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DNA Guardian

DNA Guardian is a revolutionary system that provides a forensic link to a crime scene placing the thief and your belongings at a place and a point in time. Giving authorities the greatest chance of capturing and prosecuting criminals, DNA Guardian has a 100% conviction rate worldwide. According to Martin Gill Research, DNA Guardian is proven to be more of a deterrent to criminals than Police patrols.

Installed above the entry/exit points of your retail business, DNA Guardian sprays a non-toxic solution on suspects as they leave the premises. This solution contains a specific chemical code, much like human DNA which stains the skin, clothing and stolen items for up to three months – even after washing. In addition to the DNA code, the solution also contains an additive that becomes clearly visible when viewed under UV light confirming the presence of the DNA solution. The solution found in each DNA Guardian unit is unique to your business and therefore provides the crucial information required for fast and accurate offender identification.

Key Benefits of DNA Guardian

  • Can help deter against planned or opportunistic attacks
  • Protect your business, assets and employees with confidence
  • Panic button(s) for added security
  • Mark criminals and your stock as they leave
  • U.V. stain for easy black light detection
  • Provides authorities with the best chance to identify the thief
  • Completely harmless and non-toxic solution
  • Hassle free operation, no ongoing tagging of items
  • Non invasive installation process
  • Can be independent of any other security system

How it works

  1. Robbery or theft takes place
  2. A staff member activates the DNA Guardian unit by various activation devices i.e. panic buttons or money clip
  3. As the suspect approaches the exit a fine, toxic free and colourless mist is sprayed onto his or her clothing, skin and any goods in their possession. The system can also mark multiple offenders
  4. Once police apprehend the suspect, a UV marker identifies the chemical code that's been left on their skin, clothing or goods
  5. A swab can then be taken for forensic analysis. If this swab matches the solution in your DNA Guardian unit, police have additional evidence that the suspect was at the crime scene

Case Study

After a spate of jewellery store hold ups in South Australia (approximately one hold up per month until October 2009) the Jewellery Association of South Australia held a security crisis meeting inviting the demonstration of the DNA Guardian product together with members of the South Australian Police Force. After fitting many units within that month in the main areas of Adelaide, there have not been any armed robberies in Jewellers since. This is the same experience many hotels and clubs have been facing as more and more businesses learn that criminals are being deterred from holding up businesses with DNA Guardian installed.

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