As the thermometer rises, so does the crime rate

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As the weather improves and the days get longer, the temptation to enjoy the outdoors and the tendency to relax security is high. Police warn that many burglaries at this time of year are crimes of opportunity and when a criminal sees an open window or unlocked door letting in the spring air, the temptation to enter and steal cash or other items of value is too good to pass up!

Good security is more than just installing an alarm system. Follow our top tips to protect your property this spring: Continue reading

5 ways to secure your Facebook page

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Facebook can be a helpful way to keep up with friends and share information. However, in some situations, sharing too much information can have horrible results. From hackers to potential employers, unless you have secured your Facebook page, you don’t really know who has access to your details.

If you haven’t already assessed your Facebook privacy settings, below are a few ways to help secure your Facebook Page for all users. Continue reading