Don’t risk your monitored alarm: how to be NBN ready

man contractor technician rolling out cable NBN australia

The rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) is very much underway throughout Australia, as more and more metropolitan suburbs begin to transition across to our new digital infrastructure. However, due to the impact that this has on existing telephone infrastructure, it’s important to take note of the options available to mitigate any effect this will have on your monitored alarm system explained below.

What is the NBN?

The NBN is a national infrastructure project which will bring high speed internet and telephone services to all Australian homes and businesses within the next ten years.

How will the NBN affect my security system service?

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When the rollout reaches your area, the NBN Co will arrange to install a small box in your home or business that will connect you to the network. A Retail Service Provider (Telstra, Optus, iiNET etc.) will then approach you to sell their telephone and broadband services.

During this installation process, most of your phone points will be transferred to the NBN box and will continue to function. Your alarm system will not be transferred by the NBN technician for wiring reasons and because it is not within their scope of works to manage the alarm cabling for you.

As a result, after the installation of the NBN, this can result in monitored customers failing to communicate with our monitoring centre after the NBN service has been connected.

What are the options available?

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The Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL), the largest and de facto industry body for the national security industry, has recommended that all customers who are on the NBN service transfer their phone line monitoring to GPRS/wireless monitoring.

This service doesn’t run via your phone line but instead sends signals to our monitoring centre via the Telstra data network. In the event that Telstra fails the Optus network will activate as a backup on selected plans.

Are there any other benefits of wireless monitoring?

app iphone android remote arming security system

There are a number of benefits which come from the shift to the digital wireless monitoring service, which include:

– Remote arming/disarming of the alarm system via smartphone or tablet through a secure app.
– Connection testing every 12 hours (or more), as opposed to 7 days on phone line monitoring.
– The connection is more resistant to tampering or destruction when compared to a physical line.
– There are no additional call costs for communications between the system and the control room, which for business will typically occur at least twice a day due to daily open and close reporting.


As you can see, the NBN doesn’t terminate your alarm monitoring service. It provides you with the opportunity to upgrade your service to obtain a variety of benefits which come from a newer monitoring technology.

Preparation is key, and if you have any more questions in regard to the NBN, feel free to call our Customer Care Centre on 1300 73 83 93 to speak with one of our security specialists.