Spring Racing Carnival dos and don’ts


Spring racing is a time to dust off the suit, wear something glam and enjoy a day at the track with friends, but it can quickly take a turn for the worse if you’re not careful.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of the Spring Racing Carnival, and most importantly, stay safe.


1. Don’t pose for too many photos after 2pm

You’re dressed to the nines and want to look classy in photos with your friends. Tip – pose up before the alcohol kicks in and the make-up starts to melt. This is usually around the 2pm mark.

2. Don’t blow all your money on the first race

You’re in the gate and the first race is about to begin, your wallet is full and you want to start the day on a cash-induced high.  This doesn’t mean you blow all of your money on the first race.  Put a realistic bet on and plot your next punt.

3. Don’t hit that guy because he looked at you funny

It’s getting towards the end of the day and you think that guy is greasing you off.  Don’t let the alcohol make you do something you usually wouldn’t. Walk away, drink some water and remember that pepper spray hurts like hell.

4. Don’t start drinking with your boss

You may spot some people from the office. To avoid that feeling of dread on a Sunday morning – don’t give them a reason for you to be the key topic of conversation on Monday. Say hi, share a drink, swap betting tips and move on.

5. Don’t wear a new pair of shoes

This goes for girls and guys. While your new shoes may look great with that new outfit, it’s not worth hobbling your way around the venue.

6. Don’t ditch your shoes

Speaking of shoes, we know heels are painful after a long day, but ladies the moment you take off your shoes in public your time as part of the classy crowd is at an end. It’s all downhill from there. Guys, the same is true for your pants.

7. Don’t just bet on a horse because the name sounds funny

Drunken Sailor – sure it sounds funny cause that’s how you’re feeling, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to win its race. Ask around and check the form guide for a good tip rather than going on the name of a horse or a jockey’s colours.

8. Don’t gloat about your winnings

Friends who aren’t having a good run will be irritated and you could also be an easy target for thieves


1. Do make sure your chicken sandwiches are not going to poison your friends

You want to avoid paying too much on food, so you pack a basket of goodies, remembering to keep the perishables in a cooler bag.

2. Do think of others when using the public toilets

Speaking of toilets, the lines are long. Get in and out as quickly as possible.

3. Do celebrate if you have a win

The moment may be fleeting so enjoy it while you can.

4. Do ensure you have enough cash to avoid the ATM queues and withdrawal regret

If you do insist on taking your ATM card, remember the wait is usually long and you need to be sensible about amounts that you withdraw, you want to be able to live until your next paycheque

5. Do make use of the ‘free drinking water’ around the track.

It may prove to be the difference between being vertical or horizontal at the end of the day. And it means you’re fresh enough to continue partying into the evening.

6. Do spare a thought for the cleaners

They’re met with a mountain of rubbish after you leave so bin a few cans on your way out.

Full article by: Brendan Casey, Herald Sun, October 24, 2013