Surviving the working-holiday safely and stress free!


For those in the commercial sector, the notion of the Christmas Holidays can sometimes be just that…a notion, as production and distribution stops for no one! However, the festive spirit of the season is still undoubtedly in the air, so whilst business may be down to “skeleton staff” and the environment is a little more relaxed, it’s times like this where security and procedure are of great importance. Supporting our commercial customers through the working-holiday season, Signal Security has put together a list of considerations to ensure you maintain a stress free, enjoyable and safe work environment whilst others are off putting up their feet!

  • One, two, three: Although the environment may be more relaxed, it’s important that safety and security procedures around your business are as much of a focus as they normally are. If taking on another’s work try writing a daily list to ensure nothing goes un-actioned. If using reduced office or factory space, don’t let this reduce your safety and security checks. Follow your safety and security procedures throughout the business to ensure there’s no one lurking in the dark.  There’s always time for safety, so even if you’re working reduced hours, make sure you start and end your day the way you always would to ensure your and your business’s safety is not compromised.
  • Stretch out your day: It’s no secret that working in a physical job is tiring at the best of times and can put unwanted pressure on the body.  As well as ensuring the job gets done, it’s vitally important to take regular breaks and do a series of back, neck and shoulder stretches to ensure you’re the best you.
  • Come up for air: As well as stretching, getting some fresh air is hugely important for clear thinking, vitality and happiness in and out of the workplace.  If you’re working inside this summer, make sure you step outside on at least one of your tea breaks and remember to breathe!
  • Focus is key: Above all, focussing on the job is one of the most important elements of personal safety and security.  So, if your thoughts drift to the sun, sand and sea, remember that all things come to those who wait and by getting your job done properly you are one step closer to your next holiday!