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A home alarm system can come in many shapes and sizes. With something as important as your own security, it’s essential to understand the process, things to look out for, and what to expect when trying to achieve TRUE peace of mind.

Home security systems should not be treated as a one-size-fits-all solution which is why we recommend that if you’re being referred to an “alarm package” – which unfortunately happens often within the electronic security industry, you should start to look elsewhere.

Like a home, not all security systems are the same. Factors such as the size and design of your home, your existing equipment, whether you have pets or not, and many more, can all affect the final recommended solution.

Therefore, we’ve listed several important points which help to answer the question, “What makes the best home alarm system?”

The best home alarm systems have motion detection.


Motion detectors are by no means the be-all and end-all of a home alarm system however they are the most common for good reason. They assist in covering a large area and as the name suggests, can detect any motion occurring within the space that the device is occupying. We know what you’re thinking… What about my dogs and/or cats? Luckily, nowadays most high-quality detectors have a form of pet-immunity allowing your furry friends to roam free whilst going unnoticed – it’s worth checking with a security specialist to determine whether the system you are looking for is pet-friendly.

The best home alarm systems have perimeter protection.


The aim of a security system is to mitigate harm and/or loss, which is only as effective as the solution itself. This is why the best home alarm systems also have a form of perimeter protection through the use and integration of reed switches on doors and windows, and glass break detectors in areas with lots of glazing or windows with intricate framing. Adding these devices helps to expand your protected area by alerting you before any actual “intrusion” occurs, minimising the chance of “smash and grabs”.

The best home alarm systems are professionally monitored.


In its raw form, an intrusion detection system is a powerful tool that drives intruders away with its loud sirens and flashing lights but relies heavily on neighbours and passers-by to act swiftly in the case of an emergency. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age sounding alarm sirens will more often than not be ignored.

Adding a professional monitoring service to your system is an easy way to transform your “noisemaker” into a potential lifesaver and contrary to what you may think a lifesaving service such as this could cost, it’s actually really affordable with your investment being less than half a cup of coffee a day.

When looking for the best home alarm system, it’s important to look at the whole solution rather than brands or product. Make sure that you steer clear of “set packages” and speak to a qualified security specialist who would be able to provide professional advice to ensure that you are getting the most appropriate set-up for your home and family.

If you would like to speak to one of our security specialists about your tailored home intrusion protection, simply contact us here or call our Customer Care Centre on 1300 73 83 93.

“How much should I pay for a security system?”
Let’s start with a simpler question.
Why are you getting a security system?

More than likely it’s to do with the protection of your family members and your home. This comes down to the foundation of security and the reasoning behind each type of system – see our Hierarchy of Security to learn more.

To beg the question, why would you only look at the price tag when there are so many other factors to consider when choosing a device that could potentially save your loved ones or your hard-earned belongings?

We understand that price comes into consideration, however we’ve compiled a list of an additional 3 factors to consider when it comes to choosing a security provider. See below:


At the risk of sounding egotistical, the reputation of a company is one of the most valuable factors to consider when looking at different security providers.

In an industry where saving lives is a consideration, it is important to know that the company you choose is trustworthy and can also deliver on your expectations.

Hearing from friends or family from whom you trust is a primary source of information and one that you should definitely acknowledge. Another way, which is the most popular and trusted ways to hear the stories of other people’s dealings with the company, is through online reviews – in particular Google Reviews. These are real ratings and real comments from real people (for the most part). There are also other websites such as Word of Mouth or Three Best Rated that can provide insights into past experiences with the company.

Licensing & Accreditation

Again, dealing with something as incredibly important as safety and security, you want to make sure that the people you’re entrusting it with are licensed and accredited to do so.

This doesn’t simply mean a business card.

You need to ensure that:

  1. They are an authorised business, have an ABN and are licensed to carry out business within Australia.
  2. They have a security installer license (different from an electrician qualification) and have insurance authorised by the governing body of security in Australia; ASIAL.
  3. If you’re looking at having your alarm system being monitored, their monitoring centre is A1 graded – the highest available in Australia.


