringing the doorbell now!?

Ever had those times where you’ve just settled in from a long day at work, you’ve made a piping hot cup of coffee and just kicked your feet up and suddenly, the doorbell rings… you’ve got to be kidding! Is it even worth you getting up? – Problem solved. Open up your smart phone and click on the remote viewing app to see whose car is in the driveway or who is at your front door. I personally do this all the time and save face when trying to avoiding those door to door salesmen.
2. Are the kids home from school yet?

In our day and age, keeping an eye on the kids is important but persists to be an ever present issue as parents work long hours whilst kids are getting home from school shortly after the clock strikes 3.. Or did they stroll out of school at 1 to take an early journey home? Without a teacher complaint, we don’t really know. This can be having a detrimental affect on things such as their academics and more importantly their safety. If no one knows they’ve left and where they’ve gone, who is really looking out for their safety?

With remote viewing, their movements of coming home will be detected and recorded. If you’re like me and generally in the office till ungodly hours, you’ll want to be keeping an eye on when and where your children are – and now you can. Just open up your smart phone in front of you and you now have your own personal and very portable, CCTV security system.
3. I wonder how the dog’s doing, it’s 40 degree’s today!

Most of us have pets, and like most of us with our pets comes a certain level of care that people without pets just won’t understand. We bring them into our families, bring them in out of the rain if the weather is bad, make sure their water bowls are filled and they’re out of the sun on hot days and they are fed on time. But unfortunately, not everyone can be relied upon – but luckily for you, a cctv system can. From the comfort of your artificially lit office, you’ll now be able to track the progress of your pets and what they’re getting up to.
4. Wonder if my order has arrived yet

If you’re like me and you like to order online, you either have your parcels delivered to the office or to your front door step. Now granted, we don’t always have the luxury of being able to stay at home to receive our deliveries precisely when they arrive, but at least we’ll be able to keep an eye on them until we’re able to get home or a family member arrives home to bring it in for us! Specifically when you’ve just ordered those pair of shoes you’ve waited weeks for.
5. Geez it’d be nice to know what’s going on around the home while we’re away

Don’t worry, I get it, you need a break from your day to day routine. We all do. It’s what makes us human, after all. More often than not, to escape the mundane and monotonous rut we so often find ourselves in; we escape the cold and make a break for the warmer climates of the tropic regions. But when we do, we leave behind our most important assets to us; our homes. Granted, it provides us with a little reassurance when we tell our neighbours to watch over our homes (i.e. bring in our mail, bring in the bins etc) but how do we truly know what’s going on?
Well, while you find yourself sitting in the hotel lobby 1000’s of km away, just open up your smart phone and boot the application up. Have your bins been taken in? Now you know. Are there any packages at your front door that need to be taken inside? Just send your neighbour a message.
Still Not Convinced?

So there you have it – 5 reasons why CCTV is essential. CCTV isn’t just for the sole purpose of recording wrong doing within the borders of your home, but for much more. And as always, for everything CCTV and anything else security, you know who to turn to.

If you’d like some additional info or would like to speak to someone, simply fill out the info below and we will be in touch with you as soon as we can.

– Brenton

A home alarm system can come in many shapes and sizes. With something as important as your own security, it’s essential to understand the process, things to look out for, and what to expect when trying to achieve TRUE peace of mind.

Home security systems should not be treated as a one-size-fits-all solution which is why we recommend that if you’re being referred to an “alarm package” – which unfortunately happens often within the electronic security industry, you should start to look elsewhere.

Like a home, not all security systems are the same. Factors such as the size and design of your home, your existing equipment, whether you have pets or not, and many more, can all affect the final recommended solution.

Therefore, we’ve listed several important points which help to answer the question, “What makes the best home alarm system?”

The best home alarm systems have motion detection.


Motion detectors are by no means the be-all and end-all of a home alarm system however they are the most common for good reason. They assist in covering a large area and as the name suggests, can detect any motion occurring within the space that the device is occupying. We know what you’re thinking… What about my dogs and/or cats? Luckily, nowadays most high-quality detectors have a form of pet-immunity allowing your furry friends to roam free whilst going unnoticed – it’s worth checking with a security specialist to determine whether the system you are looking for is pet-friendly.

The best home alarm systems have perimeter protection.


The aim of a security system is to mitigate harm and/or loss, which is only as effective as the solution itself. This is why the best home alarm systems also have a form of perimeter protection through the use and integration of reed switches on doors and windows, and glass break detectors in areas with lots of glazing or windows with intricate framing. Adding these devices helps to expand your protected area by alerting you before any actual “intrusion” occurs, minimising the chance of “smash and grabs”.

The best home alarm systems are professionally monitored.


In its raw form, an intrusion detection system is a powerful tool that drives intruders away with its loud sirens and flashing lights but relies heavily on neighbours and passers-by to act swiftly in the case of an emergency. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age sounding alarm sirens will more often than not be ignored.

Adding a professional monitoring service to your system is an easy way to transform your “noisemaker” into a potential lifesaver and contrary to what you may think a lifesaving service such as this could cost, it’s actually really affordable with your investment being less than half a cup of coffee a day.

When looking for the best home alarm system, it’s important to look at the whole solution rather than brands or product. Make sure that you steer clear of “set packages” and speak to a qualified security specialist who would be able to provide professional advice to ensure that you are getting the most appropriate set-up for your home and family.

If you would like to speak to one of our security specialists about your tailored home intrusion protection, simply contact us here or call our Customer Care Centre on 1300 73 83 93.

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