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Alarm MonitoringFebruary 14, 2021

Self-Monitoring vs Professional Monitoring

Security alarm systems have been the most effective way of protecting homes against
intruders by way of a deterrent.

However… criminals today have become much more cunning and sophisticated leaving both occupants and their valuables at serious risk.

So simply triggering a siren onsite is no longer a satisfactory solution.

This is where alarm monitoring comes into effect.

Now the question is… should you choose a self-monitoring option or a professional monitoring service?


Professional back-to-base monitoring

The connection of a security alarm system to a professional monitoring service can transform any alarm from a noise maker into a potential life saver.

How you ask?

By giving the system the ability to instantly communicate with an emergency response team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Emergency responses

Immediate responses can include dispatching the Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade and/or local security guards to ensure homeowners get help when they need it most.
Similar to a home insurance policy, the benefits of the service often aren’t seen until they’re required… but when they are, a monitoring service is most definitely worth the investment.
Remote arming

With a professional monitoring service, you get access to a phone application which provides you with a number of different perks:

  • Remote arming from wherever you are (you can check to see if your system is armed even if you’re on holiday interstate!)
  • Get alerts straight to your smartphone
  • View signals that have come through

Insurance discounts

While professional back-to-base monitoring involves a monthly investment, the burden may be a lot less than what you may think!

With most home insurance providers, you will be able to get a discount if you have a professionally monitored alarm system, so you may be paying next to nothing for a more secure home or business!
Identification of system faults or difficulties

Keeping your alarm free of faults is much easier when you have someone else looking at your system 24/7. With a monitoring service, a security provider will be able to identify any abnormalities whenever they arise and will be able to contact you to discuss what the next steps are.

There’s nothing worse than your system faulting at the time you need it most!



Another alternative is to monitor your alarm system using a self-monitoring service. Often requiring an additional part for the system to function, it allows you to view alarm signals from your phone. Rather than leaving it to a security company to manage your system for you, it relies on you to take immediate action as there are no emergency support actions that can be acted upon.
Phone application

Like a back-to-base monitoring service, self-monitoring is solely dependent on the phone app, and unlike the former, relies on a constant internet connection.

Because of this, it is unfortunately much more susceptible to down time and security breaches due to events such as power outages.

The most common functions amongst most systems include being a remote arming/disarming functionality and being able to receive alarm events as push notifications (similar to a professional monitoring option).



Your safety, your family’s safety, and the protection of your home is nothing to take lightly. It goes without saying that we have a favourite when it comes to achieving the lot.

Professional monitoring is by far the most appropriate solution when it comes to monitoring your alarm system and keeping you safe, sound and secure.

The benefits speak for themselves and self-monitoring doesn’t quite provide the same peace-of-mind that a fully serviced and professionally monitored system can do for you.

If you’re after a simple app that allows you to arm/disarm your system self-monitoring could be the way to go, but if your end goal is to secure your home and the people you most care about, back-to-base has you covered.

Our monitoring plans can be implemented for less than a coffee a day! Speak to our security specialists today on 1300 73 83 93 to get your professional recommendations.

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