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A home alarm system can come in many shapes and sizes. With something as important as your own security, it’s essential to understand the process, things to look out for, and what to expect when trying to achieve TRUE peace of mind.

Home security systems should not be treated as a one-size-fits-all solution which is why we recommend that if you’re being referred to an “alarm package” – which unfortunately happens often within the electronic security industry, you should start to look elsewhere.

Like a home, not all security systems are the same. Factors such as the size and design of your home, your existing equipment, whether you have pets or not, and many more, can all affect the final recommended solution.

Therefore, we’ve listed several important points which help to answer the question, “What makes the best home alarm system?”

The best home alarm systems have motion detection.


Motion detectors are by no means the be-all and end-all of a home alarm system however they are the most common for good reason. They assist in covering a large area and as the name suggests, can detect any motion occurring within the space that the device is occupying. We know what you’re thinking… What about my dogs and/or cats? Luckily, nowadays most high-quality detectors have a form of pet-immunity allowing your furry friends to roam free whilst going unnoticed – it’s worth checking with a security specialist to determine whether the system you are looking for is pet-friendly.

The best home alarm systems have perimeter protection.


The aim of a security system is to mitigate harm and/or loss, which is only as effective as the solution itself. This is why the best home alarm systems also have a form of perimeter protection through the use and integration of reed switches on doors and windows, and glass break detectors in areas with lots of glazing or windows with intricate framing. Adding these devices helps to expand your protected area by alerting you before any actual “intrusion” occurs, minimising the chance of “smash and grabs”.

The best home alarm systems are professionally monitored.


In its raw form, an intrusion detection system is a powerful tool that drives intruders away with its loud sirens and flashing lights but relies heavily on neighbours and passers-by to act swiftly in the case of an emergency. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age sounding alarm sirens will more often than not be ignored.

Adding a professional monitoring service to your system is an easy way to transform your “noisemaker” into a potential lifesaver and contrary to what you may think a lifesaving service such as this could cost, it’s actually really affordable with your investment being less than half a cup of coffee a day.

When looking for the best home alarm system, it’s important to look at the whole solution rather than brands or product. Make sure that you steer clear of “set packages” and speak to a qualified security specialist who would be able to provide professional advice to ensure that you are getting the most appropriate set-up for your home and family.

If you would like to speak to one of our security specialists about your tailored home intrusion protection, simply contact us here or call our Customer Care Centre on 1300 73 83 93.

The term “peace of mind” is referred to a lot these days especially within the security industry. Time and time again companies promise that their product and/or service will provide it, but very rarely are they able to demonstrate exactly how they will deliver on their promise.
In order to solve this age old challenge, we must first ensure we gain a deeper understanding of what causes ones angst as well as have the tenured experience to know which solution or more often than not, which combination of solutions are required to adequately mitigate the risk.
With 20 years of experience protecting thousands of Australian homes and businesses, Signal Security has been building on its experience and continuously evolving its thinking with the aim of formalising a methodology that all team members can be trained in to help its customers achieve “true” peace of mind.
At the core of this methodology is what Signal Security CEO and Co-founder Justin Nesvanulica refers to as the “Hierarchy of Electronic Security” – the logical order to which systems and services should be considered to deliver maximum impact and return on investment.
Most people are under the impression that the number one priority for the security industry is to prevent loss and/or damage to property. In fact, the industry’s core priority is much more meaningful, it’s to prevent harm to the most valuable asset we will ever possess… OURSELVES!
Therefore it is important to understand that achieving peace of mind is not simply about installing a CCTV camera outside of your premise but about understanding why certain systems are installed, what their core purpose is and how layering numerous systems and services will go a long way to stopping those fleeting thoughts of whether or not your security has been compromised.

