Customer Corner with Yasmin Najjar

neoSKiN Richmond reception area

With an array of customers, big and small, we love chatting with each and every one of them to get insigths into their personality… and our business!

Here, we get chatty with one of our loved and trusted commercial customers, Yasmin Najjar, who is the founder of one of Melbourne’s most renowned skincare clinics, neoSKiN, and a self-proclaimed dog lover!

Here’s what Yas had to say about her experience with Signal Security.

Name: Yasmin Najjar

What do you do?
I am the Managing Director of one of Victoria’s most respected skincare clinics, neoSKiN. We employ over 27 staff members and currently have three clinics located in South Melbourne, Williamstown and Richmond.

How long have you been a customer of Signal Security?
neoSKiN became a Signal customer back in 2005 when opening our first clinic, neoSKiN South Melbourne. Signal Security surveyed the site during the building process and set up a monitored alarm system and CCTV for our business; they were also responsible for installing the same security systems at both our Williamstown and Richmond clinics.

What type of Signal Security client are you? And what does this involve?
neoSKiN is a Retail client of Signal Security. Signal Security is currently responsible for the ongoing maintenance and 24 hour monitoring of neoSKIN’s security systems across all three of our clinics.

Why did you choose Signal Security over other security companies?
When setting up my business it was important that my security company was reliable, trustworthy and affordable. I had heard great things about Signal Security’s customer service and that their reliability was flawless, so the decision was a fairly easy one!  To date, it’s been a really valuable investment for the business.

As a multi-site business owner, what’s the most important aspect of security?Knowing that my business is in good hands. I travel a lot for business and it’s comforting to know that I have a trustworthy company looking after all three clinics while I’m away. It’s impossible for me to be everywhere at once, so with Signal Security I know my business is being well looked after – irrespective of the time zone I’m in!

Without invading your clients’ privacy, what security measures do you have in place around your clinics?
We have CCTV in the reception area and entry points of each clinic but nothing in the treatment rooms for privacy reasons.   Although initially installed for the safety of neoSKIN staff, we are also using the CCTV to monitor our reception areas with viewing monitors strategically placed throughout the clinics, allowing staff to work in the treatment rooms whilst allowing them to be attentive and ensure customers aren’t left waiting.

Have you ever experienced any genuine incidents where Signal Security has had to respond? How has their service been?
Not yet (thank goodness)! The alarms have gone off in the middle of the night before but it was only the cleaners. The service during these false alarms was wonderful though – the Signal Security Monitoring Centre called me straight away to let me know what was happening and offered to send someone down to check on the clinic to investigate… leaving me to snooze peacefully in bed! Signal takes each incident seriously, which gives me great peace of mind.

Do you have security for your home? Why/why not? Is this something you are considering?
I do now! After being broken into last year I decided my security at home needed to be amped up. I’ve now added 24 hour monitoring to my alarm system and a set of remote controls that double up as portable panic buttons. I have also installed new locks on all doors and windows for added protection. Later in the year (when I’ve completed a few renovations) I will be installing CCTV with Signal Security…no one will be breaking in ever again, especially with my two noisy dogs around!

Are you a safety freak? If so, what’s your freakish habit?
Nothing overly freakish however one habit I can’t seem to shake is ensuring my iPhone is always handy and fully charged and that I have my alarm remote controls close by when I’m at home. As I don’t have a home phone my mobile and my panic buttons are my only safety net should another break in occur…fingers crossed it doesn’t!

If your house was on fire, what three skincare products would you grab before you ran out?
As much as I love skincare, I would have to forego all my favourite products and quickly grab my two beautiful dogs instead. Products can be replaced but my dogs are irreplaceable! They would be first out the door!

Why not pay Yas and the team at neoSKiN a visit and treat yourself to a little beatification today! 

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