Staff Profile with Vanessa Heller

VanessaHeller_Profile Pic

At Signal Security, we love our staff like family and our Schedule Coordinator, Vanessa, keeps us all organised and on time! Here, we get chatty with one of Signal Security’s favourite family members.

Name: Vanessa Anita Heller

Age: 33

I live in… Brunswick (great for foodies like myself!)

What do you do?
I’m the Schedule Coordinator at Signal Security. My days consist of organising the schedules for our technicians and booking in their service jobs. I also help clients over the phone if they have any service enquiries… and bake the odd cake here and there for the team!

How long have you worked at Signal Security?
Three years! I joined the Signal Security family in the middle of 2011 and haven’t looked back since.

Favourite part about your job?
I am completely OCD so having a job that involved organising people and schedules was always a given. It’s ‘safe’ to say I love my job because of the organising aspect!

Least favourite part about your job?
Being obsessed with organisation has its downside too and that’s when things don’t turn out perfectly! Not being able to fill in a staff member’s schedule is incredibly unfulfilling and my least favourite thing.

Are you a safety freak? If so, what’s your freakish habit?
Can’t say that I’m too much of a safety freak, but I do have a friend who triple checks (literally) all the windows in his house every night before going to bed! That’s what I call freakish… but safe!

I think everyone needs security at their home/business/work/other because…
With theft and vandalism on the rise annually, home and business security systems help minimize break-in. CCTV helps to apprehend intruders or trespassers and with today’s technology you can keep at eye on your home or business from your iPhone!

Safety to me is… wearing a helmet whilst dirt bike riding!

You are always so organised! Tell us your top three tips for managing a busy schedule not only for yourself but the whole Signal Security team of technicians you look after…

  1. Finish one thing at a time – at times the build-up of tasks can feel overwhelming but battling them one by one is truly the best way to stay on top of things!
  2. Book jobs close to each other and try to keep technicians in one area – the less time wasted travelling the better.
  3. Know what’s on your desk – some people are super tidy and others less so… but no matter what the set-up if you know where everything is, your life will be much easier.

Lastly, tell us something Signal Security clients may not know about you, but should…
Alongside organising staff schedules and things in general, I love to travel and cook. I recently returned from a month overseas eating all sorts of goodies and riding dirt bikes around Cambodia – great fun!