Step 1. Prevent Harm and/or Loss

alarm system
With so much on the line, where do we start? There is nothing more effective in preventing harm and loss than a professionally installed intrusion detection system (burglar alarm) with fixed or portable panic buttons. Depending on the size, shape and layout of a property, coupled with its level of risk, an intrusion detection system can come in all shapes and sizes with various types of detection devices i.e. motion detectors, door/window switches and glass breakage detectors.
Nonetheless, the key to preventing harm and loss is trying to detect an unauthorised entry as close to the perimeter as possible and ensuring there are an adequate amount of warning lights and sirens once activated, the attention drawn to the property will make even the most brazen criminals limit their time within the property, therefore minimising the opportunity for loss and in most cases preventing it completely.
Having sirens sound as early as possible becomes even more important if there are people residing in the property at the time of an invasion as it provides valuable seconds for an attempt to retreat to the most secure areas of the property. Fixed or portable panic buttons are an extremely effective way to activate sirens moments before or during an attempted invasion as occupants can trigger sirens as soon as they feel threatened. The piercing sound of internal sirens are designed to cause havoc on the human middle ear which in itself will naturally drive intruders out reducing the likelihood of altercations occurring between them and the occupants inside.
Intrusion detection systems are cost effective, provide exceptional value for money and should be considered first and foremost before all other security products. An intrusion detection system is the only solution that will actually minimise the impact of an unauthorised intrusion and should form the foundation of any comprehensive security solution.

Step 2. Initiate an Emergency Response

emergency duress buttons
In its raw form, an intrusion detection system is a powerful tool that drives intruders away with its loud sirens and flashing lights but relies heavily on neighbours and passers-by to act swiftly in the case of an emergency. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age sounding alarm sirens will more often than not be ignored.
The only way to guarantee a response is to connect your intrusion detection system to a professional security monitoring centre. With highly trained security monitoring professionals available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that every alarm signal received is dealt with in the shortest amount of time possible and that help can be sent in times that you need it most.
Most people are unaware that all mainstream intrusion detection systems are designed to be professionally monitored and have inbuilt features to request help via the monitoring centre, where the services of the Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade can all be summoned at the touch of a button. In addition to being notified in the unfortunate event of a break in, you will also have a quick and convenient way of requesting assistance in the event you are faced with a life-threatening emergency.
Adding a professional monitoring service to your system is an easy way to transform your “noise maker” into a potential life saver and contrary to what you may think a lifesaving service such as this could cost, it’s actually really affordable with your investment being less than half a cup of coffee a day.

Step 3. Verification & Collection of Evidence

remote viewing cctv
If a professionally installed intrusion detection system will aid in the prevention of harm and loss, and the addition of a professional monitoring service to the system will initiate an emergency response. Then what next? We need to find a way to assist with the real time verification of events as well as being able to retrospectively go back in time and review any events of interest which leads us to integrating surveillance cameras (CCTV system) into the fold.
Should an unfortunate event occur at your property the monitoring centre will call you to inform you of the breach. Being informed that a movement detector has been activated is one thing, however being able to cross reference it with live video footage is another. Having the ability to quickly and easily review as much information as possible on your smart device or laptop computer pertaining to the incident is crucial to obtaining the quickest Police response possible. A CCTV system will allow you to see what happened, show you how it happened, provide a full timeline of events from start to finish and give you every opportunity of identifying those responsible. Without this information it will be almost impossible to track down and prosecute the perpetrators and recover any of your losses.
A professionally installed CCTV system is the perfect companion to your intrusion detection system and professional monitoring service and should not be considered before the previous solutions are in place. Without them intruders will have nothing to drive them away from the premise and will allow them an ample amount of time to spend searching your property for items of value. Nothing is more frustrating that being a victim of a burglary only to watch recorded footage of how they did it and got away with it. Worse yet, arriving onsite only to find that your CCTV recorder with all your recorded footage was also taken.
Adding a professionally installed CCTV system is an important addition to overall security and should be treated as such. Being a passive solution, CCTV will never stop or minimise an incident from occurring it will merely show you how it happened.

Remember, peace-of-mind can come from the implementation of a range of security products and services, however, as a security provider with over 20 years’ experience, we believe that the way to achieve true peace of mind is by following the above steps.
If true peace of mind is your goal, there is no better way to go about your electronic security than making sure that you’re minimising loss and harm, initiating an immediate response and finally, verifying incidents and gathering evidence.
Want to achieve “true” peace of mind?
Our friendly, knowledgeable team of security specialists are on hand to assist with any security challenges you may be experiencing. To organise a free, no obligation on site security risk assessment please contact our team on 1300 73 83 93.