In any industry, the amount of time any business has been around can be a telling sign as to how trusted the company is and if they will be able to support your queries down the road. Sole traders are often culprits of leaving you to voicemail and never returning your calls, however larger businesses with more staff usually have a better structure around after-installation support.

Although rare, some businesses slip through the cracks and are able to continue business despite unsatisfactory service, so it is important to consider tenure alongside other contributing factors!

Like mentioned at the beginning, we encourage you to think from the ground up. Why are you getting a security system? Why take a risk which will more than likely backfire?

Take a step of confidence. When researching your next security provider, ensure that you are taking all factors into consideration while decision making, so that you can take the next step towards achieving true peace of mind!


Who would have predicted that the majority of 2020 would involve fights over rolls of toilet-paper, chatting with friends and family over Zoom, home-schooling your kids, and worrying that the small sniffle you had this morning might be a deadly virus?

I know I definitely didn’t, and although I’m not a betting man, I would bet good money that you didn’t either!

Many of us would not have expected this to happen within our lifetime, let alone this year and with routines forced into change, anxiety and stress is on the rise. How much longer will I still be working? Will I lose touch with friends and family without cafes, restaurants & bars to go to? How can I home-school my kids if I’ve got my own work to do?

With so many questions and unknowns, what can YOU do to help ease the worry and stress that COVID-19 is inflicting upon all of us?
Signal Security Remote Viewing
Get outside & exercise

It can be easy to sit inside and watch Netflix all day but let’s be honest… there’s only so many episodes of Peaky Blinders or other binge-worthy shows that you can watch.

Social-distancing laws don’t mean that you can’t go outdoors and soak in the rays, so take the opportunity to go for a walk around the neighbourhood or your local park. You might even be able to help a local business by picking up a barista-made coffee along the way (I know some of you are craving for one)!

In moderation, sunlight has been proven to encourage your brain to release melatonin – a chemical that helps you feel better and relieve stress. On top of that, physical activity releases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body, so why not use the extra time you have to finally go for the run that you’ve been telling yourself to do for months!
Keep to your routines (as much as you can)

Thinking of sleeping in till 8:50am when you’ve got your morning meeting at 9?
Thinking of making an unhealthy lunch instead of doing your meal prep on a Sunday?
Finding yourself falling down the rabbit hole of watching endless Youtube videos late at night?

Think again.

With all the changes happening during this time, your standard routine might’ve gone straight out the window, however developing a new one should definitely be on the to-do list. Routine has been proven to aid our mental health and developing one can help you feel more in control of your live, and further help to make room for things that matter most.

Try and wake up the same time you would’ve before the lockdown. So the pool is closed… instead of going for your morning swims, supplement it with a run instead! Do meal prep as you usually would! Set a bedtime pretending you’re your own parent.

Doing these things and creating routine has been proven to reduce stress, anchor us, and leave us mentally strong for the unforeseen tasks ahead.
Signal Security
Stay in contact with friends/family

Technology is something many of us take for granted. 10 years ago, we wouldn’t have had the technological capabilities that we do today… let alone 20 years ago when Signal Security was founded. “Isolation” has a negative connotation to it as it refers to keeping to yourself, however that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

With technology such as Facebook, Zoom, Skype and many more, it is possible to stay in touch with friends and loved ones at the touch of a button. As social creatures, us humans gain positive mental stimulus from interacting with others and just because you can’t physically go out and see them doesn’t mean your relationships have to falter.

Perhaps take the time to reach out to a friend or family member who you haven’t spoken to in a while?
Yoga at Home
Do things you haven’t had time to do – Create a project

2 hours saved from travelling to and from work every day. Fewer social obligations to catch up with friends on the weekend. Reduced working hours.

The questions is… what do you do with all this extra time?
Turn your negatives into a positive and take this opportunity (that will most likely never present itself again) to do the things you haven’t previously had the time to do so.

