Stay safe this Moomba long-weekend!


Celebrating its 60th birthday celebration this year, Melburnians are in for a long weekend of fun with the annual Moomba Festival kicking off today until Monday. As Australia’s largest and longest-running community festival, Moomba treats its attendees to free live music, water sports, parades and more. But with attendance up to 1.7m people (1996 record high), it’s important to keep public safety in mind as you make your way from the stages to the parades.

With Moomba officially translating to, ‘Let’s get together and have fun’, be sure to check out the safety tips our team has put together for an enjoyable and safe long weekend.

1. Fun in the Sun
The banks of the Yarra can really heat up in the sun, making sunscreen, a hat and water must-have Moomba accessories! Whether you’re enjoying the live music or watching the world-class water sports, make sure you’re always being sun smart. If you do forget your sunscreen or water, there’s no need to panic – Moomba have some onsite.

2. Public Transport
With huge city crowds, consider taking the train or tram into Flinders Street instead of contributing to traffic and parking congestion due to the surrounding road closures! If using public transport on Labour Day (Monday 10th March) don’t forget that a public holiday timetable will apply.

3. Keeping a Festival Buddy
Whether attending with family or a group of friends, make sure to nominate at least one person within your group who you’re always with – it’s much easier to keep up with one friend than a larger group!

4. Ditch the valuables!
You don’t need iPods or iPads at big events such as Moomba – there’s plenty going on for you to be entertained without them! Pick pocketing is not uncommon in big crowds, nor is the chance of things slipping out of your bag and pockets, so leave your unnecessary valuables at home this weekend!

5. Alcohol-free
Moomba is an alcohol-free event so for everyone’s safety and best interest, leave your drinks at home this weekend and keep your behaviour community-appropriate.