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BlogMarch 25, 2017

Security Mistakes often Made on Smartphones!

With more than 8.5 million Australian adults now owning a smartphone, awareness of the security risks involved in smartphone use is becoming increasingly important. Providing an immediate source of contact to family and friends with SMS’s, access to the internet, and handy apps that make everyday errands like banking and shopping a breeze, smartphones cover nearly all areas of life.
But just how safe is using all of these smartphone features? Check out these security mistakes commonly made by smartphone users:
1. Failing to lock down your device
While it may not be the most effective form of security, having a lock on your smart phone is still a first line of defence. Whether it’s locking your phone with the iPhone 5’s more advanced fingerprint scanner, or using a more traditional PIN method, locking your device can be the differentiating factor that keeps your lost phone protected long enough to track it down.
2. Not keeping up to date with new app versions
Apps are often released with vulnerabilities including security flaws. Keeping your software up to date by downloading updates as soon as they’re released can prevent users from posing a security risk by simply using their apps.
3. Opening questionable content
There are a number of ways users can access suspicious content via their mobile device. Spam texts containing links to sites that pose threats are not unheard of, alongside Spam emails and links.
4. Using public or unsecured Wi-Fi
When it comes to using Wi-Fi instead of your phone’s data connection, try to stick with networks you know and can trust. Use Wi-Fi available at your workplace and at your friends’ houses, as you know whose operating them. Open, unprotected networks are risky and make it easy for others to access your smartphone’s information by sharing the same network.
Source: http://www.csoonline.com/slideshow/detail/134543#slide1

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