Traditionally, security systems have been quite slow at adopting new technology. As you may have noticed, the appearance of alarm systems has stayed almost identical. A white box in your wardrobe, linen cupboard or roof space and a keypad that you use to arm & disarm. Sound familiar?
Similarly, the technical aspects haven’t changed an enormous amount either, with the exception of smartphone integration. Until now…
Heading into the new decade we wanted to be more aligned with the modern technological age that we were in and decided to put some time into exploring a new range of products. After thorough testing and research, we came across Inner Range’s Inception panels and ultimately started rolling them out to businesses and homes across the country. Upon receiving extremely positive feedback from the new installations, Signal has made the decision to start offering it to everyone.
What’s the difference between this and a ‘standard’ alarm system?
Quite a lot actually! Standard alarm systems are considered old-school analogue systems, whereas Inception panels are IP-digital systems. With this upgrade comes a lot of additional benefits such as:

Inner Range Inception Panel


The trend of being able to do everything with the one system still applies in 2020 and being able to add your alarm system into the mix is possible through the Inception system. It has universal inputs & outputs that can be used for monitoring and automated actions such as lighting, air conditioning and many other systems.

Intrusion Protection

Being modular, you can utilise all of your favourite intrusion protection devices such as motion detectors, reed switches and glassbreak detectors. As a digital system, it is lots more intelligent than traditional alarm systems, providing more detailed information and intuitive management of your alarm.

Alarm System Siren

access control swiping card

Access Control

Inception is a powerful access control system capable of providing physical access for up to 128 doors and 256 card readers. The access control system provides logical and clever integration with the security alarm function.
Lose your keys and get a smart card or fob!

Web Management (No software required)

Control and manage your system’s back-end all online via a web app. This provides a quick and hassle-free installation process and outstanding convenience for daily operation and control.

  • Change user codes from the comfort of your office desk
  • Reduce costs from having to purchase new software upgrades

    SkyCommand Web Potral

    SkyCommand App

    SkyCommand Phone Applicaiton

    Control and manage your system all from the Skyconnect smartphone app which provides fully interactive control of Inception’s security areas, doors, and outputs. The simple interface is designed to be easy and convenient for users control.

    Have questions?
    Our friendly team of security specialists are on hand to assist with any outstanding queries you might have. To have a chat or organise a free, no obligation on site assessment so we can tailor a security solution specific to your home give us a call on 1300 73 83 93.

    signal security

    Before you start thinking about sipping cocktails by a pool in the hot European sun lets first think about why you are leaving Australia in the first place… Because it’s cold, dark, windy, wet and miserable… Right?
    Well these very reasons are exactly the same reasons why we see a huge spike in burglaries and property theft over the winter months. How so? Well it’s quite simple once you think about it.
    A) People are vacating their homes in doves and heading away for overseas vacations for weeks at a time which makes this very attractive for would be intruders.

    B) Its darker for longer therefore the bad guys have an increased window of opportunity where they won’t be seen.

    C) The cracking of thunder, the howling winds and the sound of rain pelting down makes it extremely difficult to hear if a door is kicked in or window is smashed.
    And to make matters worse, unlike the good old days the reliance on neighbours is no longer a viable option. This has resulted in many families adopting the latest in home security technologies to help better protect their homes and loved ones. Let’s face it the last thing you want whilst away is to have those random thoughts about the security of your home back in Australia especially just as your tray of cocktails arrive.


    Get a security alarm system professionally installed.

    Most homes already have one but if yours doesn’t make sure you have a professionally installed security alarm system. Ensure you get a system that has the a night time and day times arming modes and one that has panic buttons to give you access to the Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade. This way you can be protected whilst you head away overseas as well as whilst you are home.


    Have your alarm professionally monitored.

    Signal Security

    Panic buttons are enabled when your alarm professionally monitored.

    Monitoring is compatible with most if not all modern security systems (installed within the last 10 years). Having a professionally monitored alarm means you will always be guaranteed a response from a licensed monitoring professional. Our monitoring team are available to assist 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can provide immediate access to emergency services as well as Australia’s largest network of security guards.


    When choosing alarm security monitoring, go wireless!

    Wireless monitoring provides many benefits than compared to traditional ‘analogue’ phone line monitoring. Below are just a few of those benefits:


    Remote arming and disarming via your smart phone.

