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Alarm MonitoringMay 16, 2019

The New “Knight In Shining Armour” On The Block

The new “Knight In Shining Armour” on the block that’s watching over our homes. What could possibly be better?
Well to fully explain, we’ll need to start with the age old saying ‘Home is where the heart is’.

Imagine this, it’s a bitterly cold winter’s night and you’re stuck in the office. It’s after hours and you’re finding yourself stuck doing some extra work that wasn’t even yours to begin with and the only thing you can hear is the slight hum of the florescent lights above you.

You’re aching to finish up that last page and get away to battle through the frosty winter night to get home to a piping hot shower, before making a bee line straight for bed.
Sound familiar?

I can personally say that there is nothing better to go home to than my family and my bed.

If you’re one who’d agree with that statement, then it only makes sense that you’d do anything to protect it. Protect it how though?

(For those of you, who are envisaging jumping onto horseback, pacing up and down your front yard with sword in hand, you can close this article now – we’re done here.) But for those of you that are living on the planet earth, stick around while I give you the answer.

No, this isn’t quite what we mean.

What I am referring to is having the backing of a lifesaving service known as back to base monitoring, which is also commonly referred to as security monitoring and alarm monitoring. Once in place, this will ensure you receive a response from police, ambulance and fire services, when you need it most – And the best part, it isn’t intrusive like an armoured knight on the back of a Melbourne cup winner in your front yard, but rather a simple yet sophisticated service that isn’t seen but heard, that allows you to set it and forget it.

These days the majority of us, work long hours and don’t get home till the late evening so when we arrive home all we want to do is relax. If you hear an alarm ring at 2am, what are the odds that you’ll jump out of bed and run next door with baseball bat in hand, to see what’s going on? I’m willing to bet slim to none. So if you’re assuming it would be any different for your neighbours and you’d like to take the risk of waiting for them to come around with a baseball bat, chalk it down now as a foolish mistake.

There was a time where back to base monitoring was only available to big businesses with extravagant budgets, but as time goes on so has the adaption and evolution of security and better yet, it’s made its way to our homes to secure our very own sanctuaries.

Having your own Grade A1 back to base monitoring service for your home, means having the reliability of an immediate response regardless of the situation (For those asking – Grade A1 is essentially the best available service in the country).
Say there is a fire inside your home, what are the first things you do? Grab the kids, grab the pets, grab some photos and get out of the house?

With back to base monitoring, simply press the fire emergency button on the keypad on your way out, and we’ll take care of the rest. Rather than waiting till your outside to make the call, you will save precious seconds even minutes. Or you could go one step further and connect your smoke detectors to your alarm system, and as soon as they are set off, the fire department will be on their way. And in situations such as this, every single second can be the difference from losing one room to losing your whole home.

Now at the end of the day, the fact is you may be reading this as light entertainment, you may be reading this to gain some knowledge, you may even be reading this as someone I know (hi Mum). But let’s put our motives and bias in a little box for a second.

If there is one thing in life that we can all be sure of, it’s that there really is nothing more important than your family and your home.

To protect the things we love, we’ll go to extreme lengths and cover all bases. We have things such as locks and security mesh installed on doors, insurance of our homes, cars and even life insurance. So wouldn’t it make sense to add a *lifesaving* service to the list?

And better yet, what if I told you all of this protection is for a small little insignificant investment of $1.46 a day? To put things into perspective, that is significantly less than a cup of coffee and I’m on 2 plus a day.

If all of this makes sense and you’d like further information click HERE to visit our dedicated page on our Grade A1 Monitoring Service.

Or If you’d prefer having someone explain in further detail, feel free to call through to one of our customer specialists 1300 73 83 93.

Brenton Amos – Customer Relations & Electronic Monitoring Specialist

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