5 top tips on keeping your kids safe

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At Signal Security, we understand that children are a parent’s life and joy and as a result, take their safety and security very seriously. With parents increasingly working longer hours and after-school care and baby sitters not always available, intercom and home surveillance systems are becoming popular as a great means of ensuring safety for your children when adult supervision isn’t available.

To assist with keeping your children safe, we’ve put together our top tips on how to best prepare your kids when adult supervision isn’t available. Continue reading

Customer Corner with Jonathan Sherren

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Hospitality is a big part of our clientele family here at Signal Security and this month we got chatty with Jonathan Sherren, of JBS Hospitality, one of Melbourne’s largest growing hospitality companies that look after venues including Secret Garden, Cushion, Bar 9t4 and Metropol just to name a few…

Below, Jonathan gives us insights into his decade-long experience with Signal Security, what systems he has in place, and his tips on ensuring a fun, safe night out with family and friends. Continue reading

Goodbye signature… hello PIN!

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The move to PIN only purchases is part of a security initiative to make payments safer and more convenient for your business and customers, in a bid to crack down on Australia’s credit card fraud that has previously run to a shocking $81 million a year – most of this on credit cards where it wasn’t necessary to enter a PIN. From the first of this month, PIN has become the main form of card payment authorisation across Australian retail outlets, phasing out signature verification as point of sale terminals migrate to new software. But just why is this industry-wide movement necessary? Continue reading

What NBN Means For Your Signal Security System

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The National Broadband Network (NBN) has been controversial from the outset, however the network has begun rolling out across the country and Australia is set to see a communications infrastructure revolution. The NBN will bring high speed broadband and telephone services to all Australian homes within the next ten years.

When the rollout reaches your area, the NBN Co will arrange to install a small box in your home or business that will connect you to the network. It is important to note that the NBN rollout has implications for your security system, which is where Signal Security comes in. Continue reading

5 ways to avoid a burglary these Easter holidays!


Easter is generally a long weekend of fun for family time, relaxing, and lots of chocolate! But did you know that the crime rate during Easter is higher than any other time of the year in Australia, including Christmas?

Many families take advantage of the holidays to go away, but who is left watching the family home? Signal Security has put together five helpful ways for you to minimise a chance of a break-in these Easter holidays whilst you and your family are enjoying some time away! Continue reading

Celebrate Neighbour Day this weekend by being a good one!

Noisy neighbours

Celebrated on the last Sunday of March each year, Neighbour Day is Australia’s annual celebration of community, bringing people together from next door and across the street for a barbecue or even just a ‘cuppa’. As our oldest form of community safety watch, it’s important to be a good neighbour and watch out for one another. In support of Neighbour Day 2014, Signal Security has put together some tips on how to be a good neighbour. Continue reading

Security mistakes often made on smartphones!


With more than 8.5 million Australian adults now owning a smartphone, awareness of the security risks involved in smartphone use is becoming increasingly important. Providing an immediate source of contact to family and friends with SMS’s, access to the internet, and handy apps that make everyday errands like banking and shopping a breeze, smartphones cover nearly all areas of life.

But just how safe is using all of these smartphone features? Check out these security mistakes commonly made by smartphone users. Continue reading

Stay safe this Moomba long-weekend!


Celebrating its 60th birthday celebration this year, Melburnians are in for a long weekend of fun with the annual Moomba Festival kicking off today until Monday. As Australia’s largest and longest-running community festival, Moomba treats its attendees to free live music, water sports, parades and more. But with attendance up to 1.7m people (1996 record high), it’s important to keep public safety in mind as you make your way from the stages to the parades.

With Moomba officially translating to, ‘Let’s get together and have fun’, be sure to check out the safety tips our team has put together for an enjoyable and safe long weekend. Continue reading

As the mercury rises, so does fire danger!