    Signal Security

    Our Pocket Secure phone app

    Never experience that sinking feeling again, when you are travelling to the airport and the realisation of not arming your alarm kicks in. Just pull out your smart phone, check the armed status of your alarm and if you did forget simply arm your system with the touch of a button.


    Wireless monitoring checks in with us every 12 hours, so you can enjoy the scenery.

    The monitoring centre will receive test signals from the alarm system twice a day to make sure your alarms wireless monitoring module is operational and communicating as it should. Should something go wrong you or someone on your emergency contact list will be notified as soon as a signal is missed.


    Receive SMS and email alerts when the alarm is armed and disarmed.

    Security Alarm SMS Notifications

    Receive SMS phone alerts in the event of alarm detection

    Should your neighbours need to feed your pet whilst you’re away, you will get an alert each time your alarm is disarmed and armed to confirm and show what time they arrived and left. This function is also great for verifying the time and attendance of tradesman, cleaners, gardeners and contractors whilst away.


    No additional telecommunication costs.

    Unlike traditional phone line monitoring that uses a local call (20c) for every signal sent to the monitoring centre. Wireless monitoring uses the data network that is inclusive of your monthly investment.

    No hidden costs means no nasty surprise bills in the mail from your telco provider. Isn’t it great not having to prepare for the unexpected.

    If you are keeping a phone line purely for the alarm system we have good news. This can now be cancelled to save you even more money (Approx. $50 per month).


    NBN Ready.

    Signal Security

    If the NBN is due to rollout in your local area whilst you are away (or whilst you are back home) the last thing you want is for your alarm to lose connection with the monitoring service. If you are on phone line monitoring consider changing to wireless monitoring so you don’t have to deal with any headaches.

    And if that’s not enough to convince you to jump on the extremely popular wireless monitoring band wagon before you jet away. It’s extremely easy to operate and they say proof is in the pudding. Just set and forget, enjoy your holiday and let us look after your home whilst you enjoy your time away.


    If you would like to speak to a member of our security specialist team to discuss how to better protect your home and family, please call 1300 73 83 93.

    Of late, it has been impossible to turn on the TV, scroll through social media or even pick up a newspaper without reading about the huge spike in aggravated home invasions and carjackings. It’s literally everywhere which is unfortunately causing more and more concern among our local communities every day. But what’s even more unfortunate… It’s reality!

    Naturally this has caused many families and couples to contact us, asking what they can do to increase their level of safety. The Herald Sun’s latest article has Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Steve Fontana stated that ‘everyone should make their homes harder to break into’.

    As we aim to provide peace of mind to all Australians, we have compiled our top tips to increase your security and provide genuine protection so you can live life with the peace of mind you deserve.


    Get an Alarm and Make Sure it’s Professionally Monitored

    Signal Security

    It’s astounding that with alarm monitoring rates as low as they are; there are still families who would rather risk the safety of themselves and their loved ones by trying to self-monitor their alarm (having it ring their mobile) or worse yet not having any form of monitoring what so ever.

    Believe it or not, the overwhelming reason why people are risking it all is to save as little as $1.50 a day.

    By having a professionally monitored security system in place you will have trained professionals ready to assist in the unfortunate event of a life threatening emergency e.g. home invasion. Depending on the situation at hand these professionals can quickly respond and where required deploy emergency services and or private security guards to assist you.

    Most mainstream security systems installed within the last 10 years are compatible with professional monitoring and can be connected with little or no upfront investment. Once activated monitoring will open up numerous life saving features previously not available to those systems that were un-monitored or self-monitored. These life saving features include fixed panic buttons, silent duress codes and wireless panic pendants all of which designed to alert those that are most capable of assisting you in your time of need.


    Enable Stay At Home Arming

    Signal Security

    Maximise the value of your alarm system by enabling stay at home arming mode. Most modern day security systems allow you to use your alarm when you are home by turning some devices on whilst leaving others off.

    Most families are unaware that their alarm systems even had such a function but once educated there was no hesitation and they immediately looked to arm parts of their home like door/window switches or even outdoor movement detectors whilst at home. This provided the freedom to move around the home, whilst still keeping their home safe, sound and secure from any unlawful entry especially whilst sleeping at night.


