5 spook-free safety tips you need to know this Halloween

Hailing from the North American belief that passed souls should be remembered and acknowledged (or else, risk having them play a trick on you!), the tradition of trick-or-treating is becoming increasingly popular here in Australia. Although the customary tradition is meant for a little good-natured Halloween fun, it’s important that care is taken when you let your children take to the streets – lolly baskets in tow – as traffic and stranger danger are significant risks.

We’ve put together our safety tips on keeping your children safe this Halloween so they need only worry about treats and not potential dangers or injury. Continue reading

Tips on teaching your children Stranger Danger

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Stranger Danger is an important element of child safety and one of the first things we teach kids about both at-home and outdoor safety. Making children aware of what strangers are, what isn’t acceptable and what to do in dangerous situations is essential to help them feel confident and not fearful.

Read below for our top tips on teaching your children about stranger danger. Continue reading

5 top tips on keeping your kids safe

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At Signal Security, we understand that children are a parent’s life and joy and as a result, take their safety and security very seriously. With parents increasingly working longer hours and after-school care and baby sitters not always available, intercom and home surveillance systems are becoming popular as a great means of ensuring safety for your children when adult supervision isn’t available.

To assist with keeping your children safe, we’ve put together our top tips on how to best prepare your kids when adult supervision isn’t available. Continue reading