Serious about your wheels? Protect your bike with this cool security system!


Getting your bike stolen is crushing! Especially when you take the sport seriously and have invested your hard earned dollars in your wheels! Often the parts of these custom made bikes are as valuable to thieves as the entire bike itself…German company Sphyke C3N has developed a system that protects the individual components of your pride and joy!

The unfortunate sight of a bike frame locked to a pole missing a tire, seat, or sometimes everything but the frame itself, is enough to make anyone cringe – these parts are valuable! What the Sphyke C3N offers is a quality, long-lasting preventative system through a series of combination locks made to fit the parts of a bike that are often easily taken… and all without the hassle of a key! The innovative system works by replacing existing nuts and bolts that cover the front and rear wheels, seat, and even the handlebar stem of a bike, with those that incorporate tiny combination locks. And thanks to a water and dust-proof rubber cover, this all remains undetectable until tested!

While many bike security systems on the market look to protect a cyclist’s property by attempting to lock the entire bike, Sphyke’s C3N focuses on preventing the accessibility of valuable parts to thieves by locking the wheels, seats and handlebar individually.

Protect your pride and joy – and all its parts! – with Sphyke’s C3N keyless bike security.

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