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As most burglaries occur in less than five minutes, it is important to have a fast reacting and efficient system of protection. To be used in conjunction with your security alarm system, Smokecloak can help deter burglaries, armed robberies and vandalism attempts.

When your stores security system is triggered, an odourless and harmless, "dry" fog is produced. After ten seconds it is extremely difficult for an intruder to see. After 20 seconds it is virtually impossible to see let alone steal or vandalise. Smokecloak works on the principal that "You can't steal what you can't see". Smokecloak fills the gap between the time your security system activates and the arrival of our security patrol guards or police.

Thoroughly tested and documented, Smokecloak is completely harmless to humans, pets, furniture and equipment, leaving no residue. The fog can last over an hour; however after 20 minutes of ventilation the room is completely clear with no physical trace that the system was activated.

Key Benefits of Smokecloak

  • Helps deter robbery and theft providing you with ongoing peace of mind
  • Helps drive intruders out of the premise
  • Helps minimise loss in the event of an armed hold up or burglary
  • Can help improve employee and customer safety
  • Can be connected to most security systems

What is Smokecloak?

Smokecloak is an anti theft device that is designed to force intruders out of your retail premises and prevent them from taking your goods. Smokecloak can be used as a standalone system or linked to your existing security alarm system.

How does it work?

If connected to your existing security alarm system, once your system detects a break-in or if a designated panic button is pressed, the Smokecloak device produces an extremely dense fog that is immediately dispersed throughout the store. Within seconds the intruder is taken by surprise, completely disoriented and forced to retreat leaving your goods or property behind.

Why is Smokecloak so valuable?

Smokecloak works immediately. Even in the best circumstances, the response by key holders, security patrol guards or police will take a few minutes. By the time they arrive to investigate the alarm activation, the intruders may already be gone – more often than not, with your property. Smokecloak is designed to prevent this, providing total protection in less than 20 seconds. The fog is completely safe and leaves no residue.

Why does Smokecloak work?

The fog acts to force the intruders out the same way they came in thus minimising the danger to staff and the likelihood of theft. During broad daylight, the fog is so thick you can't see more than an arm's length. At night, the light from an intruder's torch will simply reflect off the thick fog making visibility even worse.

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