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Facebook can be a helpful way to keep up with friends and share information. However, in some situations, sharing too much information can have horrible results. From hackers to potential employers, unless you have secured your Facebook page, you don’t really know who has access to your details.

If you haven’t already assessed your Facebook privacy settings, below are a few ways to help secure your Facebook Page for all users.

1. Password is key: Probably the most simplest and most effective tip. Always choose a password that features letters in both lower and uppercase as well as a few numbers. As with all passwords, it is recommended that you change your password every month – And always use different passwords for different accounts.

2. Behind the scenes: Facebook’s privacy settings are broken up into numerous categories so it’s important that you spend time going through each one. The majority of options come under the ‘Privacy settings’ banner. Unless you want everyone on the internet to have access to your page, then we recommend setting most of your sharing settings to ‘friends & likers only’. Don’t forget to decide whether you want your page to come up through search engine; this can also be managed through Privacy, Settings and Tools in your Facebook account.

3. It’s ok to be private… Yes, Facebook is all about sharing but it’s important to think twice about what you ‘really’ need to post on your page. We’d advise against putting your address on your page. If you make your birthday visible, avoid writing your year of birth. It’s this kind of information that makes identity theft a possibility.

4. Reassess your friends…Do you still have the same people as ‘friends’ from when you first started your Facebook account over five years ago?  If you have hundreds of people on your friends list, think about just how many of these people you really want knowing every detail of your life. Who to cull? Ask yourself, if I saw them on the street would you start a conversation with them? If the answer is no, then perhaps it’s time to delete…

5. Sharing is not always caring: These days, Facebook accounts are accessed anywhere from tablets, home or office computers and internet café computers when traveling, the ‘One time’ password security feature is the best and least known feature in Facebook. This feature allows you to get a ‘One time’ password to log in to your Facebook account from any computer.

This password is valid only for 20 minutes. You can get this by typing “opt” within a message and sending it to 019832665 (Telstra customers only in Australia at this stage) This gives you piece of mine when logging in via a public computer or in front of any one else.

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