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BlogMarch 16, 2022

The Future of Home Security: People Over Products

It’s easy to see why home security has advanced drastically in the last decade. Our house is often where we feel the safest, where we keep our most prized possessions and often where the people closest to us live. Home security is about providing peace of mind by protecting this safe haven and everything it represents. Historically, what this looks like is protecting one’s home from burglary and ensuring action can be taken if it was to occur. 

But, with so many advancements in the world and in technology, we ask if this still remains true for businesses today. Is peace of mind the same for every customer or do companies’ products and solutions need to be adjusted to satisfy ever-changing consumer needs?


Home Security in the Early 2000s

Many security companies shared one vision in how they addressed the issue of on-premise security 10-15 years ago. This was a one-size-fits-all approach, with a focus on items and pre-designed packages that didn’t take into account customers’ individual fears and concerns.

It was about installing the most highly developed alarm system, one that would repel burglars while alerting authorities. While this strategy was effective in deterring criminals and lowering crime rates, it overlooked an extremely critical aspect of what it means to feel and be safe.


At the time, the emphasis was on the items and the pricing. The consumer was often left to determine what they believe they may require to protect themselves and their property. There was minimal, if any, examination of the property’s size, shape, and fit by a security specialist. This is important because what works for one family home with four bedrooms and two bathrooms may not work for another with the same amount of rooms. 

Why? Because the houses are noticeably different, one has floor to ceiling windows throughout, while the other backs up to a busy road with an easily accessible backyard. The point is that without the assistance of a security specialist, customers nearly always overlook susceptible areas.



To evolve with the world, we needed to shift away from this ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and towards a customised solution that provides true peace of mind to every customer on a level that goes beyond installing an alarm system. The first step was to recognise that no two solutions will ever be the same because each customer has unique concerns. Not to mention the physical distinctions between the two properties. It became imperative to understand that different customers have different issues, necessitating a customised solution to address these concerns and provide peace of mind. 


For example

Families with young teenagers:

  • Problem: Parents are frequently concerned about their children’s whereabouts and whether or not they have returned home safely from school, a friend’s house or anywhere else.

  • Solution: configure your alarm system to allow each family member to disarm it with their own unique code, notifying you exactly when this happens via an SMS

Mature adults:

  • Problem: The implications of an accident or a fall are often a source of anxiety. What would they do if they were injured and couldn’t call for help because they couldn’t access their phone? 

  • Solution: Medical pendants that can inform emergency services, such as an ambulance, if the person wearing them falls abruptly.


These and other advanced solutions were neglected 5-10 years ago because organisations were unaware of the possibility, did not understand the value, or lacked the technology that we now have. Despite the security industry’s evolution, there are still companies that have not kept up, continuing to utilise generic and outdated tactics despite the resources at our disposal.


Technology is always changing, which is why we’re consistently developing new solutions to help keep more people safe both inside and outside their homes.


Signal Security’s philosophy around home safety has always been helping our customers achieve true peace of mind, no matter what that means for them. We first seek to understand, then we advise, and finally, we provide a tailored solution on how we can help keep you, your family and your home safe, sound and secure.


We rarely leave an on-site assessment having merely suggested an alarm system with motion detectors as the safety solution. We take a holistic approach and ensure the solution considers each and every fear or anxiety our customers might have. 


While many products and services such as alarm monitoring, CCTV camera systems and home intercom have stayed the same over the past decade, the way security companies deliver these has not. Companies who fail first to understand what peace of mind means to their customers are quickly falling behind, while companies prioritising people over products are prospering.

If you or someone you know could benefit from a professional home security assessment, feel free to get in touch with a home safety specialist using our contact us page or by calling us on 1300 73 83 93 Monday to Friday between 9 am-5 pm.

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