Sugar overdosing isn’t the only danger this Halloween!


Sugar overdosing isn’t the only danger this Halloween. The perils of this originally pagan celebration include increased rates of children being struck or run over by passing cars whilst trick-or-treating, and dangers brought about by eating unpackaged foods such as foodborne disease, contaminated food and food allergies.

If you are celebrating Halloween this October 31st, we’ve put together some simple tips to ensure you and your family trick-or-treat the safe way – whilst having fun!


Safety in numbers: Walk in groups or with a trusted adult

Trick and traffic: Not everything stops for Halloween, be aware of traffic on the road

Be smart on the street: Eat only factory-wrapped treats

Follow the light: Only visit well-lit houses (Last year it was reported a sign was spotted in a Melbourne suburban supermarket, reading “…if you’d like to participate in Halloween this year, hang an orange ribbon off your letter box…”, a positive way of identifying ways to not bother those that don’t want to participate)

Safe accessories: Try to leave unwieldy swords and pitchforks at home 

Tailor made: Hem costumes to avoid dragging and prevent tripping

Walk the talk: Clown shoes, heels and plastic costume shoes are never easy to walk in, where possible opt for sneakers and flats to avoid trips and falls

Eyes on the street: A mask should have eyeholes wide enough for your kids to see out of without hindering the peripheral vision to much, better yet, opt for face paint