Smoke Alarm and hose

Australia’s hot, dry summers make our country the perfect landscape for bushfires and with The Bureau of Meteorology reporting 2013 as the hottest year in Australia since records began in 1910 (and rising annually), fire safety is becoming increasingly important for both families and businesses. For many Australians, particularly those with homes or properties close to bush-land, summer can be a time of threat and devastation; with homes around Victoria already being victim to the heat. Continue reading

Customer Corner with Yasmin Najjar

neoSKiN Richmond reception area

With an array of customers, big and small, we love chatting with each and every one of them to get insigths into their personality… and our business!

Here, we get chatty with one of our loved and trusted commercial customers, Yasmin Najjar, who is the founder of one of Melbourne’s most renowned skincare clinics, neoSKiN, and a self-proclaimed dog lover!

Here’s what Yas had to say about her experience with Signal Security. Continue reading

Support Safer Internet Day 2014!


With over 50% of Australians using Facebook everyday – and nearly 40% of these users children and young people aged 13-24 – cybersafety awareness is becoming increasingly important!

Safer Internet Day is an annual event held each February to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology across the world, particularly amongst this age group. In support of the event, Signal Security have put together some tips on keeping your children cybersafe! Continue reading

Serious about your wheels? Protect your bike with this cool security system!


Getting your bike stolen is crushing! Especially when you take the sport seriously and have invested your hard earned dollars in your wheels! Often the parts of these custom made bikes are as valuable to thieves as the entire bike itself…German company Sphyke C3N has developed a system that protects the individual components of your pride and joy! Continue reading

Avoiding the new school year tears and tumbles!

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With primary schools starting back this week, it’s important to ensure your children are travelling to and from school safely! Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics has shown that nearly 40% of injuries sustained by 5-14 year olds take place outside their own or someone’s home, and 30% whilst at school.

With these statistics in mind, it’s important to ensure your child is aware of the risks when making their way to school each day – may this be walking, riding a bike, or taking the bus. Travel safety is an increasingly growing issue, with compulsory seatbelts having been introduced to school buses in Melbourne last September, however it’s not just buses that hold safety risks, with walking and riding a bike presenting other, equally as important road dangers to be mindful of. Continue reading

Holiday complacency sees home and car break-ins spike with the mercury in January


When the mercury rises, it seems the theft rate does too. Holiday season is a busy time for thieves, with the Herald Sun revealing that every seven and a half minutes in January a home is burgled or a car stolen in Victoria. This annual spike has prompted Victoria Police to warn the community to be on its guard this month, with residential burglaries having jumped 14.9% (2603 offences) and car break-ins increasing almost 10% (3358 offences) last January 2013.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer said the community can become complacent over the holiday period and opportunistic criminals strike like “bees to honey”. Continue reading

Enjoy a happy 2014 with our New Year’s Eve safety tips


Typically, New Years Eve is a night to have fun and celebrate the coming year however it’s also known as one of the most dangerous nights on the calendar. Whether you’re staying in and celebrating with friends and family, or you’re travelling to a party or in the city, safety is a must. Follow these safety tips to ensure you and your family are safe and sound when the clock strikes midnight – Happy New Year! Continue reading

Tis’ the season for giving… and taking!


For retailers, Christmas trading can be a time of mixed emotions.  On a positive note, Christmas represents a time when sales go through the roof and the spirits of staff and customers are generally high. Conversely, Christmas can (for many retailers) represent a time when the seasonal hustle and bustle sees stock walk out the door in the hands of those less honest shoppers!

A recent article in the Herald Sun discussed how supermarket giant, Coles is cracking down on sticky-fingered customers after noticing a rise in shoplifting following the introduction of self-service tills. To help retailers secure their stock and festive spirits this Christmas, Signal Security has put together a list of simple tips which are not only good in theory, but in practice too. Continue reading

Surviving the working-holiday safely and stress free!


For those in the commercial sector, the notion of the Christmas Holidays can sometimes be just that…a notion, as production and distribution stops for no one! However, the festive spirit of the season is still undoubtedly in the air, so whilst business may be down to “skeleton staff” and the environment is a little more relaxed, it’s times like this where security and procedure are of great importance. Supporting our commercial customers through the working-holiday season, Signal Security has put together a list of considerations to ensure you maintain a stress free, enjoyable and safe work environment whilst others are off putting up their feet! Continue reading