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BlogAugust 13, 2017

Customer Corner with Jonathan Sherren

Hospitality is a big part of our clientele family here at Signal Security and this month we got chatty with Jonathan Sherren, of JBS Hospitality, one of Melbourne’s largest growing hospitality companies that look after venues including Secret Garden, Cushion, Bar 9t4 and Metropol just to name a few…

Below, Jonathan gives us insights into his decade-long experience with Signal Security, what systems he has in place, and his tips on ensuring a fun, safe night out with family and friends.
Name: Jonathan Sherren

What do you do?
Director of JBS Hospitality (one of Melbourne’s largest growing hospitality companies that specialise in providing the ultimate experience for patrons!)

How long have you been a customer of Signal Security?
Nine years, nearly a decade-long customer.

What type of Signal Security client are you? And what does this involve?
I’ve had Signal Security install and maintain alarm monitoring in all of JBS Hospitality’s venues for the last decade. It’s vital to ensure we have the best in security monitoring, as our venues attract a huge amount of patrons daily and we need to maintain a high level of security for their safety.

Why did you choose Signal Security over other security companies?
The working relationship I have with Signal Security’s directors has been strong from the beginning and I’ve had no reason to fault anything or move on to another security company. Having great working relationships is key when working in the hospitality industry.

As a multi-site business owner, what’s the most important aspect of security?
Venue security, like home security, is key to maintaining a pleasant and safe environment. Your security company needs to be reliable, something that I’ve found with Signal and what I consider the most important part of security monitoring.

Without invading your patrons’ privacy, what security measures do you have in place around your venues?
With hospitality venues, the more security you have in place the better it is for your patrons as their safety always comes first so we have several alarm monitor systems installed in each venue.

Have you ever experienced any genuine incidents where Signal Security has had to respond? How has their service been?
Fortunately never, and we hope it stays this way ☺

Do you have security for your home? Why/why not? Is this something you are considering?
Yes, I certainly have security installed at home as well as business – security is crucial and no longer a luxury for home and businesses.

As the owner of several nightspots, what do you think makes a great night out?
Great staff, ambiance and the safety of patrons. Nothing ruins a night out more than unpleasant staff or a terrible vibe. And importantly, you need to feel safe.

What are your tips for ensuring a safe night out with family and friends?
Make sure not to get involved in anything silly and if something around you is making you or your group feel uncomfortable, move on to somewhere else straight away.

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