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Alarm MonitoringJune 28, 2019

Something Unbelievable Is About To Empower You

The National Broadband Network (NBN) has been rolling out across the country for a while now and is expected to be completed by 2021, well so we are told anyway.

Most people know the NBN is designed to increase communication speeds for phones and internet. But what I didn’t know was the impact it had on my monitored alarm system whilst my entire street was being upgraded.
How does my monitored alarm get affected?

I’ve had a monitored alarm for as long as I can remember and when I was advised of the NBN coming through my area, I thought great I can stream and download even more, faster! What I didn’t know was the NBN Co disconnects the old home phone line from my alarm and never connects it back up.

After receiving a call from my monitoring centre saying they were no longer receiving signals, I started to panic. The NBN technicians had disconnected the phone line. Great just what I needed. This meant I could no longer have my home protected without the reliance on my neighbours, hoping they were home whilst I went to work each day.

I called my security company to ask what options I had to get my alarm back online. They suggested I upgrade to wireless monitoring so if the phone line ever gets cut or street works happen again my monitoring service will never be stopped. This is awesome; I never want to have any down time again especially as I just purchased a new TV and speaker system for the lounge room!
Wireless monitoring is the national change as phone lines are being made redundant

With the use of my mobile, I never really used the landline. I was paying a phone line connection fee only for my alarm system to be monitored; this allowed me to save money by having my phone line connection stopped.

In addition my security company told me I would receive two extra benefits by having wireless monitoring. I could arm and disarm my alarm system via my smartphone. Just the other day I rushed out the door and whilst on the train my heart dropped knowing I forgot to protect my home with my alarm system not being armed. I need not worry; at the touch of a button on my smart phone I’ve armed my system.

I could also receive email and text message alerts when my alarm was armed and disarmed.

I usually work late and knowing when my partner comes home from work by disarming the alarm puts my mind at ease, especially when she forgets to text me.

In short I wish I had wireless monitoring before the NBN rolled out in my street. The stress of having my home not protected during this time was not worth the toll it took on me. If you want to provide your home with extra security I strongly recommend you explore wireless monitoring, especially if the NBN is coming through your area in the near future.

If you would like to find out more about what security products or services are available to home owners affected by the NBN Click Here.


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