12 days of Christmas: What does holiday security mean to the Signal Security team?


To celebrate the holiday season and a great 2013, we have asked 12 Signal Security staff what holiday security means to them and a few tips for fighting holiday theft.

“Holiday security is knowing my family and friends are safe in their homes; it’s knowing that we can enjoy many festive nights out without worrying about our homes or personal security.” Laura Noonan, Operations Manager 

“Holiday safety is planning ahead to minimize the risk and rest assured that your home is safe.  If going away, make sure you have ample security signage and most importantly, notify your neighbours and get them (or a friend or family member) to stop by every few days.” – Hamish McKinstry, Customer Relations Consultant

“My holiday tip would be to leave a pair of shoes outside the front door so it looks like someone is home, get your neighbours to collect the mail, put the bins in and out and even park in your driveway every now and then!”- Vanessa Heller, Technical Schedule Coordinator

“Holiday security means your only worries are catching the plane on time…or those waves! It’s not worrying about your home or its security; it’s about having peace of mind that your security monitoring system (like our Grade A1 Signal monitoring system) is being your eyes.” – Stephen Nichols, Electronic Security Adviser 

“Home and Business security is of the upmost of importance, especially during the holiday period.  At signal, we value each and every customer and know that being safe is vital to enjoying the festive season.” Erin Spence, Office & Scheduling Assistant

“We leave our house looking like we’re living in it – setting light timers to go on at night and off at around bedtime, doing the same with the TV or leaving the radio on.  We also leave both our cars in the driveway so if someone was to try and drive off with any large items, we’ve put some obstacles in the way!” Sarah Longmore, Accounts Officer

 During the holidays it’s highly recommended that your alarm system and CCTV system is working 100% as summer holidays are when most people go away. Our technical team has a number of technicians working through the holidays so that you stay protected and have peace of mind whilst holidaying.” – Michael Pope, Apprentice Security Technician

“A safe and secure Christmas is ensuring that all of the technical alarm systems have been checked and are working property prior to heading away.  For general security it means letting a neighbour know you’re going away and your home will be vacant, keeping a car in the driveway and windows drawn to give the illusion that someone is home.” Benjamin Haller, Technician

“If going away for extended periods, placed some articles of clothing on the clothes line, use timer switches to turn certain lights and a radio playing at various times, and have someone clear your mailbox of junk mail every few days.” – Richard Henderson, Electronic Security & CCTV Specialist