    CCTV Is the Way of the Future

    With technology evolving and the demand for higher levels of security increasing, CCTV is rapidly finding its way into homes all over the country. In addition to a monitored alarm system, CCTV is the perfect companion allowing home owners to verify any alarms from their smart phones as well as providing a continuous record of events, enabling police to piece together a time line in order to catch and prosecute those who are doing the wrong thing.

    We recommend having a professionally installed High Definition CCTV system with night vision cameras and remote viewing function to give you the best chance of quickly identifying any incidence of concern.

    The higher the definition of cameras you install the better chance there will be of capturing the finer details such as number plates, tattoos and facial features to assist with any police investigations.


    Never Open the Door to a Stranger Again

    Video intercoms provide a fantastic way to stay safe inside your home whilst speaking to any unknown visitors who arrives at your front door.

    In some cases you may have a front gate which you can grant access to a visitor from the comfort of your own home.

    Some video intercoms also have the ability to record snap shots and or video of all missed calls throughout the day. This is particularly important if a potential intruder is casing out your property more often than not they will ring a door bell numerous times to ensure no one is home. Unbeknownst to them, their face is being recorded at every attempt of ringing the doorbell.

    There you have it, our four top tips to increasing your level of home security without costing the earth.

    We understand that no two homes are alike and no two family’s requirements are the same, therefore our team of security specialists are readily available to thoroughly understand your requirements and provide the best possible advice available.


    If you would like to speak with one of our friendly security specialists please don’t hesitate to call our team on 1300 73 83 93.

    You cannot put a price on the lives of your loved ones. It goes beyond price. Some would say it’s something money cannot quantify, but for the purpose of this exercise let’s say it could. This begs the question: How much would you pay to bring back a loved one from the grave?

    1. $100k?
    2. $1 million?
    3. $100 million?
    4. All of the above?

    So what is the correct answer? Well there is no right or wrong answer but considering the lowest figure that you could choose has six figures it would be one extremely expensive investment to bring a loved one back however as I’m sure you would agree it would be well worth it… right?

    So if we agree on this and would be prepared to shell out in excess of one hundred thousand dollars to bring back a loved one then why do most of us look to skimp in part or even worse in whole on life saving systems and services that are designed to one day save the people in our lives that we care about the most?

    In my employment at Signal Security as an electronic security and monitoring specialist it is really interesting to see what motivates those looking for security. To my absolute surprise, price is still one of the most influential factors. So much so that I see customers choosing unlicensed installers who run their entire businesses out of a van over reputable security businesses for a saving of a couple of hundred dollars. How is it possible that we have got to the stage where we are risking the safety and wellbeing of our families for peanuts… It’s crazy!

    Below I have provided a number of key areas that one should be considering, in order of priority, when looking for a reputable security company… and price is last!
    1. Licensing & Accreditation

    Ensure you engage with a security company that is licensed by Victoria Police and is an active member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL).

    The Victoria Police and ASIAL provide protection for consumers by ensuring that specialists and installers who are licensed by their respective organisations meet stringent police checks and technical competencies. Always ask to see the consultant/installer’s security licence before letting them into your home. An electrician is not the same as a security technician, nor is a security technician an electrician, so be careful of those who claim to be able to assist you without the appropriate accreditation. After all, you are placing yours, and your families, safety and well-being in their hands.
    2. A Company’s Rating and Reputation

    With the internet now a big part of life and social media consuming a large part of it why not use it to your advantage when selecting a security product or service. Google reviews and social media are great because they speak the truth. They indicate a real person’s experiences both good and bad that can help guide your decision making process. Where possible, utilise reviews from third party websites as they can’t be altered like testimonials on a company’s own website can. Such review sites can include, but aren’t limited to Google, Facebook and True Local, to name a few. If a company doesn’t have reviews, BUYER BEWARE!!!
    3. Price

    Off course price plays a role in any purchasing decision however, long term return should be thought of before short term investment.

    My experiences have indicated that although there are cheaper products on the market, they are cheaper for a reason. These solutions normally appear to be significantly cheaper initially but if they don’t work correctly or in some instances don’t work at all, can soon turn out to be the far more expensive option. Therefore, choosing a security provider that ticks all the boxes but requires a slightly higher initial investment will go a long way to ensuring you have a system that lasts the test of time and if maintained correctly could you save hundreds, if not thousands, in the long run.

