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BlogJuly 26, 2019

3 Tips To Ensure Your Kids Don’t Become Front Page News

As highlighted in our previous blog we provided our top 4 tips to help protect against aggravated home burglaries and what you can do to feel safer. All of which has crawled over our social feeds and been in the news which now seems to lie with the youths of today.

The latest inside crime knowledge from Victoria Police suggest the latest car jackings and aggravated burglaries are now predominately caused by the youths of today some as young as 15. Victoria police are suggesting that this behaviour is caused by poor parenting.

It’s unfortunate that many of these youths have a “live now, die young” mentality as they have no purpose or direction in their lives. Stealing and causing crime is far easier than working hard in a job to one day live in a nice home.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton says Parents either don’t have control over their kids OR they don’t care about them.

Mr Ashton said it was time for a bold change to deal with youths. They are being “locked out” of society and are travelling along the crime treadmill and police alone will not be able to handle the spike.

At Signal Security we firmly believe that parents need to be the positive role model that gives their children purpose and direction in life.
Children always look to their parents as a way of finding their own two feet in the world whilst also modelling or imitating behaviours parents’ exhibit as it’s how they learn.

Huffington Post, Raisingchildren.net.au and Victoria’s Better Health Channel all agree on the importance of being a positive role model as a result.

Become a positive role model in 3 easy steps.

  • Show you genuinely care and love them

Signal Security

Without parents showing their children love, the feeling of worthlessness creeps in and their sense of purpose is lost. This will also hinder them becoming caring parents themselves as they won’t know how to provide that feeling.


  • Allow your child to experience new things

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Give them the best school education possible (not necessarily the most expensive) as they make new friends, they can partake in a variety of co-curricular activities and learn different subjects. This lays the foundations of what they might want to do later in life as a career. Don’t force them to join or learn new subjects, rather encourage them to pursue those they may like.

Teach them practical life skills, such as the value of work (pocket money for chores), manners and decorum, clean the house and how to keep to a basic budget.


  • Teach them right from wrong

Signal Security

If you use your phone at the table, they will too. Put it away and encourage social interaction and talk about what your child learned each day.

Explain how you deal with certain situations and actually do it, children mimic your actions. If you want to take a day off from work, don’t tell them you are sick because your child will think that lying is OK.

Above all take the time to explain why things are right and why things are wrong. If they can grasp this they will be well on the way to making you proud.

As you can see being a positive role model is the key to ensuring that the children of today grow up to live happily and allow them to differentiate right from wrong. This should guide them away from trouble and go a long way to ensure they become law abiding citizens.

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