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BlogMay 5, 2018

Watch Now: Control Your Alarm from Your Smartphone

Disclaimer: The above promotional offer has since expired however our remote arming service is still available.

Ever travelled to work and realised that you forgot to turn the alarm on? On the way to the airport and you realise your alarm system is turned off? Gotten home from work and not sure if the store’s alarm has been armed for overnight?

Now it’s possible to use a smartphone app to control your alarm system, simply by upgrading your alarm to wireless monitoring. Over Easter, this service was featured on Channel Ten’s Healthy Homes TV Australia with Walt Collins sand Dani Wales.

Watch the video above for all the details or read on for more information:

  • What is Monitoring?
  • How is Wireless Monitoring Different?
  • 5 Key Benefits
  • How to Upgrade Today


What is Monitoring?

When your alarm goes off, we’ll instantly receive the alarm signals and give you a call to let you know what is going on at your home or business. Our monitoring centre will let you know which detectors have gone off, how many times they’ve gone off, and if they believe anyone is still inside the property. Even if we don’t make contact, we will be able to dispatch the relevant authorities on your behalf (subject to state regulations) or arrange for private security guards to attend to your home.

The choice to use monitoring for families and businesses around Australia is the peace of mind knowing that someone is looking out for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

How is Wireless Monitoring Different?

Traditionally alarm signals were sent down your phone line. In today’s world, with the power of GPRS mobile data network, wireless monitoring (or GPRS monitoring) is now the standard which we connect to an existing alarm system. Any alarm system can be upgraded to wireless monitoring, simply by installing a wireless monitoring module to any existing system.

5 Key Benefits

1. Increased Security
As this system has no wires, your monitoring service cannot be terminated by simply cutting your phone line. This enhances your overall security because your monitoring service can’t be tampered with by intruders.

2. Cheaper (or No) Phone Bills
With wireless monitoring your monthly investment includes all communication costs. This means you never have to pay more than your fixed monitoring rate, by not having a phone bill impacted by your alarm’s level of activity.

3. Panic Buttons for Emergency Services
A monitoring service also enables your keypad or remote control panic buttons for the police, fire, and ambulance. So if you’re in a situation when you’re not able to access a phone or spend time explaining yourself, monitoring will save you vital minutes in an emergency situation.

4. Free SMS Reports
With the wireless monitoring service, you can track who comes in and leaves your premise through text message reporting. For example, you can keep track of cleaners who come and go by receiving a text message alert on your smartphone when they turn the alarm system off and on. We even have parents who track if their kids are getting home from school on time, with these SMS reports.

5. Control Your Alarm with a Smartphone App
Finally, by utilising an empty zone on your alarm system, your system can be configured to be turned on and off from a smartphone app.

Conclusion: How to Upgrade Today

If you see yourself in any of the above scenarios, you’re not alone. Wireless monitoring is now our most popular monitoring service available and now is a great time to get started.

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