How safe is your suburb this holiday period?


Think you live in the perfect neighbourhood? Sometimes it’s harder to judge than you think.  This Christmas, Signal Security is doing an east coast fly around to check out who’s saying what when it comes to suburb safety!

Putting VIC, NSW & QLD under the magnifying glass, we’ve checked out some of the most crime prone and quietest suburbs over the last two months…and are also giving you the tools to check out how safe your suburb is.


Maybe call them sceptics, but it appears authorities in Victoria are more concerned about revealing the most crime prone suburbs than those that fly under the radar.  For those that live in Victoria, we like to think this is just us undertaking our public duty!

Most dangerous suburbs:

  • Heidelberg West, Heidelberg Heights, Bellfield
  • Williams Landing
  • Mernda, Doreen

Reference: RACV

New South Wales

New South Welshmen have a different approach to suburb safety, choosing to highlight those that have been model postcodes for 2013.  By the look of things, you can feel fairly comfortable that living in NSW is going to be a safe option (mind the pun)!

Safest suburbs:

  • Cronulla, Miranda, Sutherland, Gymea and Caringbah
  • Gordon, Killara, Pymble and St Ives
  • Pittwater, Hornsby, Warringah, The Hills Shire, Wollondilly, Lane Cove, Camden, Rockdale and Mosman LGAs

Reference: Daily Telegraph


Well, Queensland takes the cake when it comes to public information, with a fairly thorough list of safe…and dangerous suburbs to help those in the market for a house or those already considering themselves Queenslanders!

With the number of safe suburbs in the Sunshine State, we’re thinking of packing up and moving!!

 Safest suburbs:

  • Allan, Bony Mountain, Canningvale, Cherry Gully, Clintonvale, Cunningham, Danderoo, Elbow Valley, Freestone, Gladfield, Glengallan, Glennie Heights, Junabee, Loch Lomond, Maryvale, Morgan Park, Mount Colliery, Murrays Bridge, North Branch, Pratten, Rosehill, Rosenthal Heights, Silverwood, Sladevale, Swan Creek, Thanes Creek, The Hermitage, Toolburra, Upper Freestone, Upper Wheatvale, Warwick, Wildash, Willowvale, Womina
  • Allenstown, Depot Hill, Fairy Bower, Great Keppel Island, Port Curtis, Rockhampton, The Keppels, The Range, Wandal, West Rockhampton
  • Alexandria Hills

Most dangerous suburbs:

  • Boronia Heights, Greenbank, New Beith
  • Crestmead, Marsden
  • Alberton, Bahrs Scrub, Bannockburn, Beenleigh, Buccan, Cedar Creek, Eagleby, Edens Landing, Holmview, Logan Village, Mount Warren Park, Stapylton, Windaroo, Yatala   

Reference: RACQ

If you have just realised that you live in, next to or within a stone’s throw from your state’s most dangerous suburbs or you just feel you need to bolster your home’s security before the holiday season, give us a call on 1300 73 83 93 and talk to one of our experienced team about the many ways Signal Security can help you.

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