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Alarm SystemsJune 1, 2019

How much would you pay to bring back a loved one from the grave?

You cannot put a price on the lives of your loved ones. It goes beyond price. Some would say it’s something money cannot quantify, but for the purpose of this exercise let’s say it could. This begs the question: How much would you pay to bring back a loved one from the grave?

  1. $100k?
  2. $1 million?
  3. $100 million?
  4. All of the above?

So what is the correct answer? Well there is no right or wrong answer but considering the lowest figure that you could choose has six figures it would be one extremely expensive investment to bring a loved one back however as I’m sure you would agree it would be well worth it… right?

So if we agree on this and would be prepared to shell out in excess of one hundred thousand dollars to bring back a loved one then why do most of us look to skimp in part or even worse in whole on life saving systems and services that are designed to one day save the people in our lives that we care about the most?

In my employment at Signal Security as an electronic security and monitoring specialist it is really interesting to see what motivates those looking for security. To my absolute surprise, price is still one of the most influential factors. So much so that I see customers choosing unlicensed installers who run their entire businesses out of a van over reputable security businesses for a saving of a couple of hundred dollars. How is it possible that we have got to the stage where we are risking the safety and wellbeing of our families for peanuts… It’s crazy!

Below I have provided a number of key areas that one should be considering, in order of priority, when looking for a reputable security company… and price is last!
1. Licensing & Accreditation

Ensure you engage with a security company that is licensed by Victoria Police and is an active member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL).

The Victoria Police and ASIAL provide protection for consumers by ensuring that specialists and installers who are licensed by their respective organisations meet stringent police checks and technical competencies. Always ask to see the consultant/installer’s security licence before letting them into your home. An electrician is not the same as a security technician, nor is a security technician an electrician, so be careful of those who claim to be able to assist you without the appropriate accreditation. After all, you are placing yours, and your families, safety and well-being in their hands.
2. A Company’s Rating and Reputation

With the internet now a big part of life and social media consuming a large part of it why not use it to your advantage when selecting a security product or service. Google reviews and social media are great because they speak the truth. They indicate a real person’s experiences both good and bad that can help guide your decision making process. Where possible, utilise reviews from third party websites as they can’t be altered like testimonials on a company’s own website can. Such review sites can include, but aren’t limited to Google, Facebook and True Local, to name a few. If a company doesn’t have reviews, BUYER BEWARE!!!
3. Price

Off course price plays a role in any purchasing decision however, long term return should be thought of before short term investment.

My experiences have indicated that although there are cheaper products on the market, they are cheaper for a reason. These solutions normally appear to be significantly cheaper initially but if they don’t work correctly or in some instances don’t work at all, can soon turn out to be the far more expensive option. Therefore, choosing a security provider that ticks all the boxes but requires a slightly higher initial investment will go a long way to ensuring you have a system that lasts the test of time and if maintained correctly could you save hundreds, if not thousands, in the long run.

Just remember the three fundamental areas outlined above when deciding on a security company. As you can see there are more important factors that come into play before price does so try and use price as the last indicator to ensure that in a time of need you have a system and a response that you and your loved ones can rely on.

You cannot put a price on that can you?
Lambros Katopothis – Customer Relations Specialist

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