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ADSL Central Splitters

Just like monitored security systems, ADSL otherwise known as Broadband has found its way into thousands of homes throughout Australia. As a result, it is expected that a certain number of homes will look to have their ADSL service connected to the same telephone line as their monitored home security system. In most cases, the ADSL signal will interfere and block critical alarm signals being sent to our security monitoring centre in an emergency. Just as ADSL can affect your security, your security system can also interfere with your ADSL by causing slower internet speeds and constant, unexplainable dropouts.

To avoid any disruptions to your 24 hour security monitoring service and to ensure you receive the fastest internet speeds available to you, it is highly recommended that families looking to install ADSL have a central splitter professionally installed by their internet service provider as opposed to opting for a DIY starter kit. Alternatively, you can have one of Signal's qualified technicians install a central splitter to your home prior to the ADSL service being activated.

Key Benefits of Professionally Installed ADSL Central Splitters

  • Allows your security system and your ADSL to share the same line, saving you money
  • Can assist with the removal of line noise (static) from your telephone service
  • Telstra approved ADSL2+ central splitter guaranteed performance
  • Removes the need for ugly inline filters to be fitted to all telephone points within the home

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