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BlogJanuary 28, 2019

5 Tips for Not Stuffing Up Valentine’s Day This Year

Most people expect an advice column with ideas about what to do for Valentine’s Day, not a blog about things you should NOT do on that auspicious date. After much collaboration here at Signal and thanks to Huffington Post, we have come up with the top five ways to avoid messing up Valentine’s Day as so many couples do. Let’s avoid that this year!

Here’s our top five ways to avoid messing up Valentine’s Day.


  1. Make plans early.
  2. Do it now. Do not wait till the day before to attempt to get a dinner reservation. You will be screwed and end up someplace you didn’t really mean to go or that means nothing to you as a couple. If you need a babysitter, make those arrangements now or you won’t be able to get one at the last minute. Spontaneity sucks when it doesn’t work out. And trying to plan a special night out for Valentine’s Day ON Valentine’s Day doesn’t usually work out too well.

  3. If you’re going to stay in and cook an amazing dinner, plan for it.
  4. Shop for it now, not at the last minute so you don’t need to rush. You can even think about the music and décor in ways you wouldn’t usually. But seriously, plan it out so that it’s obvious you made a very special effort and it’s not just another night at home in front of the television. Don’t end up doing fancy carryout at the last minute.

  5. Spend the time alone together.
  6. Do not accept your mother’s dinner invitation or agree to join another couple for fondue. The night is about the two of you, and only the two of you. Don’t think about how alone your partners recently divorced brother may feel, or how bad you feel about ditching your single BFF for the night, Valentine’s Day is NOT the night to include a third wheel, no matter how good your intentions may be. You’re not doing them any favours with the pity invite anyway.

  7. Resist the urge to look at your phone during your Valentine’s date.
  8. Save the selfies for another time and stay off Facebook and Twitter — you don’t need to prove to the world that somebody loves you! You’re out with that person and that is proof enough. Feel sorry for your friends who are bitter tweeting, but read their posts the next day after the glow has worn off on your special night. You have a life and you should be living it, not documenting it like a reality show. Focus on each other. If you have children, do your best to tune them out for the night. You can feed them heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast that morning instead. Save the night-time for your spouse.

  9. Finally, whatever you end up doing with your significant other on Valentine’s Day, do not jabber on about the wedding proposals
  10. Nor the fantastic gifts your other friends are receiving from their other halves. While you may have something special coming, you also may not, if the budget didn’t permit it. A thoughtful gift is worth far more than a piece of jewellery, but if you talk too much about your friend’s new tennis bracelet or diamond solitaire, you may diminish your partner’s pride in whatever he or she has gotten for you. If you talk too much about your friend’s new engagement ring, you’ll truly poison the evening for both of you. It’s not a night for heavy conversations and deep relationship analysis.

Go start planning your special Valentine’s Day. Remember, it isn’t about the date – it’s about the way you use it whenever you have time to do it.

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