Do some home improvements and do some gardening. Start that online course that you’ve been meaning to start. Learn that new banana bread recipe. Create a mini project for yourself. Improve your Zen and start that morning yoga routine. There’s endless opportunities!
All we can do to stay sane during quarantine is stay positive and look at the opportunities that present themselves to us during this time. Understandably many of us are going through tough times at the moment, whether it’d be health, financial or business, however life’s too short to be worrying about your health and safety during a time that is out of your control.

Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay sane.

The term “peace of mind” is referred to a lot these days especially within the security industry. Time and time again companies promise that their product and/or service will provide it, but very rarely are they able to demonstrate exactly how they will deliver on their promise.
In order to solve this age old challenge, we must first ensure we gain a deeper understanding of what causes ones angst as well as have the tenured experience to know which solution or more often than not, which combination of solutions are required to adequately mitigate the risk.
With 20 years of experience protecting thousands of Australian homes and businesses, Signal Security has been building on its experience and continuously evolving its thinking with the aim of formalising a methodology that all team members can be trained in to help its customers achieve “true” peace of mind.
At the core of this methodology is what Signal Security CEO and Co-founder Justin Nesvanulica refers to as the “Hierarchy of Electronic Security” – the logical order to which systems and services should be considered to deliver maximum impact and return on investment.
Most people are under the impression that the number one priority for the security industry is to prevent loss and/or damage to property. In fact, the industry’s core priority is much more meaningful, it’s to prevent harm to the most valuable asset we will ever possess… OURSELVES!
Therefore it is important to understand that achieving peace of mind is not simply about installing a CCTV camera outside of your premise but about understanding why certain systems are installed, what their core purpose is and how layering numerous systems and services will go a long way to stopping those fleeting thoughts of whether or not your security has been compromised.

Step 1. Prevent Harm and/or Loss

alarm system
With so much on the line, where do we start? There is nothing more effective in preventing harm and loss than a professionally installed intrusion detection system (burglar alarm) with fixed or portable panic buttons. Depending on the size, shape and layout of a property, coupled with its level of risk, an intrusion detection system can come in all shapes and sizes with various types of detection devices i.e. motion detectors, door/window switches and glass breakage detectors.
Nonetheless, the key to preventing harm and loss is trying to detect an unauthorised entry as close to the perimeter as possible and ensuring there are an adequate amount of warning lights and sirens once activated, the attention drawn to the property will make even the most brazen criminals limit their time within the property, therefore minimising the opportunity for loss and in most cases preventing it completely.
Having sirens sound as early as possible becomes even more important if there are people residing in the property at the time of an invasion as it provides valuable seconds for an attempt to retreat to the most secure areas of the property. Fixed or portable panic buttons are an extremely effective way to activate sirens moments before or during an attempted invasion as occupants can trigger sirens as soon as they feel threatened. The piercing sound of internal sirens are designed to cause havoc on the human middle ear which in itself will naturally drive intruders out reducing the likelihood of altercations occurring between them and the occupants inside.
Intrusion detection systems are cost effective, provide exceptional value for money and should be considered first and foremost before all other security products. An intrusion detection system is the only solution that will actually minimise the impact of an unauthorised intrusion and should form the foundation of any comprehensive security solution.

Step 2. Initiate an Emergency Response

emergency duress buttons
In its raw form, an intrusion detection system is a powerful tool that drives intruders away with its loud sirens and flashing lights but relies heavily on neighbours and passers-by to act swiftly in the case of an emergency. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age sounding alarm sirens will more often than not be ignored.
The only way to guarantee a response is to connect your intrusion detection system to a professional security monitoring centre. With highly trained security monitoring professionals available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that every alarm signal received is dealt with in the shortest amount of time possible and that help can be sent in times that you need it most.
Most people are unaware that all mainstream intrusion detection systems are designed to be professionally monitored and have inbuilt features to request help via the monitoring centre, where the services of the Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade can all be summoned at the touch of a button. In addition to being notified in the unfortunate event of a break in, you will also have a quick and convenient way of requesting assistance in the event you are faced with a life-threatening emergency.
Adding a professional monitoring service to your system is an easy way to transform your “noise maker” into a potential life saver and contrary to what you may think a lifesaving service such as this could cost, it’s actually really affordable with your investment being less than half a cup of coffee a day.

