How to avoid the NBN pitfalls!

Unhappy customer - cropped

As you know, the installation of the National Broadband Network (NBN) is well and truly underway throughout Australia. As a result, we are finding more and more customers being caught unaware of what the NBN actually means. Yes it allows for faster internet, but that results in a change to your traditional phone service. This is what has caught customers unaware, unprepared, and in most cases, out of pocket and without security.
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How To Protect Your Family From Aggravated Home Invasions

Burglary Breaking Into Home
Of late, it has been impossible to turn on the TV, scroll through social media or even pick up a newspaper without reading about the huge spike in aggravated home invasions and carjackings. It’s literally everywhere which is unfortunately causing more and more concern among our local communities every day. But what’s even more unfortunate… It’s reality!

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Moving Home Is As Easy As Going On A Sunday Cruise

Cruising After Moving Home

No longer is the great Australian dream staying in the same home for 20 years, rather a flexible and spontaneous shift in moving home is rapidly becoming the norm due to evolving career and lifestyle choices. As a result this causes hundreds of homes to be vacated and re occupied every single day. Continue reading

5 Tips for Not Stuffing Up Valentine’s Day This Year

Valentines Day Dinner

Most people expect an advice column with ideas about what to do for Valentine’s Day, not a blog about things you should NOT do on that auspicious date. After much collaboration here at Signal and thanks to Huffington Post, we have come up with the top five ways to avoid messing up Valentine’s Day as so many couples do. Let’s avoid that this year!

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Small Business Tax Deduction on Security Equipment

Small Business Tax Deductions

In case you missed it, the federal budget for 2015 was recently announced with a variety of changes for small businesses, most of them pretty positive. One of the biggest highlights is that small businesses are now entitled to a 100% tax deduction off any purchases under $20,000 for all purchases. That’s a big jump from the previous $1000 threshold, and means that small businesses now have a great deal of flexibility in investing in new asset purchases.

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