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BlogMay 13, 2022

A Security Guide For First-Time Homebuyers

If you’re reading this, you’re likely buying or building a new home. It’s exciting to find your new safe haven – a place where you can start (or relocate) your family, celebrate the next decades of birthdays and all of life’s other great milestones. At Signal Security, we want to make sure you make the optimal decision when buying a house, because let’s face it, it’s likely the largest investment you will ever make. Security goes beyond neighbourhood safety, finding a suburb with a low crime rate and whatever else the media portrays. This blog combines our 22 years of experience securing family homes to deliver 4 factors to consider as part of your process when searching for your new home.

1. Explore the neighbourhood

You can always add security equipment, change the appearance of your home, or even the physical structure at a later date. The location, however, is fixed. Make sure you’re looking in low-crime areas where you will feel comfortable and confident to walk about freely. Additionally, buying in a good neighbourhood will significantly increase your investment if you want to sell at a later date. 

Take a stroll around the neighbourhood, visit the property at various times of the day and strike up a conversation with your potential neighbours. Lastly, begin a discussion with your real estate agent, as they will be able to give you the best insight into the property and provide you with alternatives if you decide it’s not right for you.

2. Take into account the lighting and relative position of the house

The placement of a home, as well as how well it is lit, can influence whether it is a desirable target for burglars. Keep in mind that a dark property may entice burglars because it reduces their chances of being discovered by neighbours or passers-by. Homes with high hedges and plants may be desirable targets as well, as they provide natural hiding spots. 


Burglars will be deterred if your home is inundated with light and in a position where it can be seen by passersby and neighbours. Thus, you should consider installing floodlights that are triggered by movement sensors wherever possible. These are essential at entry points such as front and back doors, as well as garages.


3. Conduct a security audit

If you’re buying an already built property, make sure you do a security inspection. This will give you a sense of how secure the house is and what needs to be improved. Whether you do this yourself or hire a professional, you’ll know where the standard of security lies and whether the changes you need to make are worth the investment. Signal security offers obligation-free home security audits, which are free of charge to all new homeowners.

4. Design your yard to alert you of trespassers

While removing high hedges and ensuring your home is adequately lit will act to deter potential burglars, it is also important to consider integrating outdoor design features that will alert you of suspicious activity. A great example of this is including crushed pebbles/gravel along the side of your home. This makes it near impossible for an intruder to sneak through your yard without making a sound and alerting you or the family pet. 


Similarly, planting low, thorny bushes beneath your windows will make it harder for a trespasser’s rustling to go unnoticed. Not to mention the fact these also act as natural deterrents for burglars due to the potential for inflicting pain if they are climbed.

Additional advice for those building in new development areas

If you’re relocating into a new development, you might find your property has vacant blocks on either side of it. It’s important to be vigilant earlier on as you’re not able to rely on neighbours or passersby. Consider a security system early in the building process prior to valuables being installed. Signal Security offers a range of customised home security systems to meet the individualised needs of your new build. Use the following links to find out more about how a professionally monitored alarm system or CCTV camera system could benefit you.


Other Tips:
  • Don’t leave cardboard boxes visible outside of your home where passersby can see them. Leaving your brand new LCD TV box next to the rubbish bin is only going to draw negative attention from potential burglars. 
  • If you’ve taken your chances by not installing home security during the building process, ensure it’s in place for the days leading up to handover. Why? This is when the most valuable goods are installed by builders, such as stovetops and hot water systems. They do this because they know these are the items that are most commonly burglarised during the building process. 

Secure now, pay later

Buying a new house is expensive, it takes time and costs money, but you should never sacrifice safety just to save a few dollars.


When deciding between a quality security solution and an inferior one that is less expensive, we want to assist you in making the best decision for you and your family. That’s why Signal Security’s home safety solutions come with interest-free weekly and monthly payment options.


You can get the following with Signal Security from just $59 per week:

  • On-site Safety Assessment
  • High Definition Home CCTV System
  • Modern & Reliable Alarm System
  • Motion Detection
  • Smart Mobile Integration for Alarm & CCTV Systems
  • Installation Completed by Our Very Own Technicians
  • Premium Grade A1 Professional Monitoring Service
  • Own All of Your Equipment Too!


Remember that purchasing your first home is a significant and often lengthy commitment, it is not a race, and it is well worth your time to find a property that you adore.


We can assure you that having a professional assess your new home and offer a customised solution will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy this exciting time as a new homeowner.


If you are in the process of buying a new home and would like a free, no-obligation on-site security risk assessment, please contact our team on 1300 73 83 93 or send an enquiry using our contact page.

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