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BlogDecember 24, 2018

5 Tips To Stay Safe This New Year

New Year’s Eve is one of the most celebrated nights of the year but with huge crowds out and about celebrating, it’s important to follow a few essential safety tips. Whether your’re having a night in with the family or hitting the town with a group of friends, here’s our top 5 tips on staying safe as the clock strikes midnight!

  1. Safety in Numbers
  2. Sticking together is a vital part of celebrating the New Year’s festivities safely. This way friends and family members can look out for each other and when moving between different places, a quick head count never hurts!

  3. Stay Aware
  4. Keeping alert and aware of your surroundings on New Year’s Eve will play a vital part in keeping you, your family and friends safe. If you feel threatened by someone acting strangely, leave immediately for new surroundings. It’s also important to keep an eye on your friends’ drinks when out. With huge masses of people at most venues, it’s easy for drinks to be spiked so make sure you look out for one another.

  5. Food & Drink
  6. Staying hydrated with water and making sure you’re drinking on a full stomach will prevent you from feeling unwell throughout the evening. Switch an alcoholic drink for a water every second drink as alcohol is dehydrating.

  7. Catch Public Transport
  8. Where possible, try to catch public transport on New Year’s Eve to keep traffic on the road at a minimum. Drunk-driving peaks on New Year’s so make sure you to take advantage of public transport or taxis.

  9. Designate a Driver
  10. If your New Year’s Eve plans require driving, planning a designated driver is a must. This will ensure your friends and family know how they’re safely getting home and means the designated driver can prepare too.

The Most Important Tip?
Have a great time and make sure you’re in the moment, enjoying the company of your friends, family, and potentially the rest of the city.

And of course, wishing you a Happy New Year from us here at Signal!

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