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If you want the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing your home security system will work in those situations it has been designed for, a service by way of a scheduled Maintenance Check will provide you with the assurance that your home security systems will work day in, day out. Not only will regular service and maintenance increase the longevity of your home security and/or CCTV system, it will also help minimise the potential downtime associated with equipment breakdown in turn reducing the risk to your home and assets. Signal Security provides a range of scheduled maintenance programs including preventative and comprehensive options.

Key Benefits of Signal's Maintenance Programs

  • Ensures your system functions at its optimum level, giving you peace of mind
  • Can detect and rectify trouble conditions and faults before they become an issue
  • Helps reduce the probability of false alarms
  • May aid in minimising the risks of compromising your insurance coverage
  • Can assist in lowering the running costs over the life of your system
  • A scheduled system maintenance is normally completed within 60 minutes
  • Flexible appointment times to suit busy lifestyles

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