Serious about your wheels? Protect your bike with this cool security system!


Getting your bike stolen is crushing! Especially when you take the sport seriously and have invested your hard earned dollars in your wheels! Often the parts of these custom made bikes are as valuable to thieves as the entire bike itself…German company Sphyke C3N has developed a system that protects the individual components of your pride and joy! Continue reading

Avoiding the new school year tears and tumbles!

Safety Tips_News Post

With primary schools starting back this week, it’s important to ensure your children are travelling to and from school safely! Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics has shown that nearly 40% of injuries sustained by 5-14 year olds take place outside their own or someone’s home, and 30% whilst at school.

With these statistics in mind, it’s important to ensure your child is aware of the risks when making their way to school each day – may this be walking, riding a bike, or taking the bus. Travel safety is an increasingly growing issue, with compulsory seatbelts having been introduced to school buses in Melbourne last September, however it’s not just buses that hold safety risks, with walking and riding a bike presenting other, equally as important road dangers to be mindful of. Continue reading

Holiday complacency sees home and car break-ins spike with the mercury in January


When the mercury rises, it seems the theft rate does too. Holiday season is a busy time for thieves, with the Herald Sun revealing that every seven and a half minutes in January a home is burgled or a car stolen in Victoria. This annual spike has prompted Victoria Police to warn the community to be on its guard this month, with residential burglaries having jumped 14.9% (2603 offences) and car break-ins increasing almost 10% (3358 offences) last January 2013.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer said the community can become complacent over the holiday period and opportunistic criminals strike like “bees to honey”. Continue reading