    Just remember the three fundamental areas outlined above when deciding on a security company. As you can see there are more important factors that come into play before price does so try and use price as the last indicator to ensure that in a time of need you have a system and a response that you and your loved ones can rely on.

    You cannot put a price on that can you?
    Lambros Katopothis – Customer Relations Specialist

    No longer is the great Australian dream staying in the same home for 20 years, rather a flexible and spontaneous shift in moving home is rapidly becoming the norm due to evolving career and lifestyle choices. As a result this causes hundreds of homes to be vacated and re occupied every single day.

    It’s no secret but moving one’s home is the bane of our existence, so how do you make one of the most stressful transitions become as easy as going on a Sunday cruise.

    Step 1: Fill The Tank

    Once you have reached an agreement with the real estate agent and locked in your move in date, before you start ordering new blinds and furniture, start thinking about security! After all what’s the point of moving all your precious items and shiny new things into a home without any protection?

    Step 2: Drop The Top

    Before moving in, often you will have an opportunity to have a final inspection of your new pad. This is the perfect opportunity to arrange for your security company to meet you onsite to assess your home to organise a tailored quote.

    Your security specialist should be licenced and is there to provide advice on all different security systems whether it be a monitored alarm system, CCTV or an intercom system.

    In some cases your new home may have existing security equipment, whilst not knowing what state it’s in this is the perfect opportunity to have advice given and the system assessed, no matter whether the system requires a service, a full or partial upgrade.

    Step 3: Hit Cruise Control

    When you have received your tailored quote and you are happy to proceed it’s important to organise the upgrade or installation date as close to the settlement date as possible, before any other tradesmen. In some cases the previous owner or landlord may be kind enough to grant you access prior to the move in date, it’s always advisable to ask.

    Monitored alarms and CCTV systems will provide a record of events which will allow you to keep tabs on all other tradesmen you may have after settlement.

    Monitored alarm systems can track start and finish times of tradesmen whilst you are not home. This ensures any disparities in labour invoices are corrected, as you will be notified when your alarm is turned off or on, i.e. when tradesmen come and go.

    We recommend you provide a temporary pin code per trade that you can set up and then easily delete once works are completed.

    CCTV cameras allows you to view your cameras in real time on your PC or smart device, this allows you to check in whilst at work to make sure the tradies are doing their job (not taking excessive smokos’).

    Step 4: Pump Up The Tunes

    After all trades are finished you can move all your belongings into your new home with the peace of mind knowing they will be safe and sound. It’s important if you have installed new and expensive equipment into your home that you do not advertise this to the world by leaving the branded cardboard boxes out the front. The last thing you want is your new home entertainment system to be stolen.

    Step 5: Enjoy the scenery

    Finally, now you’ve moved and settled in its important to introduce yourself to your neighbours. They can help you feel safer in your new area and in the long term this benefits all parties as you can speak to each other about any news and events whilst fostering a real sense of community.

    It’s also great to join any local community initiatives such as the neighbourhood watch, social or sporting clubs as this will allow you to get to know your new community and in turn the local community learn more about you.

    Hamish May – Electronic Security Monitoring Specialist
    If you would like to find out more about what security products or services are available to home movers Click Here.
    If you wish to speak with our friendly security specialists don’t hesitate give us a call on 1300 73 83 93.

    Technology has come a long way in the last few years and every year it seems to evolve at a quicker pace. Security systems are part of this rapid evolution and having experienced this change first hand, I can say this will continue into the future.

    Alarm systems used to be a simple device that would make a heck of a noise in the hope that it would deter any would be intruders; today alarm systems have become fully integrated home safety systems. Emergency service response via panic buttons on the alarm systems code pad and speaking to an actual person to make sure everything is OK, is just scratching the surface of what’s currently available.

    Having grown up with security conscious parents we always had an active routine of if we should leave the home, remember to arm the alarm. My parents currently have a 15 year old Hills alarm system which still works brilliantly, however it has had one small addition in recent months and that is the addition of a wireless monitoring module.

