Enjoy a happy 2014 with our New Year’s Eve safety tips


Typically, New Years Eve is a night to have fun and celebrate the coming year however it’s also known as one of the most dangerous nights on the calendar. Whether you’re staying in and celebrating with friends and family, or you’re travelling to a party or in the city, safety is a must. Follow these safety tips to ensure you and your family are safe and sound when the clock strikes midnight – Happy New Year!

Be Alert: Be aware of your surroundings and how others are acting. Stay away from those who are out of control and might cause harm. Taking preventive measures is key. If someone is really intoxicated, always do everything you can to try and prevent them from driving or leaving with someone they do not know. It’s important to keep an eye out for each other.

Hiring babysitters: If you hire a babysitter to keep your children while you are out celebrating, be sure they have a list of important phone numbers to call (your cell phone, the police, fire dept. etc) in case of an emergency. It is also important for you to discuss with them what they should do in the event of an emergency (discuss several different scenarios with them) so that they are prepared if one happens.

Designate a Driver: If you are going to be driving New Year’s Eve, don’t drink and drive. If you have a friend who does not prefer to drink, make sure they take the wheel. You might even be on the water this New Year’s Eve.  If you are driving to a NYE party, be sure to lock your vehicle, arm your alarm if you have one, and remove valuables from view when you park it. This way, passers by will not be tempted to break into your vehicle for any reason.

Stick Together: This way we can look out for our friends and family. Going out to parties and nightclubs means a fast-paced, crazy night; so be sure to travel in groups. Having a safety net around you in this environment is imperative.

Pet watch: They are just as much a part of the family as everyone else. If you are using fireworks, anything with loud noises, or fire, be sure that pets are kept at a distance as well as children. None of these are a good mix.

Be careful with open flames: If you’re burning candles, incense or oil burners, remember to extinguish them before you turn in or before you leave the room they are burning in. Pay extra attention to pets and children around open flames.

Follow these tips, stay alert and aware of your surroundings…and you are on your way to having a safe and happy New Years Eve!

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