Tips on keeping your workplace safe in-between seasons


With the new season just around the corner, winter’s short, dark days are finally coming to an end but keeping your workplace in tip-top condition to prevent break-ins and accidents is still important. Prevention is key to keeping your employees and environment safe, so at Signal Security we’ve put together our top tips on maintaining workplace safety between seasons. Continue reading

5 top tips on keeping your kids safe

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At Signal Security, we understand that children are a parent’s life and joy and as a result, take their safety and security very seriously. With parents increasingly working longer hours and after-school care and baby sitters not always available, intercom and home surveillance systems are becoming popular as a great means of ensuring safety for your children when adult supervision isn’t available.

To assist with keeping your children safe, we’ve put together our top tips on how to best prepare your kids when adult supervision isn’t available. Continue reading

Customer Corner with Jonathan Sherren

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Hospitality is a big part of our clientele family here at Signal Security and this month we got chatty with Jonathan Sherren, of JBS Hospitality, one of Melbourne’s largest growing hospitality companies that look after venues including Secret Garden, Cushion, Bar 9t4 and Metropol just to name a few…

Below, Jonathan gives us insights into his decade-long experience with Signal Security, what systems he has in place, and his tips on ensuring a fun, safe night out with family and friends. Continue reading

Goodbye signature… hello PIN!

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The move to PIN only purchases is part of a security initiative to make payments safer and more convenient for your business and customers, in a bid to crack down on Australia’s credit card fraud that has previously run to a shocking $81 million a year – most of this on credit cards where it wasn’t necessary to enter a PIN. From the first of this month, PIN has become the main form of card payment authorisation across Australian retail outlets, phasing out signature verification as point of sale terminals migrate to new software. But just why is this industry-wide movement necessary? Continue reading