    Who would have thought such a small and low cost upgrade would have had such an amazing impact on the security, ongoing cost and usability of the system. It has basically brought the alarm into line with current systems sold today.

    Having wireless monitoring provides many benefits:

    Remote arming and disarming via your smart phone.
    Never experience that sinking feeling again, when you are travelling to work and the realisation of not arming your alarm kicks in. No worries just pull out your smart phone, check the armed status of your alarm and if you did forget simply arm your system with the touch of a button.
    Receive SMS and email alerts when the alarm is armed and disarmed.
    Not sure when the cleaners arrived during the day? Wondering when the kids came home from school?
    Never miss a trick. Receive free real time SMS or email alerts every time your alarm system is armed or disarmed.
    Should the cleaners leave your home without turning on your alarm; simply arm the system with your smart phone.
    Self-testing every 12 hours.
    The monitoring centre will receive test signals from the alarm system twice a day to make sure your alarms wireless monitoring module is operational. Should something go wrong you’ll be notified as soon as we miss a signal, which provides you complete peace of mind.
    Much more secure
    Wireless monitoring is more secure than traditional phone line monitoring as the service runs via the Telstra 3G mobile data network.Put simply, there is no phone line for the crooks to cut.
    NBN Ready
    With the National Broadband Network rollout occurring nationwide phone lines are being disconnected every day. As wireless monitoring doesn’t rely on a phone line this means it is 100% compatible with the NBN.
    No telecommunication costs
    Unlike traditional phone line monitoring that uses a local call (20c) for every signal sent to the monitoring centre. Wireless monitoring uses the data network that is inclusive of your monthly investment.

    No hidden costs means no nasty surprise bills in the mail from your telco provider. Isn’t it great not having to prepare for the unexpected.

    If you are keeping a phone line purely for the alarm system we have good news. This can now be cancelled to save you even more money (Approx. $50 per month).
    And if that’s not enough to convince you to go wireless, it’s extremely easy to operate and they say proof is in the pudding. My parents are part of the baby boomer era, technology is sometimes a hard concept to grasp. It literally took me less than a minute to show them how to use the app.

    They say don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater and by adding the wireless monitoring module you can bring your old alarm system a new lease of life.

    If you would like to speak with a security specialist to upgrade to our wireless monitoring, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly knowledgeable team on 1300 73 83 93.

    After listening to our customers over the last 10 years we are now proud to announce a service which is unrivalled by any of our competitors. Regardless if you have our latest wireless monitoring technology or our traditional phone line monitoring we provide our new superior service offering to both.
    This new service offering provides complete peace of mind for you by bundling various services to compliment your monitoring with service level guarantees to deliver real savings!

    Key benefits Of Monitoring Bundles

    Free Guard Call Outs to Genuine Incidents
    In the event you dispatch a guard and they report signs of forced entry such as broken glass or doors that have been tampered with, we will cover the cost every time (normally $99).
    Free Annual System Service
    An annual maintenance check guarantees a police attendance, meets insurance obligations and also identifies any faults before they become a problem.
    Lifetime Hardware Warranty
    How would you like to never pay for a new system again? Lifetime hardware warranty provides you FREE parts for the life of your monitoring service. (After 12 months).
    Service call out guarantee
    Why wait weeks? When you can have a callout guarantee within 2 business days.
    To find out how simple it is to add these monitoring bundles to our existing service, contact our security specialists on 1300 73 83 93

    Motion Detector in Corner

    Security alarm systems play the most vital part in protecting homes and businesses. No alarm system can operate to its full functionality without one crucial component.

    That being security movement sensors which are also known as movement detectors.

    What is a security movement sensor?

    A security movement sensor’s function is at it states in the name, it detects movement. These can also be called movement detectors. When your alarm system is armed and someone attempts to break into a room where a movement detector is located, this will trigger your alarms sirens and deter the intruder out of the premise.

    Additionally if you have a monitored alarm system this provides real time information to showcase if an intruder is present, through multiple detections or triggers. Internal movement detectors have a range limit of around 15-20m, anyone moving within this range will be detected and the sirens will trigger.

    Upon entering your premise the security movement sensors will trigger which commences a countdown grace period of around 10-20 seconds. This provides you the time required to enter your pin code in your alarm systems keypad, to disarm the alarm system before the sirens trigger.