Step 3. Verification & Collection of Evidence

remote viewing cctv
If a professionally installed intrusion detection system will aid in the prevention of harm and loss, and the addition of a professional monitoring service to the system will initiate an emergency response. Then what next? We need to find a way to assist with the real time verification of events as well as being able to retrospectively go back in time and review any events of interest which leads us to integrating surveillance cameras (CCTV system) into the fold.
Should an unfortunate event occur at your property the monitoring centre will call you to inform you of the breach. Being informed that a movement detector has been activated is one thing, however being able to cross reference it with live video footage is another. Having the ability to quickly and easily review as much information as possible on your smart device or laptop computer pertaining to the incident is crucial to obtaining the quickest Police response possible. A CCTV system will allow you to see what happened, show you how it happened, provide a full timeline of events from start to finish and give you every opportunity of identifying those responsible. Without this information it will be almost impossible to track down and prosecute the perpetrators and recover any of your losses.
A professionally installed CCTV system is the perfect companion to your intrusion detection system and professional monitoring service and should not be considered before the previous solutions are in place. Without them intruders will have nothing to drive them away from the premise and will allow them an ample amount of time to spend searching your property for items of value. Nothing is more frustrating that being a victim of a burglary only to watch recorded footage of how they did it and got away with it. Worse yet, arriving onsite only to find that your CCTV recorder with all your recorded footage was also taken.
Adding a professionally installed CCTV system is an important addition to overall security and should be treated as such. Being a passive solution, CCTV will never stop or minimise an incident from occurring it will merely show you how it happened.

Remember, peace-of-mind can come from the implementation of a range of security products and services, however, as a security provider with over 20 years’ experience, we believe that the way to achieve true peace of mind is by following the above steps.
If true peace of mind is your goal, there is no better way to go about your electronic security than making sure that you’re minimising loss and harm, initiating an immediate response and finally, verifying incidents and gathering evidence.
Want to achieve “true” peace of mind?
Our friendly, knowledgeable team of security specialists are on hand to assist with any security challenges you may be experiencing. To organise a free, no obligation on site security risk assessment please contact our team on 1300 73 83 93.

Traditionally, security systems have been quite slow at adopting new technology. As you may have noticed, the appearance of alarm systems has stayed almost identical. A white box in your wardrobe, linen cupboard or roof space and a keypad that you use to arm & disarm. Sound familiar?
Similarly, the technical aspects haven’t changed an enormous amount either, with the exception of smartphone integration. Until now…
Heading into the new decade we wanted to be more aligned with the modern technological age that we were in and decided to put some time into exploring a new range of products. After thorough testing and research, we came across Inner Range’s Inception panels and ultimately started rolling them out to businesses and homes across the country. Upon receiving extremely positive feedback from the new installations, Signal has made the decision to start offering it to everyone.
What’s the difference between this and a ‘standard’ alarm system?
Quite a lot actually! Standard alarm systems are considered old-school analogue systems, whereas Inception panels are IP-digital systems. With this upgrade comes a lot of additional benefits such as:

Inner Range Inception Panel


The trend of being able to do everything with the one system still applies in 2020 and being able to add your alarm system into the mix is possible through the Inception system. It has universal inputs & outputs that can be used for monitoring and automated actions such as lighting, air conditioning and many other systems.

Intrusion Protection

Being modular, you can utilise all of your favourite intrusion protection devices such as motion detectors, reed switches and glassbreak detectors. As a digital system, it is lots more intelligent than traditional alarm systems, providing more detailed information and intuitive management of your alarm.

