As the mercury rises, so does fire danger!

Smoke Alarm and hose

Australia’s hot, dry summers make our country the perfect landscape for bushfires and with The Bureau of Meteorology reporting 2013 as the hottest year in Australia since records began in 1910 (and rising annually), fire safety is becoming increasingly important for both families and businesses. For many Australians, particularly those with homes or properties close to bush-land, summer can be a time of threat and devastation; with homes around Victoria already being victim to the heat. Continue reading

Customer Corner with Yasmin Najjar

neoSKiN Richmond reception area

With an array of customers, big and small, we love chatting with each and every one of them to get insigths into their personality… and our business!

Here, we get chatty with one of our loved and trusted commercial customers, Yasmin Najjar, who is the founder of one of Melbourne’s most renowned skincare clinics, neoSKiN, and a self-proclaimed dog lover!

Here’s what Yas had to say about her experience with Signal Security. Continue reading

Support Safer Internet Day 2014!


With over 50% of Australians using Facebook everyday – and nearly 40% of these users children and young people aged 13-24 – cybersafety awareness is becoming increasingly important!

Safer Internet Day is an annual event held each February to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology across the world, particularly amongst this age group. In support of the event, Signal Security have put together some tips on keeping your children cybersafe! Continue reading