    What security movement sensor will suit me?

    There are many different types of security movement sensors out there on the market. The key is to know which one is best suited to you. What type (hardwired or wireless) of security alarm system do you have? Do I have pets which I leave inside? Does my premise get really hot in summer? These questions will guide you in choosing what movement detector would best suit the protection of your premise.
    Most of the different types of movement sensors come in hardwired and wireless options.
    Hardwired Movement Detectors
    These movement detectors communicate with the control panel (the virtual brain of your alarm system) via security cable. This means your movement detector powers off the control panel which is connected to the mains power source.

    • Never need to replace batteries
    • No signal issues, no matter the distance from the control panel
    • Compatible with multiple branded detectors types

    Wireless Movement Detectors
    These movement detectors communicate with the control panel via a wireless receiver which is installed in the control panel. Similar to how phones connect to wireless networks for internet connection, that is how wireless movement detectors communicate with the alarm systems control panel.

    • Greatest flexibility in where detectors can be positioned, without worrying about the cabling requirements
    • Quick installation time, saving labour cost
    • Easy transferability when moving premise

    4 Types of Security Movement Detectors

    Passive infrared Movement Detectors

    Most commonly available movement detectors, that measure the heat levels emitted from objects which come in the form of infrared radiation. When a movement detector is armed it will be covering an internal area which is all relatively the same temperature. In the event a human or animal walks into this area a sudden temperature change is detected, causing the detector to trigger the alarm sirens.

    Similar temperature objects may not trigger the movement sensor rather the change in the objects shape will trigger the detector.
    Dual Technology Movement Detectors
    These detectors only trigger when two technologies are triggered together. The first technology being the passive infrared detection we mentioned above. The second is microwave technology which emits microwaves that bounce back at a certain frequency, so when something moves into these waves this disrupts the flow and will trigger the alarm sirens.

    False alarms are reduced with rapid temperature changes in the summer months as the infrared technology may be triggered but there is no microwave disruption from any moving object. Meaning the alarm sirens will not trigger unless both variables are activated.
    PET Friendly Movement Detectors
    Many families today own pets and this is preventing them from arming their alarm system, in fear that the alarm sirens will trigger and scare the pets. Technology has now evolved to prevent your pets from triggering your alarm system whilst armed. Pet friendly detectors are smart enough to measure weight mass of objects, in the event there is a moving object under the set weight mass this will not trigger the sirens. Most sensors can safely operate without triggering the alarm system for pets less than 20kg; there are also heavy duty detectors available for those who own larger pets.
    Outdoor Movement Detectors
    These movement detectors have a reduced detection range compared to internal movement detectors to avoid false alarms from stray birds or animals. Most commonly they are positioned facing the immediate ground area so if anyone or animal moves within a specific front door entry area or rear window this will trigger the alarm sirens.

    Why are movement detectors essential?

    Movement detectors are essential in protecting your premise as these devices trigger the security systems sirens. Movement sensors are especially important when your alarm is monitored back to base. The Victorian Police have passed legislation where they have the right not to respond to any alarm system unless multiple movement detectors have been triggered. Victoria Police also advise that you should only have any security system installed by a licensed security installer.

    New Victoria Police procedures were put in place to prevent false alarm call outs. When multiple movement detectors are triggered this means someone could be moving around the premise which is sufficient evidence to elicit a police response. It’s best to check your local states police website to see the different state regulations for alarm responses.

    Summary of key benefits


    • Movement sensors ensure your premise is protected and prevents any criminal from entering.
    • Hardwired detectors never require battery replacement and other branded types of detectors can be used.
    • Wireless detectors save money and can simply be transferred to a new premise if required.
    • When having a monitored alarm your movement sensors can trigger multiple times which can authorise a Police response in Victoria, this prevents false alarm callouts.
    • You can leave your pets inside whilst leaving your alarm armed with pet friendly detectors.
    • Outdoor movement detectors deter criminals before they can knock on a door or window.

    Motion sensors are a core component of any alarm system to be installed. No matter if it’s a home or business that needs to be protected, movement detectors are the main triggers for your alarms sirens. Without movement detectors you will have a security system that doesn’t protect your premise.

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