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As the weather improves and the days get longer, the temptation to enjoy the outdoors and the tendency to relax security is high. Police warn that many burglaries at this time of year are crimes of opportunity and when a criminal sees an open window or unlocked door letting in the spring air, the temptation to enter and steal cash or other items of value is too good to pass up!

Good security is more than just installing an alarm system. Follow our top tips to protect your property this spring:

  • Lock before you leave: Lock doors and windows if you are working outside or in a room at the back of your house or business
  • Outdoor lighting: Check your outdoor security lights or consider installing motion detector security lights
  • Noisy footsteps: Consider using gravel or stones on side paths, driveways and around storage sheds – noisy footsteps will help deter unwanted visitors
  • Keep on top of the gardening: Ensure trees and shrubs are trimmed, especially those close to your house that could be climbed to gain access to your property
  • Tuck away the tools: Always lock tools, ladders and garden equipment away as these items can be used by thieves to gain entry into your home or business
  • Deceive the deceitful: When out in the evening, leave on a radio, television or light to give the impression you are at home
  • Out of sight out of mind: Keep cash and valuables out of sight
  • Summer Security: With the sunshine calling and staff making prompt departures once the clock strikes 5pm, make each individual accountable for their areas which includes putting away all valuables, portable devices and locking up all areas in their proximity

For more information about how to better secure your home or business contact Signal Security on 1300 73 83 93.

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