Alarm System Siren

access control swiping card

Access Control

Inception is a powerful access control system capable of providing physical access for up to 128 doors and 256 card readers. The access control system provides logical and clever integration with the security alarm function.
Lose your keys and get a smart card or fob!

Web Management (No software required)

Control and manage your system’s back-end all online via a web app. This provides a quick and hassle-free installation process and outstanding convenience for daily operation and control.

  • Change user codes from the comfort of your office desk
  • Reduce costs from having to purchase new software upgrades

    SkyCommand Web Potral

    SkyCommand App

    SkyCommand Phone Applicaiton

    Control and manage your system all from the Skyconnect smartphone app which provides fully interactive control of Inception’s security areas, doors, and outputs. The simple interface is designed to be easy and convenient for users control.

    Have questions?
    Our friendly team of security specialists are on hand to assist with any outstanding queries you might have. To have a chat or organise a free, no obligation on site assessment so we can tailor a security solution specific to your home give us a call on 1300 73 83 93.

    You’re probably thinking, “What does someone at a security company know about water safety?”

    Well… in addition to being a Marketing Co-Ordinator at Signal Security, I’m also a swimming coach and qualified teacher of swimming and water safety. Being in and around the water has been a huge part of my life and water-safety is something I am incredibly passionate about.

    Heading down to the beach or river is the perfect way to cool off during a hot Summer day. Whether you’re bringing the kids down to the beach or going for a picnic along the river with friends, there is almost no better way to spend the Aussie Summer.

    While you should enjoy it as much as possible, there’s always an element of safety that you need to consider.

    When you think of drownings, your mind probably wonders off to an episode of Bondi Rescue, however…

    Total Drownings Australia 2019

    River Drowning Percentage 2019

    Beach Drowning Australia Percentage 2019

    As shown above, of the 276 drownings that have taken place in the past year, 29% of drownings have occurred in rivers, creeks & streams (the most of any other location). Beach drownings came in at 26% – Royal Lifesaving Australia 2019

    Surprising right?

    Here are 3 stupidly simple tips for staying safe this Summer:


    1. Swimming is NOT A FEAR
      Girl Swimming in Ocean
      A phrase taken from one of my favourite events of the year (Tough Mudder Australia):
      “Swimming is a skill. NOT a fear. You cannot simply overcome it.”
      If you can’t swim and know that there is deep water or uncontrollable elements i.e. waves, be sensible and don’t go in. Simple as that.


    3. Swim between the flags
      Beach with red and yellow flags
      As simple as it sounds, it’s crazy how many people don’t do it!

      Here’s a story for you. In 2018 at Gunnamatta (one of Victoria’s most notorious surf beaches), I was surfing and saw two teenagers swimming well outside the flags on their bodyboards. Despite having a floatation device, the current was still too strong, and they couldn’t get back in. My brother, myself, and a friend ended up helping them to safety on the rocks next to us. Who knows what would’ve happened if we didn’t spot them?

      The flags are there for a reason. They’re not only considered the safest place to swim, but they’re also a designated area that lifeguards can focus and keep an eye on, so make sure you swim between the bright red and yellow flags.


    5. Supervise children (and yourselves)
      Father and daughter on jetty
      Make sure you’re actively (always have an eye on them) supervising your children around water and if they are incapable of staying afloat themselves, stay within arm’s reach. How many times have you looked away for only moment and you’ve turned around only to see your child run off?
      Did you know: The majority of drownings for infants and young people aged under 5 occurs in pools – which is supposedly the safest place to swim!
      Whether you’re supervising children or keeping an eye out for friends, remember that drowning often occurs when panic sets in – even if they’re in areas where they can stand, so make sure you’re aware of your surroundings and the whereabouts of the people you’re with!

    These tips are here not to scare you, but to provide you with basic advice around water. There’s nothing more Australian than beating the scorching Summer heat by cooling of at your nearest watering hole, however the safety of your yourself and others around water is imperative and something you shouldn’t treat too lightly.

    I hope you enjoy your Summer as much as I do, and get down to your nearest watering hole today!
    – Timothy Yong

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