How To Protect Your Family From Aggravated Home Invasions

Burglary Breaking Into Home
Of late, it has been impossible to turn on the TV, scroll through social media or even pick up a newspaper without reading about the huge spike in aggravated home invasions and carjackings. It’s literally everywhere which is unfortunately causing more and more concern among our local communities every day. But what’s even more unfortunate… It’s reality!

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Moving Home Is As Easy As Going On A Sunday Cruise

Cruising After Moving Home

No longer is the great Australian dream staying in the same home for 20 years, rather a flexible and spontaneous shift in moving home is rapidly becoming the norm due to evolving career and lifestyle choices. As a result this causes hundreds of homes to be vacated and re occupied every single day. Continue reading

Pets and Security Alarms

Pet dog at home

Pets and Security Alarms. How Will This Fairy Tale Unfold?

A common query I have often been asked, is whether pet friendly movement sensors actually work. What is it that sparks this debate? When I first began working at Signal Security I had the same problem that most people currently do. That being, leaving my pets outdoors during all weather conditions whilst I was away, so I could activate my alarm system. Upon my learnings I had to share my experience to ensure our four-legged friends get their way. After all, our pets have feelings too, right? Continue reading

4 Key Tips To Choose the Best Security Installer

Security technician installing a camera

There are approximately 3000 security alarm and fire installation businesses across Australia. Almost half of these have only one employee; 97% have less than twenty employees.

Choosing the right security installer to service your premise isn’t an easy task, so these hints should hopefully assist in narrowing down the field. Continue reading

Don’t risk your monitored alarm: how to be NBN ready

man contractor technician rolling out cable NBN australia

The rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) is very much underway throughout Australia, as more and more metropolitan suburbs begin to transition across to our new digital infrastructure. However, due to the impact that this has on existing telephone infrastructure, it’s important to take note of the options available to mitigate any effect this will have on your monitored alarm system explained below. Continue reading

Is it really HD? Digital IP vs Analogue Security Cameras

High Defintion Megapixel Digital Image vs Analogue Photo

High Res? Digital IP? High Definition? HD? There are a lot of buzzwords used when describing camera systems and it can be hard to work out what you’re really getting. Given that installing a security camera system is a significant investment for your home or business, it’s important that you have the knowledge to make an informed decision when selecting your system. Continue reading

5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Home While You’re Away

Girl in Car with Dog for Holiday

Summer is a fantastic time of year when the kids are home, you’ve got some time off work, and you’re free to take a well deserved break away. Unfortunately the stats show that it’s also the peak season for break-ins and burglaries with would-be intruders taking advantage of the empty streets and homes.

Whether you’re going away just for the weekend or for an extended holiday, here are some steps to ensure you’re protecting your home this holiday season. Continue reading

5 spook-free safety tips you need to know this Halloween

Hailing from the North American belief that passed souls should be remembered and acknowledged (or else, risk having them play a trick on you!), the tradition of trick-or-treating is becoming increasingly popular here in Australia. Although the customary tradition is meant for a little good-natured Halloween fun, it’s important that care is taken when you let your children take to the streets – lolly baskets in tow – as traffic and stranger danger are significant risks.

We’ve put together our safety tips on keeping your children safe this Halloween so they need only worry about treats and not potential dangers or injury. Continue reading