Support Safer Internet Day 2014!


With over 50% of Australians using Facebook everyday – and nearly 40% of these users children and young people aged 13-24 – cybersafety awareness is becoming increasingly important!

Safer Internet Day is an annual event held each February to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology across the world, particularly amongst this age group. In support of the event, Signal Security have put together some tips on keeping your children cybersafe!

1. Privacy: Always try to keep your personal information private – Social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter have settings that allow for your personal details to only be viewable to your friends or ‘followers’. Take advantage of these settings so that your details don’t fall into the wrong hands. Treat your personal details like money, and don’t leave it lying around!

2. Sharing: What you share online should not be taken lightly – once a comment is posted, it can be difficult to remove it from the internet completely! Be careful that what you’re sharing online is not rude or offensive, and things you won’t mind being there in the future.

3. Real world meeting: People are not always who they say they are!  Never arrange to meet online contacts in the real world unless you’re certain that you know them, and be sure to tell a trusted adult if things go wrong.

4: Content searching and evaluating: Knowing how to effectively search for, and evaluate, online content is important when browsing the web. Just as people are often misconceiving with personal details online, so is a lot of the information published! Be aware – Is there any evidence that the author of the information has any authority in the field they’re writing about?

Safer Internet Day’s theme for 2014 is, “Let’s create a better internet together” – share Signal Security’s cybersafety tips with your family and friends in support of cybersafety for children!