5 ways to avoid a burglary these Easter holidays!


Easter is generally a long weekend of fun for family time, relaxing, and lots of chocolate! But did you know that the crime rate during Easter is higher than any other time of the year in Australia, including Christmas?

Many families take advantage of the holidays to go away, but who is left watching the family home? Signal Security has put together five helpful ways for you to minimise a chance of a break-in these Easter holidays whilst you and your family are enjoying some time away!

1. Continue routine tasks
Have a neighbour or family friend empty your mailbox on a regular basis, collect newspapers from your driveway, or take out your rubbish bins while you’re away, to keep up the appearance of a lived-in home.

2. Be careful with your keys
Burglars may be familiar with common hiding places for spare keys, so leave your spare set with trusted friends, family, or neighbours instead of leaving them outside.

3. Prepare automatic light timers
Lights gives the allusion of presence, so it’s a great idea to use timers to switch lights on and off, and between rooms, while you’re away to feign motion.

4. Be mindful of too much social sharing
Be careful with your personal information online and be weary of making holiday dates public. You may think your social media is available to your friends only, but be aware of other prying eyes!

5. Home surveillance
The sight of security cameras will send most burglars the other way – especially with today’s surveillance technology that can be accessible remotely via smart phones, iPads and computers!

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