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BlogDecember 24, 2018

Top 5 Summer Holiday Tips For Your Kids

Our top 5 summer holiday tips for your kids: Holidays can be a tricky situation when it comes to keeping the kids entertained. It seems far and few between when looking for the perfect affordable and enjoyable activity to take the kids to, there’s just never enough things to do. And it can become an arduous task when the kids are becoming restless and their minds are wondering when the next bit of excitement will come their way.

Here at Signal Security, we’ve come up with the perfect list of activities to satisfy even the most adventurous of minds!

  • Aquarium
    Child at Aquarium
    Aquarium is a great way to teach your kids about marine life and the deep blue. There’s always plenty to see and do as our marine life is precious and full of life, so be sure to get down to your city’s local aquarium and get the kids to explore the wonderful and mysterious world of the deep blue abyss.

  • Zoo
    Giraffe and Zebra at Zoo
    The zoo is the staple destination for all mothers and fathers looking for a way to entertain the kids these holidays. Who doesn’t love the zoo? Land and sea creatures are in their natural habitats and for the kids this is nothing short of amazing as they’re learning something new and being wowed all in the same day.

  • Sleepover at a Friend’s
    Sleeping under Doona
    There’s nothing the kids love more than heading around to their friend’s house for a fun filled night of movies, games and memories made of laughter. This can be a great way for you and your partner to unwind and have the house to yourself, but be prepared to reciprocate the favour of playing host to the illustrious sleepover!

  • Action Packed Fun
    Bowling Alley
    Every year (around this time) the place to be for the kids is anywhere with a little action and tons of fun! Whether it’s sliding down the bowling alley, or enjoying some buttery popcorn in front of the big screen, be sure to keep one eye on the kids and let the movies do the entertaining!

  • Local Pool/Beach
    Beach with red and yellow flags
    Slip, Slop, Slap! Whatever location you’re taking the kids down to, be sure to keep them UV ready by having the sunscreen at arm’s reach. There’s always a local pool or beach that isn’t more than a 15 minute drive away that should keep the kids refreshed and icy cool, during the Australian summer heat these holidays. Be sure to keep an eye on them and have the floaties at the ready!

So there you have it!

We’ve given you our top 5 suggestions to keep the kiddies entertain these summer holidays. If you have a suggestion for a top 5 that is family or security related that you would like us to blog about, let us know in the comment section below! Or maybe you have some feedback about our list, what would you recommend?

But for now, keep those kids from getting up to mischief and from all of us here at Signal Security, we wish you and your family a safe and happy new year!

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